"Owen, whatever you're doing, stop it."

"I'm not doing anything." Owen sat with his feet balanced on the control system in front of him, leaning back in his chair.

"Then why is my screen wibbling?"

"Not my problem." He shrugged, a small smile crossing his lips. He loved to wind the techie up. "And did you just say 'wibbling'?"

"You tell anyone I said that, and I'll kill you." Tosh glared at him from around the side of her screen, her fingers still tapping away at the keyboard, as if they had a mind of their own. Owen shrugged at her, jabbing a few of the keys on his own with the toe of his trainer. She turned her attention back to her screen, a stream of profanities issuing themselves from her mouth.

"What's up Tosh?" Owen grinned, his tone slightly taunting of her. He knew fully well what was up with her and her computer.

"Owen, I swear, if you are using up all my bandwidth to download porn again…"

"I'm not using your bandwidth." He was still grinning, waiting. Tosh suddenly leapt up, screaming.

"EW, OWEN, EW! I said not to download it, which means don't send me it either! Especially not when it's taking up all the space on the Torchwood networking system!" She calmed herself, and returned to her keyboard to fix what Owen had done to her screen.

Owen smirked. He just couldn't wait until she found what he'd saved for her in Torchwood's Shared Files.