Hey all! Feels like it's been so long since I've last updated. This is just a small little one shot about Zuko and Aang. Not slash, but just a lil fluff, I guess. Read, Review, Enjoy, and get cookies! Yay cookies!!!

"Zuko…you and I…we aren't so different," Aang said softly. The young air bender sighed and his eyes darted across the older boy's face. It had only been a couple of hours since the Avatar and his gang had accepted Zuko into their group to teach Aang fire bending.

"I know," Zuko murmured. "I've realized that. It took me a while…but I understand now." The brunette looked around his quarters for the time being. The western air temple was a calm and serene place, and Zuko liked it.

"And Katara…she just doesn't understand," Aang added. "She thinks you'll betray us…but I don't think that at all."

"She's on her toes about me, and that's understandable," Zuko replied. "But I still don't like her. I don't think her and I will ever really be on good terms. It's more tolerance than friendship."

"I get it. Katara and you are just too different. It might be the whole fire and water concept." Aang nodded a little as if to prove his point and then sat down next to Zuko. The bed they rested on was soft, but slightly springy.

"I guess so," Zuko said with a slight shrug.

The water bender had harassed him earlier, claiming that if he took one step backwards in the wrong direction, she'd end his life. He doubted that she could actually pull it off, but he wasn't hesitant in the fact that she might try it. The only thing Katara didn't know was what had happened between Zuko and his father. She didn't see the conflict or hear how he stood up to Fire Lord Ozai.

Aang gently brought his knees up to his chest. "Zuko?" he cooed.

"What is it?" Zuko asked as he turned his body to face the pre-teen.

"I'm scared," he admitted.

"Of what?"

"Of fire bending. What if I hurt someone?"

"You won't…I'll be there to help you," Zuko assured, trying to raise the boy's spirit a little.

"But fire only destroys things."

"That's not true," Zuko snapped. Obviously, Aang had been hearing only the negatives of fire. Before he continued, the fire bender changed his tone. "Fire is vital, Aang. Think of the sun…it provides all life to the earth. Without it…we would die. It supplies warmth and growth. But when you truly think of it…the sun is fire. And if the sun is fire and it's a necessity to us all, then fire bending isn't really all that bad."

"That makes sense," Aang sighed. "But how can I be sure of everything you're saying?"

"You just have to put it all into prospective. No element is better than the other. They are all equally balanced, and they all need each other. Earth needs water to grow, fire needs air to survive. Sometimes elements pollute the other if given the chance, but that's not what it's supposed to be like."

Aang's eyes flared with positive warmth. This is the Avatar Zuko knew and he smiled to himself a little.

"So…do you think we can really be friends now?" the younger one questioned eagerly.

The dark haired boy nodded. "I can be your friend, and teacher. It's all relatively the same thing, I guess."

"See? We aren't so different. Like you said, the elements need each other…and in a sense…they are one…we are one."