Christmas with Leo and Yusuke

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It was the day before Christmas, Yusuke and Leo were shopping with Keiko and Sashe.

"Do you like this one, Sashe?" Keiko asks.

"I like that one." Sashe replies.

"This is so boring, Leo." Yusuke says.

"We have to wait for the girls, Yusuke." Leo says.

"But I haven't got Keiko gift yet." Yusuke replies to his turtle friend.

"It's Christmas Eve, Yusuke, what have you've been doing?" Leo asks.

"Missions for Koenma." Yusuke replies angrily.

"Well, I distract the girls while you get a gift for Keiko." Leo says.

"Thanks, man." Yusuke says as he ran off to get Keiko a gift.

"Hey, Leonardo, where's Yusuke?" Sashe asks.

"He went to go get something for the party we're having." Leo lies.

"Oh." Sashe says.

Meanwhile, Yusuke was running to every shore trying to find Keiko a gift.

"Is every store out of gift ideas?" Yusuke thought. "I don't want to get the same I got her last year…A keychain."

Just then Yusuke saw the perfect gift to Keiko…A necklace.

"How much is that necklace." Yusuke asks.

"100 dollars." The counter person said.

"100 dollars!" Yusuke says.

"On regular days today it's only 50 dollars." The counter person.

"Yusuke smiled knowing he had the money.

"Come back soon." The Counter person says,

Yusuke ran and met up with Leo and the Girls.

"Oh, Yusuke, you're back did you get anything for the party.

"Yeah, some fruit punch." Yusuke says.

The girls and guys went their separate ways until tomorrow.

It was Christmas Day at the Turtles home with Yusuke, Leo, Sashe, and Keiko.

"Here's your gift, Leonardo." Sashe says as she gave Leo his gift.

Leo opens it and sees a crystal sword.

"Thanks, Sashe." Leo says as he kissed her.

"Here, Yusuke." Keiko says as she gave him his gift.

Yusuke opens his gift and sees a crystal phoenix.

"Thanks, Keiko." Yusuke says.

"Here, Sashe." Leo says.

Sashe opened her gift and saw a Lotus Blossom.

"Thank you, Leonardo." Sashe says as she kisses him.

Leo blushes.

"Here, Keiko." Yusuke says.

"Keiko opens her gift and saw the necklace Yusuke brought.

"Oh, thank you, Yusuke." Keiko says as she kisses Yusuke.

Yusuke blushes.

Then the 4 of them have the Christmas party with Yusuke and Keiko kissing under mistletoe.

The End.