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"So…are you really sure that you want to be with me? I mean, we'll have to move around a lot. We might have to steal. We…" Valmont had started off to list the negatives. Jade could tell it would have been a huge list because he inhaled deeply before starting.

Walking over to him, she pressed their lips together in an effect to silence it. Well, it worked. "Valmont…" She smiled hugely, "I knew all this when I became an assistant to helping a criminal escape. However…" her light changed to dark, serious in a way, "If we're going to be moving around a lot, I don't mind…just as long as I have you. If you're going to steal then I'll have to punish you." A light blush came across her cheeks when he raised an eyebrow, "I'm serious Valmont, no stealing!"

He then did what she had done earlier; kissed her to shut her up. "Jade…I love you. I will do anything for you."

How odd it would all seem. She was taken against her will by the man she always had a crush on. After depression of realizing her family didn't want her, she fell for him only harder. When her uncle came…she felt so happy to be near him but now they were far away, probably never to see each other again. Still, she was happy. She knew that she would never live side by side by both men, two men that were very important in her life. It was very cruel, but it was life.

Her eyes started to flutter close before she even realized it. The bell from the clock tower a few miles away signaled a new day. Valmont picked her up effortlessly and placed her on their bed in the new hide out. As she fell asleep, he whispered in her ear while placing a soft kiss on her temple, "Merry Christmas Jade."