chapter 1: E-Pals: meet your new project

"OK class today we will be having a e-pal" the teacher said as most of the class held confused faces, then some one raised their hand, no other then Taro Komatsu

"yes Komatsu?"

"Whats an E-pal?" he asked

"Its an online person who you will be chatting with till the end of the year where you then meet you pal" he said as everyone started to talk again

"But class..." the teacher started to talk again, everyone stared at him "...only a few of you will be able to have a e-pal when I call your name please stand up" The teacher started to say the list

"OK the fallowing people being called are chosen from the school board so do not argue... Taro Komatsu, Shiko Flores, Giname Tacso, Kanako Aoyama, and Kiri Koshiba" When the 5 students were standing, the teacher smiled mentally

" The students I didn't call have brake till next class today, tomorrow you will be in another class room for the next six month unless I call you back" The teacher said as the students left the room leaving the 5 students and the teacher

" you will make a E-mail user name and I will assign you a partner, if you tell this person your name, number or address your grade will be a automatic F, understand?" The teacher said as the other students nodded

"get started" He said as they logged on to their computer

Kiri POV

I yawned at the new assignment I was given, I'm trying to think of a user name then something pops into mind

'BP8kat' I typed in, sure it wasn't the best but I'm not really caring about the names, when I got a pop up link I clicked it an read it

-Hey I'm your new partner- It said, I don't know why but I smiled and read the user name 'SN-Inu' I giggled mentally At the user name, I typed back

-Seems like it Inu- I typed, still laughing, maybe this won't be so bad...

End of Chap

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