MokonaModoki: Hullo! Happy Holidays! A gift to everyone of my friends in the forums!!! To: Fan Fan Girl, Brenda924, Strawberry Eggs, Holy Spork, Ruingaraf, and Haseo! (Is that everyone? Sorry if I missed anyone!) Brenda-chan... I'm sorry I couldn't keep to the 100 word limit! Wah! I couldn't help myself! ... Anyways, Savyna here. I got the idea from one of my bad habits... Strange... If this sounds OC, forgive me! As all of you know of my crappy characterization... I tried Xelha, and even my OC Sakura... but I decided to go with Savyna... but I always try on the characterization! ... Enjoy!!!

Locks of Comfort

Hair. It was her pacifier. Whenever she twirled it, it would calm her. Secure her. Reassure her. The unease would instantly go away. It was the only thing that would stop her caving in from fear. Others said it was a bad habit, and suggested her to stop, but she couldn't. It caught on to her like an addiction. What could substitute that smooth, rubbery, calming feeling? As if by instinct her finger tips were instantly grabbing for a lock of her hazel brown hair. The locks were wrapping around her thin fingers. Her thumb was pressing against the thin strings...

Then all of a sudden an arm separated her from the long lock of brown. She looked up. It was Gibari. He gave a warm smile. She weakly smiled back in reply. Somehow in the fisherman's eyes, they told her that it was no time for self-pity and lament.