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Chapter Forty-Five: Promise

"I can't believe you would even think of doing that!"

"It was a harmless joke!"

"Get over yourself!"

"What kind of crap are you trying to pull?"

Jennifer groaned as she rubbed the area between her furrowed brow before pinching the bridge of her nose while she watched all the teenagers in the house go at it, minus for Paul who looked pissed at the world, sitting far off. It was almost three in the morning and she had to deal with this nonsense when all she wanted was good night's sleep after making sure her daughter's birthday party was everything she wanted and more.

She seriously couldn't understand why the two opposing groups had to constantly get at each other's throats, although she was slightly used to it. She almost laughed prior to springing from her bed at her son's enraged exclamation and seeing the "work of art" the girl's had left behind in his room. It truly was a sight to behold.

The entire room was covered with toilet paper and some expensive items belonging to Drew were encased in ice compliments of a few ice Pokémon. If you were dumb enough to step in the room just as Aden was, you would have realized that the floor had been soaked with the help of a brunette's Wartortle and charged with the help of one adorable Pachirisu which would cause a very painful shock if stepped in.

Some things were scorched due to a rogue Magby that Alex swears isn't hers even though she had bragged for three months about capturing the Pokémon in the past and the fact that there were…feminine items stuck to furniture and pillows certainly gave them away to some extent. What had ratted them out completely was the pair of each boy's boxers hanging from a stick with the respective girl's names burned into them with the help of a certain Quilava that was hiding by Rolyn's leg.

"Okay…Okay…" Jennifer began lowly, trying to calm down the loud bickering that was being tossed back and forth. The mother Hayden wasn't too fond of the yelling but the joy of good prank would have her smiling sooner or later. "I want you all to calm down and please…stop yelling."

"Calm down?" Drew shot out incredulously. "Mom, they completely destroyed my room!" He added shooting a dangerous glare in the direction of the five girls who were huddled together on the couch, sticking together through this entire argument. Although any time a boy would throw out a verbal attack it would be either Alex or surprisingly May who would retort back on their behalf.

"I understand that Drew," Jennifer breathed locking her cat green eyes with his. His expression softened a bit under the gaze of his mother and he released an aggravated sigh as he crossed his arms over his chest. "They will be punished accordingly."

"Mom, it was a harmless joke." Rolyn inserted, finally speaking up and giving a careless shrug of her shoulders as she offered her most coy smile. Jennifer perked a brow at the case she was pleading and Drew rolled his eyes.

"If that was harmless, I don't want to see what's actually dangerous." Aden muttered more to himself than anybody else, but others had heard him, including Alex who was the only one to shoot him a pointed look. He shrunk and blushed under her scrutinizing gaze.

"Rolyn there are some things you can and cannot do and destroying your brother's room while we have guests is one of the things you shouldn't even think of doing. You know I don't like it when you bring your rivalry home…and it took me ages to design Drew's room just the way I wanted it." Jennifer said with a shake of her head.

"Look on the bright side," Rolyn offered as her lips quirked up into a smile. "This gives you a reason to redesign it the way you wanted to when you finished designing it the first time."

"Valid point." Alex confirmed with a nod.

"We were thinking about that the whole time." Dawn added with her best smile. Jennifer's expression softened a bit. Marina wasn't kidding when she said that Dawn's sweet face and kind personality was used as a massive advantage.

"Well…I have been thinking about it…" Jennifer said lowly as she tapped her chin thoughtfully.

"You can't be serious!" Drew exclaimed throwing his hands into the air in exasperation. Rolyn tried to hold back a smirk as she shared a quick look with her friends. "Mom, they are totally playing you!"

"Drew, you're mother is quite intelligent," Marina said with a confirming nod as she flashed a quick smile. "I think she would know if she was getting played…I mean she is simply looking at the situation from all perspectives. This is more than a harmless prank but a hopeful opportunity."

All five boys blinked in response to Marina's testimony. Jennifer's expression lit up as she smiled brightly at the blue haired teenager, giving a silent thank you. Marina gave a single nod as she leaned back in her seat, her lips twitching up into smirk Rolyn would applaud.

"C'mon Jason!" Jimmy snapped shoving Jason roughly on the shoulder. The green eyed boy shot Jimmy a look, daring him to try that again. "Your mom's a lawyer! Do something!"

Jason opened his mouth only for his words to die on his lips when he noticed Rolyn smiling at him. It was not an average smile either; it was a sinister smile that could cause grown men to quiver in fear. Jason snapped his mouth shut and sunk in his seat.

"I have nothing to say on the matter." He said quickly while shaking his head.

Jimmy rolled his eyes. "Of course you don't."

"Okay guys…I get it." Jennifer inserted. "What the girl's did was in fact horribly wrong and the boys wish to receive justice, but that doesn't mean I expect you to retaliate." She gave her son a pointed look.

"It's not like we'd succeed anyways…" Aden muttered only to be slapped upside the head by Jimmy for, once again, going into quitter talk.

"Hey, don't hit him for speaking the truth." Alex said with a shrug.

"Anyways," Jennifer said sternly, her eyes narrowing dangerously. "Girls, what you did was, in fact wrong, but at least you didn't light anyone on fire like last time."

"I still feel the burns…" Aden muttered.

"Drew, this house is full of vacant rooms you can use in the meantime while I draw up the plans for your new room and girls…no contact with the boys. Save all that anger for camp on Monday. Have I made myself clear?"

There was a chorus of "Yes Ms. Jennifer." minus for Drew and Rolyn who muttered "Yes Mom." Jennifer gave an approving smile before she clamped her hands together and nodded once before heading out the room, but not before telling them all to go to sleep over her shoulder.

There was a pregnant pause hanging over everyone only to be broken by Paul's yawn. "You're all stupid." He said simply as he headed towards the door of the living room. "I'm going to sleep now and if you wake me up, there will be hell to pay."

"That's your friend." May said pointing at Drew.

May wasn't sure what time she had gotten to sleep that night because she went out like a light. The girl's had stayed up well past three in the morning laughing maniacally at the fact that not only had they successfully gotten the boys once again but they had gotten away with it, once again. The next day, just as Jennifer had instructed, the boys kept their distance and the girls took great pride in their victory which only made Flygon cabin more peeved.

It wasn't until Monday morning did things fall back into the norm as they returned to camp. May had to admit, she missed the vibrant and happy atmosphere the extravagant camp had to offer. She had been all smiles relishing in the fact that her weekend had been an amazing and productive one. Sure enough she was just so…happy.

It was well past lights out at the camp, but May couldn't exactly say she was tired. Staying up so late that past Saturday had thrown off her clock completely, although Alex seemed to be getting to bed earlier along with Dawn. Marina may not have been tired but the blue haired beauty always found herself in bed by ten every night, no matter what…and Rolyn took joy in sleeping like a Snorlax.

Lying there, May believed that she was slowly drifting off to sleep, her eyes slowly fluttering shut only to snap back open when her Dex went off. May clamped her hand over the device, her blue eyes darting all around the cabin to see if the light chiming of her message tone had caused any of her friends to stir. When she confirmed they were all still knocked out, she sighed as she checked the glowing screen of the device

She immediately smiled when she say that she had one new message from Drew.

'Meet me at the dock in 10'

A few weeks back when she received a message nearly identical to this one, it made her groan in annoyance and trudge out of bed, but this time she sprung from her bed and quickly pulled on the Camp Pokémon Masters sweatshirt that Rolyn had made up, having them personalized for her closest friends. It had her last name on the back and a picture of a Dragonite under that while it was colored a vibrant red, May's favorite color.

Glancing at the digital clock by Rolyn's bed, May took in the fact that it was almost midnight. The nightly bed checks should have been over by now and Dragonite cabin was pretty much checked three times earlier so she should be in the clear, for the time being.

Taking her Dex and tucking it in the pocket of her sweatshirt, May made her way out the cabin, carefully closing the door behind her so that it didn't make a noise. She glanced back only once before rushing towards the docks, being careful of where she went knowing she didn't have a flashlight with her.

May was just approaching the dock when Drew was pulling his guitar out of its case. She smiled lightly as she slowly approached him, in hopes of sneaking up on him.

"It's a lost effort. I could hear you stumbling your way over from the moment you left your cabin." Drew breathed not even bothering to tear his eyes away from his guitar as he spoke. May dropped her stealthy pose and pouted.

"Must you ruin all of my fun?" She shot back, crossing her arms over her chest as she approached him. He smirked to himself while nodding.

"I'm your boyfriend; it's in the job description." He said smartly. May rolled her eyes as she stood over him, watching as he tuned his guitar a bit.

"Ha, you are so funny."

He gave his own amused chuckle as he glanced up at her. "I wasn't trying to be, but I'm glad I made you laugh." He retorted knowing full well she was being sarcastic. May rolled her eyes at him, but her smile betrayed her. She found that she did this a lot around him…she tried her best to seem indifferent but he had a knack for making her smile.

"Okay Mr. Funny Pants, why did you call me out here on such a glorious night?" May questioned as she stared out into Lake Rayquaza. The moon was a perfect crescent shape and reflected beautifully against the constantly moving water. May couldn't help but admire the captivating atmosphere of a summer night.

"Funny Pants…wow May you're getting really good at those comebacks. I'm serious." Drew said completely sarcastically with a mocking smile. May narrowed her eyes at him and his smile broadened. "Well if you must know I called you out here because I knew you wouldn't refuse."

"This close to punching you." May muttered bringing her pointer finger and thumb so close together that the space between them was almost microscopic.

"Okay, okay…don't get your panties in a knot. I thought you'd be happy to hear I finished my song for you."

May's expression lit up dramatically as she clapped her hands together, releasing a high pitch squeal Dawn should have copywrited. "You finished it! I thought you had forgotten…"

"How could I have forgotten?" He offered her a genuine smile and May's cheeks flushed a bright red color before she nervously cleared her throat before quickly plopping down on the dock next to him. She got herself settled before smiling at him.

"Well…go for it." She said urging him with her hands. Drew shrugged before position his guitar accordingly and getting his pick in hand. He began strumming and May's smile softened at the gentle melody. It wasn't until he started singing that her blush began to deepen as she folded her hands in her lap.

"When the visions around you bring tears to your eyes and all that surrounds you are secrets and lies…" Drew sang lowly, not even looking into her eyes, but he didn't have to. This was the first time May had ever heard him sing and mentally laughed at how adorable she thought he sounded. He would never accept the compliment adorable.

"I'll give you strength, I'll give your hope, keeping your faith when it's gone…the one you should call when standing there all alone…" He continued softly. May could have sworn she saw his cheeks flush. "And I will take you in my arms and hold you right where you belong. Till the day my life is through, this I promise you…this I promise you."

"I've loved you forever in life times before and I promise you never will you hurt anymore…" Any fan girl would have sighed at the sound of this boy's voice along with his playing and May was tempted to do so.

"I give you my word, I give you my heart; this is a battle we've won…and with this vow, forever has now begun…" Drew glanced up at her and smiled gently. May's heart dropped in the most pleasant way at that hidden promise. "Just close your eyes each loving day and know this feeling won't go away. Till the day my life is through this I promise you…this I promise you."

"Over and over I fall…when I hear you call…Without you in my life, baby, I just wouldn't be living at all…" May was impressed beyond belief by Drew's voice. She began to wonder why he hadn't sang at Rolyn's party instead of her.

From the bridge he went into a simple guitar solo that May couldn't help but appreciate. She was sure that she would be able to play this song for herself and keep it as a silent reminder of the promise Drew was offering her with this song. It made her heart clench with an intense wave of happiness. She also felt so light…just like Dawn had described a few days back.

"And I will take you in my arms and hold you right where you belong. Till the day my life is through, this I promise you…this I promise you, babe…" Drew looked up, locking eyes with the brunette and they both felt such a conviction that had them holding each other's gazes as he continued to sing. "Just close your eyes each loving day and know this feeling won't go away, no. Every word I say is true, this I promise you…"

"Every word I say is true…this I promise you…I promise you…" He finished quietly.

May stared at him for a moment, her smile small and admiring. He smiled in return, but was obviously a little flustered which made May giggle inwardly. He actually looked quite adorable with a blush dusting his cheeks.

"What'd you think?" He finally asked trying to break what he thought was one of the most awkward silences of his life.

May's smile broadened as she leaned over, cupping his cheek in her hand and pressing her lips to his in a tender kiss. That one kiss explained exactly what she thought about the song and that was that she whole heartedly returned the promise he was offering her. May felt as though she had found something really good here…even though she and Drew had been together for all of three days officially…it was like everything was predetermined…

Almost like they were destined…

"I take it you liked the song…" Drew muttered against her lips as his own curved into a smirk. May simply nodded. "You know I meant every word right?"

"I know…" She breathed before capturing his lips with her own again.

The kissing couple remained completely oblivious to the eight pairs of eyes that were watching them closely from the thickly forested are by the docks. One of the people hiding gave a deep sigh.

"They're so cute…" Dawn whispered.

"It gives ya a warm and fuzzy feeling inside…" Alex muttered. "It's both disgusting and horribly adorable."

"Reminds you of when we first started dating, right Jimmy?" Marina asked. Jimmy laughed a silent laugh as he wrapped his arm around Marina's shoulder and pulled her into him.

"It's…Its too sweet for words." Aden sniffled.

"What a pansy…" Alex grumbled rolling her eyes.

"Drew can be quite the charmer, can't he?" Rolyn sighed with a gentle smile.

"Yea, he gets it from me." Jason said cockily. Rolyn rolled her eyes.

"Hardly…it's more of a Hayden thing…"

"Hey, I managed to charm my way into your life, haven't I?"

Rolyn smirked, taking his hand in her own and knitting their fingers together. "Sure boo…"

"Why am I here?" Paul questioned.

Everyone looked at him and he stared right back blankly.

"He has a point…" Aden said.

Everyone simply nodded in agreement.

And I leave this story on that note. It took about a year or two but I have finally finished a story with actual quality. The song I had chosen as Drew's gift to May was a personal favorite of mine and the song sung to me by a special someone. It was This I Promise You by a throwback group known as the wonderful Nsync; gotta love that group. Well anyways, thank you kindly for all the support. Feel free to review.