Idea: It's been several years since Shendu disappeared. 17 year old Jade gets kidnapped by the Dark Hand near Christmas. They do this in hopes of exchanging her for the talismans. When Jackie refuses to give up the talismans, because Black said so, Jade thinks that she's uncared for. A relationship, to be blunt, grows between her and the villain known as Valmont.

Jade Chan stretched as she walked home in the dark. It was December 15th and the month was boring. It had been at least three or four years since the Dark Hand disappeared from the radar of Section 13. Three or four years of nothing going on really.

Sure she was allowed…well…I should say she snuck on trips with Jackie to go to different countries, but it was still uneventful. In fact, her multiple plans for sneaking on the planes and fighting evil backfired; instead as he dug for treasure, he taught her lessons from that area.

She was not 17 and able to hold her head high. She was a senior in high school at long last! Her studies weren't perfect but she was passing with a B or C average. Hey, that was good, right?

High school, just like middle school, was uneventful. Because of her 'tall tales' of dragons, evil, magic, and talismans, she was friendless. She wasn't picked on constantly but she didn't have best friends either. Jackie was oblivion to all of it and she was glad; she didn't need his pity.

The night air was chilly, colder than usual. There was a light breeze that snuck its way through her jacket. She shivered and sneezed, dropping her books in the process. Groaning, she stomped her foot. Only a few more days and school would be over for two weeks!

She loved Christmas because of the time she got off and presents. But what good was the time off when you aren't fighting evil?! Although she was able to see her parents in Hong Kong, thanks to some Section 13 hook ups, she still felt like something was missing.

When she fought against the Dark Hand, she felt content. Not the happiest girl in the world, but content. Was it because she fought for good? Or was it because of a certain person?

Recently she had been dreaming about a man with a silver ponytail and a green suit. She'd see his cane in her dreams, see his icy blue eyes…but then she'd wake up. It didn't have a genius to figure out who she was dreaming about.


Perhaps she was content fighting him because of…No. She had been only eleven, twelve at the most. Back then she didn't know the word 'love'. She was too young…or was she?

When that stupid flying demon disguised himself into a kid like her, she fell for him. She was still bitter after all those years. But who wouldn't be? He was her first love and he betrayed her.

Or was he?

Jade shook her head, kneeling down to gather her books. They were mostly books on ancient text and ruins. Two or three of them were textbooks about math and history. The books on ruins were bigger than all those put together! She smiled at this. Although not many people knew, not even her own family, she liked to read about the old times and treasures. She borrowed Uncle's books but made sure no one noticed.

Sometimes she wondered if Tohru secretly knew, for one day she found a new book under her pillow that was all hers. It was a gift of sorts, actually. But if he did know, he didn't speak up.
Jade sighed and stood up, stretching once more. She was merely a few yards from her house, Uncle's shop. The wind was harsher now than it was before, making her teeth chatter.

Cursing the month's weather and season, she jogged towards the store. Something wasn't right though. It was the way the weathers changed so quickly. It was the way she felt when she opened the door. It was the tension in the air. But no one was inside the shop.

"Uncle?" She cried out, waiting for a reply. "Jackie? Tohru? Is anyone here?" Her voice, which had stayed the same through out the years, echoed through out the empty house. Shrugging, she placed her textbooks on the table and walked to the library part of the house.
Placing the ancient ruin books on the shelves, she sighed and took off her jacket. The warmth of the fire spread through out the room. She smiled, closing her eyes and allowed the Goosebumps on her skin to disappear. The scent, the sweet aroma of freshly brewed tea filled…

Fire? Tea?

Her eyes opened and she felt frozen in place, despite the warmth in the room. If no one was near, why would there be a fire going? Who was making tea? Her attention was caught by a small clatter near the fireplace.

Snapping her head towards the area, she inhaled sharply. There was a chair before the fireplace and under it showed shadows of feet. She felt her body tense. Although she knew kung fu and knew very well how to fight…she was no match for weapons. What if the person there had a gun?

Faintly she even wondered who it could be.

Carefully yet silently, she walked over. The floorboards creaked at one point so she made her stepping even lighter. Her shadow was casted on the wall thanks to the fire roaring in its place.

Suddenly she grabbed the chair and turned it to face her.

There was nothing. No one. The 'legs' she saw earlier was a simple scarf with the ends touching the floor. Her legs gave out from relief and she fell to the floor. Still, something was not right about the place.

How did she hear the clatter noise? Where did the 'clink' sound come from? Where were her relatives?

"What was the clink sound I heard?" She whispered aloud, mostly to herself. The last thing she expected was an answer.

"I dropped the tea cup on accident. Didn't break anything, though, my dear." It was a man behind her. He sounded so familiar, sounded so…so…charming. Where had she heard it before? In her dreams and in reality. So who was it?

Turning, she gasped to see a man with silver hair pulled back with a gold clip, a yellow tie, a black shirt, and a green suit. He wore a sickening smile and his eyes were hard and cold as the wind outside. "Well, well, well…You've changed over the years, no doubt." He said, raking his eyes over her like a piece of meat.

She blushed and sneered, "Valmont. You haven't changed the least. Let me just…show you a way I've changed."

Jade was just about to kick his knees but he was too fast for her. His cane connected with her right temple, making her fall into unconsciousness. Valmont smirked as he watched the teen, almost adult, Jade get swallowed by the darkness. Allowing his henchmen to pick her up, he took out a prepared note and stabbed it with a knife on the door.
It read:

"Dear Mr. Chan,

Your precious niece has been taken by the Dark Hand. My men will meet you at the center of the city at midnight on the 16th. Come alone and we'll discuss our deal. Bring anyone and your little Jade jewel will die.

Best regards,


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