Christmas with Donny and Kurama

I don't own anyone but Tami and Hotoki

It was Christmas Eve at Kurama's house

"Shuichi, when are you is your friend coming with his father, his girlfriend, and her mother coming." Shiori asks her son.

"They should be coming soon mother." Kurama replies to his mother.

"You girlfriend's already here and is helpful in the kitchen." Shiori says.

Kurama chuckles.

Just then the doorbell rang.

"Hello, Donatello." Kurama says.

"Hi, Shuichi, "Donatello says as he knew Kurama's mother was there. "Master Splinter, Tami and Master Hotoki are here."

Everyone came in.

Shiori was shocked that Kurama's friend was a Turtle, his father was a rat, Don's girlfriend was Turtle and her mother was a cat.

"Mother meet, Donatello, his father Master Splinter, Donatello's girlfriend Tamarei, and Her mother Master Hotoki.

"Hello to you all." Shiori says.

"Hi." All say.

"Well tomorrow is Christmas Day would you all like something to eat?" Shiori says.

"Sure." All says.

It was Christmas Day

"Alright present time." Tami says as she gave her present to Don.

"Wow, thanks." Don says as he opens his present and saw his Tech tab fixed.

Shizuru gave her present to Kurama. "Here you go I thought you like this present."

"Thank you, Shizuru." Kurama says as he saw a rose. "And here's yours."

"Here is yours Tami." Don says.

"The girls open theirs and Tami saw her Bo fixed and Shizuru got a pink rose.

Shiori, Master Splinter and Master Hotoki got cakes.

"Now, let's eat." Shiori says.

They all ate Christmas Dinner.

The End.