Naruto – Rewrite


One night in the Hidden Leave Village, the villagers are having a great night until the giant fox with nine tails called the Nine-Tailed Fox suddenly attack. Many Ninjas tries to protect they village. A few moments later, a giant toad come to face the Nine-Tailed Fox in battle. One shinobi was on top of the Giant toad's head, he the Forth Hokage, leader of the Leaf Village. He looked at the baby in his arms before he laid down the baby on the toad's head behind him and made several quick hand signs.

"Reaper Death Seal!" Forth Hokage shouted.

And with the flash the Nine-Tailed Fox was sealed in the baby. The Forth Hokage slowly dieing because to use the reaper death seal, he did to sacrificed his own life. He use his last strength to jump off the giant toad before the giant toad vanishing.

When he on the ground he looked at the baby again.

"You will be a great Ninja and a great hero my son, Naruto Uzumaki." Forth Hokage said before he die.

The Third Hokage walk over to the Forth Hokage and Naruto. He picked Naruto up and walked back to the village. On his way to his office of the Hokage Tower, the Villagers saw the Forth Hokage and the Nine-Tailed Fox battle and want to kill Naruto.

"Kill the Demon." One of the villagers said.

The Third Hokage sighs as he kept on walking. When he got to his office, he send ANBU to get the orphanage owner. Awhile later the owner come.

"You want to see me?" owner asked.

"Yes, I want you to take Naruto to your orphanage." Third said.

"Are you insane? That is the Fox Demon." Owner said.

The Third sighs again before he took out some money from his desk dresser and give to the owner. The Owner takes the money.

"Fine." Owner said before the third give Naruto to him and walk off to the orphanage.