Christmas with Hiei and Raph

I don't own anyone but Ninji

It was Christmas Eve in Japan and Hiei was acting a little Grinchy.

"Hey, Hiei what's wrong with you?" Raph asks.

"I hate Christmas." Hiei replies.

"Why, Hiei?" Raph says.

"Because this is a human thing; not mine." Hiei says.

"Aw! Hiei what's Botan going to say." Raph asks.

"Nothing." Hiei says.

"She and Ninji went to get Christmas presents for us." Raph says.

"So what!" Hiei says.

"Come on!" Raph says and drags Hiei to the store.

"Raphael, Let me go!" Hiei screams.

"Threaten me, I'll tell Kurama." Raph says.

Hiei just shuts up.

"Ninjara, do you think Hiei will like this." Botan showed Ninji a Crystal Dragon.

"He'll love although he won't admit it." Ninji replies.

"What did you get Raphael?" Botan asks.

"I got this crystal Sai for him." Ninji says.


"Hey, Hiei did you get somethin' for Botan." Raph asks.

"Nothing." Hiei lies as he got Botan a Necklace.

Raph gets a bracelet for Ninji.

It was Christmas Day

"Ok, boys and Ninji. Let's open presents.

"You girls first." Raph says.

"Here, you go Raph." Ninji says.

"Thanks, Ninjara." Raph says as he opened his present.

"Thanks, Ninjara." Raph says.

"Welcome." Ninji says.

"Here, Hiei, "Botan says as she gave Hiei his gift.

Hiei open it and surprisingly said…

"Thank you, Botan." Hiei says.

"You're welcome." Botan says.

And Hiei and Raph gave their gifts to Botan and Ninji.

"Oh my goodness," Botan and Ninjara say. "Thank you."

"Welcome" Raph says.

"You're welcome." Hiei surprisingly says.

And they spent Christmas play game like charades with Hiei not joining in.

The End,