Chapter 9: feel free to find out

At Narumi's house

Narumi was on his bed playing with his laptop remembering what his teacher told him...


"Ok class as you now know, we have a week long trip coming up so everyone will who is coming gets 2 days off from school to get ready for the trip, we also decided to give you all a partner on this trip when I call your name you shall receive a profile on your partner, you may not know them because its in a class for the grade below us, you have to treat your partner with respect and NO FUNNY BUSINESS with the younger girls, boys" the teacher made that clear enough so no body would miss understand

"Hiro Kazumi!" The teacher started to name off his students, as the teacher call students Narumi was in his own world thinking about a certain hairstylist

"Narumi Shogo!" Narumi jolted up when the teacher called his name, he walked up and took the profile without looking at it until he got to his desk, when he look down on the paper his eye's widen and his jaw dropped

"WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?!" Narumi yelled as he forgot he was at school

"Its called paper with words written on it Narumi" The teacher said as some students giggled at his stupidity

"Sorry..." Narumi said with his face red in anger/embarrassment as he looked down at the paper once again

Kiri Koshiba

age 16

likes - Sleeping, sweets and cutting hair(not sure really) Narumi anime sweat-dropped at the last statement

dislikes - loud/annoying people(not all but still), bugs, and the sight of blood(I mean come on who likes blood? ok vampires do and some horror people do but still!) Narumi was thinking was this thing made by a person who likes to choose their own point of view?

favorite color(that we know of) - midnight blue 'Huh? So puffy-head favorite color is is the same as her' Narumi thought as he looked though the paper more

personality - Very tired most of the time, she has a quick wit when teasing people, and is absent minded most of the time, as her father says she like a cat in another form '...Why does that sound familiar?'

family - She lives with her father, he mother lives in California, North America. has no siblings.

pets - a cat she found when she was in grade school 'A cat? Puffy-head is just like her now that I think about it...wait.. is Puffy-head is BP8kat?!'

"WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?!" Narumi yelled yet again in class

"Narumi we're in class you know the place with people and WHEN your suppose to be listening?" The teacher was being serious and funny at the same time the whole class ended up laughing their heads off, someone hit their head on a chair and didn't even notice the pain, Narumi sat down in his chair as fast as he could and hoped that this hell would end already.


'What if its true? can Puffy-head really be her? UGH! I'm getting a headache' Suddenly Narumi thought of something that will surely help him out!

'PLEASE KAMI LET HER BE ONLINE!!' And as if god himself came down and granted his wish, she was on!

-Hey whats up? its been awhile..- Narumi typed not really knowing how to ask her or at least make her give clue's on who she really is...

-Oh hey inu-chan, im good but i will forever vow to take revenge on my dad who made me do something so...WRONG! any ideas?- Huh? what could be so wrong to make her want revenge?

- umm u can try to show him your growing up and you can live with out him an found someone better?- I wrote this as a joke but maybe thats a bit too much?



-hmm well to show him im growing up IS OUT OF THE QUESTION! but getting a someone better may help an then theirs that field trip...- Oh my god...please god don't let her be...

-with a guy named Naru-naru- OMG!! PUFFY-HEAD IS MY EPAL?! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!

-hey i have to go rite now, c ya later!- I got off before she got the chance to say good bye, I know it was rude...for me but...WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE HER?! I hate this!!

End of Narumi's POV

At school

"Hey Naru-naru" Kiri said making Narumi jolt

"H-HEY don't do that!" Narumi screamed in her face, right now he was so confused, and did she know that she was his e-pal?!

"So loud..." Kiri said with a yawn

"That's rude you know!"

"And I should care why?" Narumi was getting so angry he stomped away without looking back.

"Stupid Puffy-head..." He muttered to himself as he saw buses getting lined up and as student looked around for their partners, Kiri went to his side, they both looked around to see ALOT of people just looking for the bus they were suppose to be on. When thing got better after an hour the teacher gave Narumi and Kiri a seat in the back as fangirls glared at Kiri for being with Narumi TODAY AND when she had to wear the butterfly Kimono-lolita dress.

"Why does THAT girl get to sit next to Narumi-sama?!" Of coarse was heard...ALOT and a few other girls were just whining and keeping their mouth shut like a 'good' girl 'should', when everyone was finally seated and the bus was starting everyone was thinking about what they were going to do when they get to Osaka, mostly the girls thinking about seeing Narumi in a yukata.(who can blame them? lol)

Narumi signed as the girls (besides Kiri) began to blush redder then an apple mixed green banana's (A/N: sorry for the weird wording..) when Narumi looked around the bus, he saw alot of girls looking at him

'I swear...if those girls keep blushing like that people are going to think their thinking of something perverted...I think they are... weirdos' Narumi thought as he decided to take a nap himself...unknowing when he was asleep Kiri who was also sleeping( no shocker there) she leaned in his shoulder, Narumi however didn't wake up but his head moved and landed on Kiri's head, both their face's looked at bliss, of course their is always someone to ruin it...that and someone was also watching this...

Some where else on the bus

'Hmm my plan is coming into motion! I just love playing match maker! hmm where's my pocky?!' A UNKNOWN figure thought as he had a video camera as he watched the sleeping couple that was a few seats away from him, ' this is going to be so fun! oh I just got the most evi- I mean best plan ever!' The figure turned to the person next to him

"Hey, look over there is that Narumi and Koshiba there sleeping?" 'Eww for some reason I felt... like I ran out of cookies when I said Naru-naru's and Kiri-chans name!'

Back with Narumi and Kiri

"Hey they look great together don't they dude?" One of the random guys said who was in front of Kiri and Narumi, other people started to notice the sleeping couple...

"Yeah I never noticed that Koshiba-san looked cute but with Narumi it shows" said yet another random guy

"HUMP! I have too say she looks good with Narumi-sama..." A random(don't you just love the word?) girl said as she and all the other Narumi fans started to cry in jealously

"Hey I need to get a picture of this!"

"Yeah! Then maybe all the girls at school will stop with Narumi and date me!"

"...your selfish dude" but none the less every one on the bus was taking pictures of the couple until that is when the bus stopped...

Narumi cracked open his eyes to see camera phone's pointed at him, he looked beside himself was Kiri... Narumi's mouth dropped and turned deep red

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU GUYS ARE DOING?! GET THOSE CAMERA'S AWAY FROM ME!" Narumi yelled, Kiri woke up to see the phone's also pointed at her...

"Not that I don't mind but why are all the people on the bus taking picture's of me in my sleep" Kiri said in her tired tone, a random boy showed the picture he had taken earlier, Kiri's eyes widen slightly

"So Naru-naru does sleep, who knew.." she said hiding the fact that he looked peaceful in the picture, Narumi stared at her in shock

"This doesn't bother you?!" Narumi said...well yelled... Kiri shook her head

"Why should it?" Narumi just shook his head 'She's not cute..' He thought as he and Kiri started to follow the students off the bus, both had not noticed the Unknown figure following then

'By the end of the trip Naru-naru and Kiri-chan will be together!' The unknown figure thought as he followed the couple with the camera, waiting for the plan to continue

Mission : Get Narumi to confess to Kiri-chan and Kiri-chan to notice!

END of CHAPter 9

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