A Conquering Love

By: XenAres Goddess
(Now Forsaken Shadow)

December 2007

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Rated: This story, so far, is rated T. For some minor cussing.

This is a Ares/Xena story, if you can't stand the thought them together, then please pass on this story.

Notes: I'm not certain the time frame of this story but it starts sometime during Xena's conquering warlord days. This is a work in progress that I'm slowly getting to. Kind of hard to write when the words just don't come. ;-) The author of this story is XenAres Goddess. And now without further delay, enjoy!


It was a sunny day in a beautiful Grecian valley. But instead of birds singing beautiful songs there was the sound of swords clashing. On the other side of one hill two armies were fighting. One side bearing the colors of blue and yellow, the army of Davadion. The other army bore the colors of black and purple, the army of The Destroyer of Nations, Xena.

From first glance it would appear that both armies were evenly matched. Upon closer inspection though one could see that Davadion had more man-power. But what he didn't have that Xena did was the patronage of the God of War. As the fighting went on there was one man, invisible to all, atop a hill overlooking the battle. Every now and again this man would wave a hand and the battle would tilt more in Xena's favor.

Xena was amidst the battle hacking away at the enemy. Xena fought her way to Davadion. As much as she loved a good battle, she knew her men were tiring and wanted to end this soon. Davadion caught sight of Xena. "Ah, Xena, finally we meet face to face. Such a pity I'm going to have to kill you now. I would have love to ride along side you." he said, while looking her body over, clearly meaning to do other things as well.

"Davadion, I wouldn't command an army with you even if you were the last warlord around." Xena replied. This enraged Davadion so much he charged after her. Xena parried his blow and delivered a high kick knocking him off his horse. Davadion got up right away and went after her again. They continued to parry blows for a few minutes until Xena got the upper hand and knocked him unconscious.

One of Davadion's officers saw this and tried to attack Xena from behind. Xena felt someone coming behind her, twisted her sword and slammed it back instantly killing the soldier. Davadion's troops saw that they had lost the battle and retreated, dragging their commander behind them. In a sign of victory, Xena rose her sword in the air and did her war-cry, as her troops raised their swords as well. As Xena walked along the battlefield her troops started chanting, "Xena! Xena!" To this Xena gave a satisfied smile and made her way to the hill with the man standing there.

As she made her way toward the hill she got a chill up her back that she knew only came from one man. Once she was close enough to him, he made himself visible. He was dressed in all black leather. Black leather silver studded vest, black leather pants, black silver studded gauntlets and a single earring in his left ear. His hair was down to his shoulders and he had a perfectly trimmed beard/goatee. With one hand on his sword he said, "As always, my dear, great job. Although you should have killed him." Xena just looked to him and continued walking towards her tent. En route to the command tent they came across one of Xena's generals who was giving out orders. "Make sure you make a tally on the dead and wounded and get everything cleaned up. I want to leave the area in two days time." Xena told him. "Yes, Conqueror." He saluted her and left to carry out his orders.

Xena continued her way towards her tent every now and again surveying the soldiers around her and giving some orders. Once inside the tent Xena finally acknowledged his presence, "To what do I owe the presence for a visit from the God of War?" The God of War walked around the tent picking up things here and there, inspecting them then putting them down. "I just wanted to visit one of my greatest warlords. I also want to know of any plans you have now that you conquered this area?" Ares finally said. Xena watched him walk around her tent for a minute then pulled out a rolled up map of the surrounding areas. "I'm not too sure where to go right now." Ares came over and studied the map, then pointed to one area, "You haven't conquered here," he said. Xena looked to where he pointed and replied, "That's Amazon territory. I have no quarrel with them...for now." "But you can stop any kind of quarrel from happening if you conquer them before hand." Ares stated.

Xena pondered this new information carefully. "That's a good idea. And from there I can take on the centaurs. Leaving me free and clear to take Corinth with no one at my back. Alright I'll go there." Xena walked to the entrance to her tent and told the guard to get her generals immediately. A minute later she walked back in and sat down in her chair at the head of the table. The map laid out in front of her. Ares walked around the table to stand right behind Xena, "That's a marvelous plan, my dear. Once you have Corinth, no one would dare to stand in your way." A few minutes later a guard came in, saluted Xena and Ares, "Your generals are here as requested." Xena stood up and replied, "Great. Send them in." A couple seconds later four men came in. All four were dressed in fine leather armor with Xena's seal on the right shoulder.

"I've called you here to give the orders as to our next campaign." She turned the map towards them and continued, "I want to attack here. Amazon territory. And from there we take on the Centaurs. Any questions?" Xena looked at each one individually. "Good. Let the soldiers go to town for some time off. I want to be ready to go in two days." The generals saluted Xena and left. Once the soldiers were gone Xena returned to her seat once again. Ares stepped up behind her and began to massage her shoulders. Xena leaned her head forward in a relaxing move. "So are you going to tell me the real reason as to why you're here?" Xena shrugged off his hands and turned to look at him.

"Olympus got boring. Same old stuff, everyone blaming me for all the problems up there." Ares replied while moving around the tent some more. Finally he looked to her and saw her watching him. "There must be something else you wanted. You would come to here without a reason and it can't be just the family issues." Xena said. Ares open and closed his mouth a couple times wanting to say something but changed his mind. Then he closed his eyes concentrating on something. "Sorry, my dear, but duty calls. I'll see you around." And with that Ares disappeared leaving Xena to wonder what's happened to him.


Ares appeared at his temple at Corinth to see a king kneeling at the altar with a sword on both hands while praying for the aid of the God of War. Ares who was still invisible stood there listening to this plea for help. The king spoke aloud finally after gathering the courage. "I, King Nicodimus of Corinth, is asking for the favor of the Great God of War to help us win a battle against an oncoming threat. I offer this sacred sword, the Sword of Kings. One that has been passed generations upon generations in my family." Ares thought this would give him the distraction that he need from Xena. He came close to admitting his desire for her. He knows Xena is dedicated to him by soul, but he also wants her dedicated to him by all, body, mind and soul. Ares appeared to the still kneeling king. "Arise, Nicodimus." The king gasped and slowly rose to his feet. The king immediately upon rising put his left fisted hand in his right palm as a sign of greeting.

"What threat is Corinth facing?" Ares asked.

The king hesitated slightly then spoke, "The threat we are facing is not upon us yet. But I fear that it will be soon. Xena, the Destroyer of Nations, is nearby. I don't want Corinth falling into such evil hands, Lord Ares. I ask for your favor and help protect us from this threat." Ares thought a moment then replied, "Tell me, what would you do if it was told by the Fates themselves that it is in Corinth's destiny to be lead by Xena? I have heard from the Fates, that Xena will lead this era into a new world peace, one with order. So as for your request in my favor. I cannot give that. Especially, if my chosen already has my favor." With that Ares vanished.

The king rose, picked up the sword and put it in a special sheath. While doing so muttered to himself about how he should not of come here asking for Ares' help when he should have gone to Athena. The king walked out the temple without a backwards glance.


Xena stood on the sidelines of what looked to be a training field. One of her generals was talking about the new recruits and every now and again look towards her for affirmation. Every now and again Xena would nod or say a few things to change plans. After Ares' sudden departure, Xena sat there for a few minutes pondering over it then just gave up and went to walk among the ranks. It was almost dusk by the time Xena finished with her soldiers, on her way back to her tent she ordered one of the soldiers to bring water for a bath to her tent. The soldier saluted her and went off to carry out his duty. Xena walked into the tent and sat at the desk. She started writing out messages and notes in journals to keep logs. Once done, Xena leaned back in her chair. She heard one of her soldiers outside, and granted him entrance. Three soldiers carrying two buckets each full of water and two soldiers carrying a tub set them in the tent, saluted Xena then left. Xena went to the tent entrance and told the guard that she was not to be disturbed for the rest of the night unless it was urgent. The guard saluted her then continued to stand forward.

Xena went back into the tent, set up her bath water then continued to undress. When she was getting in the tub, she felt her spine tingle. She ignored it for the time being and settled in the tub. When Ares continued to keep his form unseen until she got irritated. "I know you're there, Ares. Show yourself." Ares appeared behind her and started massaging her shoulders. "How are the plans my dear? Everything going accordingly?" Xena tensed at first touch of his hands then relaxed and replied to his questions. "Everything is going as planned. Just made a couple changes to the training. But so far everything is right. And you? Is everything going right?" Ares stayed quiet while he continued to work on her shoulders. After a few more minutes he stepped away and walked around to stand in her view. "Everything is fine. Just some things that needed to be taken care of in various temples."

Xena continued to wash in silence while Ares watched. After a few minutes she stood and began to step out. Ares moved around and picked up her towel then held it open for her. Xena gave him a knowing smirk then stepped into the towel. She picked up another one to wrap her hair in. Once she finished wrapping her hair she moved over to the bed and sat down, leaning back on her hands while crossing her legs. Ares leaned back on the table and just leered at her. Going over her body with his eyes. Xena watched him for a few minutes then asked, "Is there something you wanted Ares?" Ares continued to stare at her and replied, "No, no. Just enjoying the view. Actually, I change my mind. There is something I want." Ares moved towards her and pulled her up and to him. "I want you." Ares kissed her.

They continued to share kisses for a few minutes, then Ares moved down to her neck. Xena held him to her while saying, "I want you too, but I don't want to be another notch on your bedpost." With that she slightly pushed him away. Ares looked at her then replied, "You won't be. I promise. A god need never lie." As he tried to move towards her again she held him back with a hand on his chest. "How do I know that? I want someone devoted only to me and not to many women." Xena turned her back on him then and went in search of her night clothes. Ares closed his eyes for a moment to calm himself down. "You want someone devoted only to you but yet you sleep around with whomever you want?" Ares said angrily. Xena stiffened immediately and turned around, "I only do what I do to help my advantage. You do what you do just to sleep with them." Xena replied back. Awhile back ago Xena recognized that she started having feelings towards Ares, but refused to acknowledge them. After serving Ares for three years she knew how he was. She's heard exploits from many women on how great Ares was in bed. Xena didn't want to be another notch on Ares' bedpost and be like the rest of those women. To where he only came around when he wanted to get laid. She refused to be used by him.

Ares on the other hand was starting to get pissed off. 'How dare she say that I sleep around when she does so herself! I'm the God of War, I can do whomever I choose, whenever I choose.' Ares turned his back on her then said, "I'll leave you to your duties then. I have some things I need to do." Without looking back he disappeared. Xena just stared where he was at just moments before. Unconsciously she got dressed then turned out the candle and went to sleep.


Xena is walking along a road leading her horse along. She turns her head to look at her traveling companion who is chatting away. Xena looks straight ahead, while walking along she feels a tingle go down her spine. She tells the blonde to stay here with Argo then walks off into the surrounding woods. She walks along until she comes to a clearing, then turns to a certain spot and says, "I know you're there Ares. Show yourself." Ares appeared behind her, turned her around and kissed her. She in turn wrapped her arms around his neck and was kissing him back. As he moved down her neck, she held him to her with one hand while the other was roaming along his back. Ares removed her armor and weapons and lowered her to the ground.


Xena awoke with a jolt. Her dream still fresh in her mind. 'What in Tartarus was that?' She remembered that she was wearing different armor and she was walking along with her trusted warhorse and some other blonde woman. But that wasn't the most disturbing, what was is the fact that she and Ares were kissing and leading to more. Xena shook her head then went to a table and splashed water on her face. She then changed into her usual armor, grabbed her weapons then made her way out to the training field. On her way out she woke up 10 of her best soldiers and continued to spare with them until the sun rose.


After her training with her soldiers Xena went to a nearby lake to cool herself down. She took off her boots and armor then waded into the water. After splashing some water on her face and chest, she went and sat down near the lake, and leaned back on her arms. Not long after she sat down she felt a tingle go down her spine. Xena ignored it at first then after a few minutes when he still refused to show himself she started to get irritated. "Ares, show yourself I know you're there." Xena said flatly while continuing to stare across the water. Ares appeared next to her, legs crossed at the ankle. He stayed quiet for a few minutes and then spoke without turning to look at her, "About yesterday, I had some important business to take care of immediately." Xena gave a sideward's glance at him and figured that was the closest thing to an apology she was going to get from him. "It's alright, it was quite late last night anyways. Just got finished doing some drills not long ago. Just need to finish off packing the weapons tent and what not. We'll be on our way towards Amazon territory by midmorning tomorrow." Xena told him. Ares finally turned to look at her, "That's good news." He turned her face towards him, looking into her eyes, then finally moved to kiss her. At the last minute Xena pulled away. Ares closed his eyes and turned away from her. "I still don't want to be a notch on your bedpost Ares." She said. Ares stood up and looked down at her, "I've told you before that you wouldn't be. There's a bond between us and I know you feel it. I guess I'll just wait until you do." With that he vanished leaving her there to think about what he said. Xena just shook her head, put her boots and armor back on then went back to camp. Once she was there she grabbed one of the soldiers passing by. "Make sure everything gets packed up, I want to be on the move by midmorning tomorrow." The soldier saluted her and replied, "Yes, Conqueror." Then ran off to carry out his duties. Xena walked back to her tent to study the maps of the Amazons territory.


Ares was sitting in his throne watching several battles in front of him going on around Greece. Although his mind wasn't into the battles themselves, he was trying to think of ways to get Xena to believe what he said. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a bright flash of pink, alerting him to the presence of his sister, Aphrodite. The only one of his family members to actually understand him. "What do you want Aphrodite?" Ares asked. Despite his dismissive attitude he really did care for her. Everyone knew that to mess with Aphrodite was to suffer the wrath of Ares. Aphrodite looked around Ares' throne room, "You know, Ar, you should liven this place up. It's so dreary here."

"It's supposed to be dreary, Sis. War isn't pretty and dolled up." Ares said without looking up from the battles. Aphrodite walked closer to his throne and stood by his side. "So what's going on with you and the Warrior Babe?" Ares ignored her question and waved away the scenes of battles. "Nothing is going on. Not that it's any of your business anyways." Ares said then walked towards the altar. He picked up the wine jug and poured some into a chalice that appeared in his hand. Aphrodite rolled her eyes and replied, "What do you mean it's 'none of my business'? I'm the Goddess of Love. And what you're going through is love so that makes it my business."

Ares ignored her comment and downed the wine he was holding, then poured himself another cup. "Besides coming around to bug me about my non-existent love life, what's going on?" Ares set the chalice down then walked back over towards Aphrodite. Aphrodite replied, "Nothing really. And you do have a love life, you just haven't recognized it yet. I got bored in my own temple, thought I would come and visit my favorite bro. Do you want me to zap the Warrior Babe with a spell, make her fall for you?" Ares turned sharply to her, "Don't you dare. Leave her out of this." With that he disappeared in an angry flare.

Aphrodite looked around then muttered to herself, "Yep, he's in love. Perhaps I'll go see the Warrior Babe, and test the waters there." With that she disappeared leaving pink rose petals on the floor where she was.


Xena awoke just before dawn as usual and was on her way to the forest for her own private training. She was there for a few hours when she saw a bright pink flash of light out of the corner of her eye. She immediately pointed her sword at the unwelcome guest. Aphrodite looked around then noticed the sword pointed at her. "Chill, Warrior Babe. I'm not here to harm you. Not my thing anyways." Xena rose her eyebrow and replied without lowering her sword, "My name is Xena, not 'Warrior Babe' now who are you and what do you want with me?" Aphrodite pushed the sword out of her face then walked around Xena, looking her up and down. "Name's Aphrodite, Goddess of Love as if you already can't tell. And I wanted to see who had my big bro fascinated so much. You don't look like much, you got the looks though. The whole warrior outfit just doesn't look you. But I guess it's what Ar likes." As Aphrodite was talking Xena followed her with her eyes never taking her sword down. "Whatever Ares put you up to, I want nothing part of it." With that said she turned around, sheathed her sword and walked out of the clearing headed back to her army. Aphrodite just looked on after her then said to herself, "This is going to be my best case yet. Perhaps I'll get Cupid to help out. With Cupid and me on it Ar doesn't have to worry about it." Then she disappeared leaving pink rose petals where she stood.


Ares appeared back in his temple after watching various battles around Greece figuring that would get his mind off of Xena. Of course he knew though, there was no such luck. Ares sat back on his throne hoping to get a few minutes peace alone to clear his head when a priest entered the room and knelt at the bottom of the steps leading to his throne. Ares sighed and rolled his eyes then said, "Arise, Telemon. What in Tartarus do you want?" Telemon arose from his kneeling position and spoke, "I apologize for the intrusion, My Lord, but while you were away a messenger from your chosen's army arrived and wished to speak with you privately." At this Ares' head shot up and he stood up from his throne, "Where is this messenger?" he demanded. Telemon bowed his head and replied, "The messenger has left but has left this for you." At this he held out a rolled up piece of parchment and lowered his head again. Ares grabbed the parchment and dismissed the priest with a wave of his hand. Once the priest was out of the room, Ares unrolled message and read: 'I would like to know what your sister wants with me? And I know you are behind it because she's mention you a lot. Get her and any other siblings of yours off my back.' Signed, X

Ares crumpled the message and growled. He started walking down the steps and before he was at the bottom step he disappeared on his way to Aphrodite's temple.


Xena returned back to camp after her visit from Aphrodite, trying to figure out what she wanted and what Ares had to do with it. As Xena headed to her tent she unconsciously looked over the training and packing going on throughout the camp. Once inside her tent she went over to the desk and wrote out a message. Once done she grabbed the nearest soldier saying, "Deliver this to the nearest temple to the God of War and give it to the head priest. And return back here once done." The soldier saluted her, "Yes, Conqueror," then ran off to carry out his duty. Xena went back into her tent and looked over the maps again to be sure of the upcoming battle plans.


Aphrodite walked along the alter to one of her temples while listening to the head priest read off different love poems left for her. As she walked she was trying to think of a way to help out Ares with his problem not really listening to what the priest was saying. She went and sat down on her throne and began to file her nails with a bored look on her face. Once the priest finished the poem he was reading, Aphrodite waved him off, wanting him out of her presence. Once gone, Aphrodite called for her son. "Cupie!" A few feet in front of her white gold sparkles appeared then dispersed leaving Cupid in its place. Cupid looked around then back to his mom. "What did you need? I was in the middle of putting together another good couple." Aphrodite rolled her eyes and replied, "That's not the important thing right now. I need your help with Ar. He's hooked on one of his warriors, and as you know won't admit it, and she's the same over him except doesn't want to be hurt, yada, yada, yada. We need to figure out a way to help them." Cupid raised his eyebrow at her and just stared at her for a minute. "Why must we help them? If they're destined to be together then it will work itself out." As he finished saying this, both turned to see a roaring blue flash appear and leave in its place an angry God of War. Ares walked towards them and said, "Aphrodite I've told you once before to leave Xena out of this. This is none of your concern. And neither is it yours." Ares looked at Cupid at the last part, then focused his attention back to Aphrodite. Aphrodite rolled her eyes at his statement then told Cupid she'd speak with him later. Cupid shrugged his shoulders and went back to what he was doing before. Aphrodite got up from her throne and walked to Ares and put an arm around his shoulder while guiding him away from the throne, "It is my business, because it has to do with love. And me being the Goddess of Love puts me into the matter. Let me show you something." She led him through the aether to The Fates' Loom. "See here," she pointed to a particular blue colored thread with a black one twined around it. "That's you and the Warrior Babe. Of course I'm sure you knew that. But what you don't know is that when the time is right, you two will bring about a new era to the Gods of Olympus. And I'm here to make sure that happens." She said while looking at Ares. Ares shrugged off her arm and took his usual pose of one arm on his blade with his arms crossed. "This new era is going to get me into much more trouble than usual, ain't it?" Aphrodite thought about it then replied, "I'm not too sure. I read this in a scroll that I've found in Zeus' library. I can get you the scroll if you want. In the mean time though, I've thought of a way to get the Warrior Babe to listen to you. Why don't you try to court her. No hidden agendas, plans. Nothing, just you taking her out and doing something just for the two of you. And that means no sleeping around for you. You have to gain her trust. And Cupie and I believe that's the way to do it." Ares gave her a skeptical look, "I'll think it over. In the mean time, I don't want you going around Xena. She's already under the impression I have something to do with it as it is. And when you get the chance send that scroll over." With that he disappeared leaving Aphrodite with The Fates.

Aphrodite looked towards the Fates after Ares left. Lachesis said without looking up from the Loom, "What you said, Goddess, was only half truth…" Atropos picked up, "…Ares and Xena will bring in a new line of Gods that will either be good or evil…" Clotho spoke up, "…Depending on the strength of the love of them." Aphrodite looked startled, "How can that be? That wasn't in the scroll that I read." Lachesis replied, "There are many scrolls to the one that you have…" Clotho said, "…nearly three in total to the one that you…" "…have found." Atropos finished. All three went back to spinning their loom. Aphrodite looked around then decided that she needed to find these other two scrolls before someone else did. And then there really would be Tartarus to pay. She disappeared leaving pink rose petals on the floor where she stood.


To Be Continued...