A/N: I put this together while bemoaning my lack of cherry cigars this morning. Sigh. Anyway, it contains explicit adult content/graphic sex. But, I hope the twist isn't too twisted. Lol. Happy holidays all. 888

The Night Before Christmas (At Hogwarts)
A Lemony XXXmas Parody by MsFigg

'Twas the night before Christmas, when out of the dungeons
billowed Severus Snape in search of curmudgeons,
prowling and combing the corridors with care,
in hopes that some rule breakers would be caught there.
Most students were nestled all snug in their beds
at their homes.(Thank Merlin for few dunderheads.)
But Hermione Granger and her little Ronnikins,
had remained at the castle to commit their first sins.

When out of a niche there arose such a clatter,
Snape strode down the hall to see what was the matter.
Away to the dark niche he flew like a flash,
hissed the word 'Lumos' . . . saw Ron's pale ass,
the wizard preparing to 'give her a go,'
Hermione G. sighing as he fumbled below.
When, what to Ron's horrified eyes should appear,
but the master of Potions, his mouth in a sneer.

The dark wizard stunned him so fast and so quick,
Ron barely had time to retuck his prick.
More rapid than Thestrals, the closer Snape came,
undoing his robes, as he called her by name
"Miss Granger, how naughty . . . you tart little vixen
but I truly know how to break a young minx in
a dark little niche with her back to the wall!
I'll stroke away, slam away, making you squall!"

Hermione's lips parted, a hot light in her eye,
and Severus smirked as he pulled down his fly,
first binding Weasley, who did not have a clue
purring, "Sorry young wizard, this party's for two."
And then, in a twinkling, he pulled out his cock.
It was pale. It was dripping. It was hard as a rock.
Snarling, he twisted Hermione around,
bent the witch over and started to pound.

He kicked her legs wider with one booted foot,
driving twelve hungry inches into her tight shute.
He gathered her hair in a fist from her back,
and bounced off her buttocks, his mouth going slack
His eyes -- how they narrowed! His expression how scary!
His pale member streaked with the juice of her cherry!
Hermione's small mouth was drawn up like a bow,
and the more that she screamed, the deeper he'd go.

Snape pumped her tight snatch, lips drawn from his teeth.
Her pink flesh encircled his wand like a wreath;
He fondled her breasts and he petted her belly.
Her buttocks, they jiggled as if full of jelly.
They were chubby and plump as she fingered herself,
and Severus Snape was enjoying himself
with that long lustful tool and that thick, bulbous head.
He pumped and he stroked 'til the witch was half-dead

He spoke not a word, but he finished his work,
and filled her hot twat with a groan and a jerk.
He drew a deep breath, the scent plying his nose,
pulled up his trousers and fixed his dark clothes.
He kissed the young witch, a sweet parting gesture.
She'd be back for more, of that fact he was quite sure.
Snape heard Ron exclaim, ere he strode out of sight,
"Hermione! What happened? Gods, you look a fright!"