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Twas the Night before Christmas

And all through the tower

Many creatures were screaming

Even at this late hour

See, a party was happening

In the Teen Titans' home

And the boisterous noises

Even concussed the gray chrome

But one boy wasn't partying

He was sitting in his room

With his blueprints and plan books

He was very consumed

The boy's name was BB

He was green as the grass

He could turn into a dolphin

An elephant, an ass

You would think that this talent

The ladies would entice

But poor little Beast Boy

Hadn't dated even twice

Only once had he been lucky

But his luck turned to shreds

When his blond little lover

Tried to strike his friends dead

And now he was lonely

With one girl on his mind

Her purple hair and lilac eyes

Were extravagant combined

She often threatened to kill him

Or hurt him in some way

But that couldn't scare him

It was all a display

He knew she was harmless

He knew she had love

He knew that on the inside

She was gentle as a dove

So plans to make her his

Were in the little grass stain's head

He would do just about anything

To someday Raven wed

So he got up from his chair

And headed for the party

He was nervous as ever

But his determination hearty

As he got there he stood

Under a bit of mistletoe

He called with much power

"Hey Raven, com'ere, don't be slow!"

He saw his interest raise a brow

But she came over slowly

And as she did BB grabbed her

And the kiss that followed was wholly

They kissed and kissed until it seemed

It would never ever end

He lead her into a bedroom

And his Christmas wish was impend

Nine months later, at the end of September

BB felt like he would hurl

As his doctor proudly announced to the world

"Congrats, it's a baby girl!"