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Chapter 8: The Dog, The Bug andthe Weird Girl.

The Sandaime Hokage held a pipe in his hand and stared at the window. It was a beautiful warm sunny day, and he regretted the loss of his freedom because of the work that kept him shackled at this table. His eyes wandered to a scroll on the table. It was a copy of the order that he had given to one of his ANBU, early this morning. He felt a little guilty, but it was his way to push Naruto in the right direction. Yesterday, after Kakashi's story, he decided to lend him a hand. He didn't know if the plan of the one-eyed Jounin worked, but he considered this as a backup plan. She would have no other choice but to return to Kakashi.

It was fifteen minutes later when an ANBU with a cat mask appeared in his office. The man who spread the order today, had returned. But the Hokage could see at the stance of the man that he somehow had failed with his mission. The old man frowned.

"Hokage-sama, my sincere apologies, but I failed with my mission. In my haste I overlooked a small post office. At last, I delivered the order to him, but..."

Hiruzen looked at the ANBU and put his pipe away. "But?"

"It's Kurohitsuji Nara; I was too late. Naruto was hired by him a few hours earlier. I've seen her already at work as a new postwoman. Coincidentally, he fired his former employee today and when he saw Naruto, he hired her, hours before I showed up with the order. He's not going to fire her. I can't do anything against it, since he's acting exactly according to the rules. He can only follow the order after he got it, and the fact that the order said nothing about firing people. I couldn't even convince him that she was a potential spy. Ah… well, he's a Nara, lazy, but very intelligent."

The Hokage stroked his pointed beard. "You did what you could Cat. What a bizarre luck for Naruto. Kakashi will not be happy… Hmmm, Kurohitsuji Nara, huh? I remember him now, I know how to handle him. Yes, I will visit the man personally... Sorry Naruto, but you will not lose me so soon."


The next morning.

Naruto admired her new dark green uniform in the mirror. It was a typical classic uniform, with trousers, jacket, hat, and it included a large waist bag. Her long red hair was very striking with the green colour.

She wondered if it was not better to make it a braid. It seemed like a good idea. Surely it would be more practical and neater. She produced a Kage Bunshin who helped her quickly with the job, and a moment later she admired her new hair style. The clone nodded approvingly, stuck a thumb up and disappeared with a poof a moment later. It was a simple thick long braid that reached to her hip, tied with a simple string. It was not much, and she wondered if it couldn't be done better. Maybe she could gather a few tips...

"Yosh, and now I'm a real postwoman!"

It was a stark contrast with her previous profession, but this was much better in her eyes. Post delivery wasn't very inspiring work, but it was important work. And who knows, maybe it could be quite exciting, and give her even a few adventures. But she quickly shook her head; that was too far fetched. Most importantly, she had a job now!

One look at her wall clock told her it was time to leave and she quickly left her home... but not before she was transformed in her alter ego, the old blond Naruto. As long as she continued to live here in this house, she couldn't build a new identity. Almost everyone in the neighbourhood knew were the blond 'Kyuubi' lived... It was difficult to remember all the different disguises, but she was slowly getting used to this new lifestyle.


The Nara looked up as 'Naruko' arrived in the post office. She looked a lot better dressed for her job now, since he had given her a new uniform before she went home yesterday afternoon. How he got the new uniform that fast, you could only guess. The Nara worked in strange ways.

"Ohayo Boss," Naruto greeted enthusiastically as she walked quickly to him.

"Ohayo Naruko," Kurohitsuji replied with a yawn. "Nothing much today. You've already delivered everything yesterday. Today, a few letters and a parcel arrived. Take your time to deliver them, it's still early."

The red-haired girl scratched her nose and looked around. She was so excited yesterday, that she had delivered everything within a few hours, including the parcels that were lying in a cupboard in the pub next to post office, untouched. All thanks to her clones. It must have been a strange sight in the street with all these girls running around yesterday. The piece of furniture that she found, was also brought home and cleaned up by her clones.

But the post office looked neat and tidy now. She put the items in her waist bag. "Okay, see you later then Boss."

Kurohitsuji waved her away with a lazy gesture, and when she left through the door he yawned again. Getting up early was so problematic. He wondered if she couldn't do his job too? Then he could lie all day in a hammock back in the garden and stare at the clouds. That wouldn't be a problem with her clones, would it? But then again, who was the boss?

While he scratched behind his head, he recalled what happened yesterday and he frowned. The ANBU who had visited him with that order worried him. It was very suspicious. Why would the Hokage warrant such an order? It was not logical, and the best way to create panic. It would make a stranger automatically a suspect; that wasn't the best way to catch a spy.

Unless there was another reason.

When Kurohitsuji told the ANBU that he was too late and already hired someone, the ninja tried to persuade him to dismiss her again. But whatever it was, he knew that it was impossible that she could be a spy. He wasn't a fool and Naruko's expressive red eyes didn't lie. Her whole appearance was of a desperate person. A spy would never act like this, and she didn't give him these bad vibes. He should know, since he had caught often enough a spy in the past as ninja.

Whatever it was, he refused to fire her, not without a real good reason. And of course the fact that he was a Nara, enough said. The ANBU left, but he had a feeling that this wasn't the end of it.

And Kurohitsuji was right.

The Nara looked up again when he heard the sound of the front door. His eyebrows rose up when he saw the Hokage personally enter with an ANBU, and two others that took post at the door, outside.

Kurohitsuji stood up and gave a short bow. "Hokage-sama?"

The old man smiled! A shiver went down Nara's spine. The Hokage smiled often, but this was something else. This innocent smile of the old man didn't bode well for him. That meant that the old man wanted something from him.

"I haven't heard of you for some years, Kurohitsuji-san, but I understand that you live the quiet live here in a post office that you set up years ago. I heard that you fired your only postman yesterday, and somehow employed a new one, on the same day, and that despite my last order and a warning for spies."

The Nara sighed, ready for an explanation. "Sorry Hokage-sama, but..."

Hiruzen Sarutobi held up a hand. "I fully understand the situation. Now let's sit down, I still have a lot to say about your new employee."

"Okay Hokage-sama, but may I offer you first a cup of tea or something else?"

The Hokage sat down at the only table in the post office. "Tea please."

Not much later, the two men were sitting at the table, nursing a cup of tea and Kurohitsuji wondered why the Hokage was here. He knew that she was an Uzumaki, but what made her so important that the old man visited him personally?

The old man placed a large envelope on the table and gestured to it. "Please read these documents. A warning is in place. Don't misunderstand me, but there's a death sentence when you open your mouth about it, to anyone. This is an S-Class secret."

"How troublesome," Kurohitsuji sighed, as he picked up the envelope and opened it.
He rose an eyebrow when he saw that these were the official documents of Naruto Uzumaki.

"Naruto? Not Naruko?" the Nara asked surprised.

The Hokage stroked his beard. "Is that the name she used with you? Hmm…"

Kurohitsuji almost choked when he read the rest. He was glad that he wasn't drinking his tea at that time, because he could guarantee a spit-take. The photo of Naruto told him more than enough. Then the Nara began suddenly to laugh because of the absurdity. He had employed the Kyuubi for the delivery of the post! A Kitsune monster who was feared and hated all over Konohagakure.

Hiruzen waited patiently until Kurohitsuji could stop laughing. Then the Nara shook his head. "Troublesome," was his final response.

While Kurohitsuji drank the last of his tea, the Hokage put all the papers back in the envelope and resealed it.

"Kurohitsuji Nara, you must understand, Naruto isn't the same gigantic monster that attacked us twelve years ago. She absorbed his chakra, but she isn't the Kyuubi. In fact, she's nothing more than an insecure girl who doesn't really feel safe in Konoha. Currently we don't know more, then that she has a Kekkei Genkai, a doujutsu. With one look, she can put a person in a powerful genjutsu and it seems that the doujutsu has some hidden features. She's a master of Bunshins and Hengs that she can create without handsigns. That's what we know, but we are sure that she doesn't have her nine tails for show. But of course you have read that all in the documents."

The Nara gestured to the envelope. "Hokage-sama, by sharing this information with me, you have placed me in a difficult position. What's the purpose of this? I wanted a postman, not some top secret ninja business."

The old man looked seriously. "You are lucky, or unlucky, depending on how you look at it. Dear Nara, now that you have employed Naruto, you have saddled yourself with a big responsibility. You can choose. You can do what I ask of you, or do you feel the need to be in active service of the Shinobi again?"

A drop of sweat ran down the face of Kurohitsuji. The Hokage gave him virtually no choice.
"Okay, what do you want me to do Hokaga-sama?"

Hiruzen put his folded hands on the table and looked at the Nara seriously. "I want you to teach Naruto so that she will complete her training as a ninja, unofficial. Also make sure that she builds a relationship with others so that it gives her a reason to stay in Konoha. If Konoha ever gets into a difficult situation, she will be our last trump card. On paper, she will remain a citizen, but she needs to grow to a level of a Jounin. So, her training is extremely important. I have high hopes of you Kurohitsuji Nara, so don't fail me. I want you to give me a report about her development every two weeks."

The internally sighing Nara stared at the table and scratched behind his head. To say the truth, Kurohitsuji didn't feel obliged to play the 'unofficial' sensei for Naruto. The hammock in the back of his garden was more interesting than to spend his time on things like teaching. If he had known all this in advance, would he have still taken her? This was so annoying.

Kurohitsuji pressed the spread fingers of his hands together and closed his eyes for a moment and frowned deeply. The Hokage smiled faintly, a thinking Nara was a good sign.

Then Kurohitsuji opened his eyes and looked at the Hokage. "I have a few training methods in mind, but your help is needed Hokage-sama. It was always a big dream of me to expand my service, like outside the region of Konohagakure. I ask permission to give Naruko… ah… Naruto more freedom. A few D or C-missions with 'unimportant post' for Suna for example, is that possible? The Courier Ninjas could use some competition, don't you think also, Hokage-sama?"

Hiruzen stroked his pointed beard. The Nara clearly thought as a businessman. The old man understood which direction Kurohitsuji wanted to go. A ninja job, but under a different name, such as a postman, protecting the mail. Indeed, it seemed a good training idea.

Kurohitsuji rubbed behind his head. "And also an extra colleague or two for Naruto wouldn't be such a bad idea. Is there a person here in Konoha that has a good relationship with that girl?"

The Hokage frowned when he thought about it and looked grim for a moment. It seems that Naruto hadn't many friends around her 'age'. He shook his head.

"Kurohitsuji, I support your plan and give you permission to work outside Konoha. I will make sure that you get a number of missions, paid of course, according to a D and C-level. However, as regards to your 'colleague problem', as far as I know, Naruto only has a good relationship with two people of a ramen shop, and Iruka Umino, a teacher. I understand that you want to create something like a genin team, so maybe I can arrange something, but I can't give you any promises. As I said earlier, it's all up to you to ensure that Naruto got more social contacts with others; you're free how to do it."

In spite of the fact that the Nara was saddled with a lot more responsibility and would probably loose a lot of his freedom, it was still not a bad deal. He clapped his hands. "That's great. So, Hokage-sama, can I get that in black and white?"

The Hokage's right eyebrow twitched. The Nara was a businessman through and through.


"Arigatou," the woman thanked friendly, when she took the package from the redheaded postwoman. The enthusiastic girl left with a cheery wave with her hand and started to walk to the next address.

Naruto knew the streets of Konoha like the inside of her pockets. She knew all the streets and corners, thanks to the many chases that she had in the past.

She saw in the distance three young ninjas, her old classmates, that she quickly walked past with a simple greeting. It was Hinata Hyuuga, Shino Aburame and Kiba Inuzuka, the annoying boy with his worthless ninken Akamaru. She hated dogs and people that smelled like a dog.


Team Kurenai, or better known as Team Eight, stared at the red-haired postwoman longer than they would have done normally. The problem was that two of the three somehow recognized the redheaded girl. The third had only eyes for beauty…

"Wow, what a babe!" one of them exclaimed with a wolfish grin.

"Arf arf gruf," the puppy Akamaru barked, who lay on Kiba's head.

Kiba Inuzuka raised his eyes up to Akamaru, his nin-dog. "That's Naruto!? Are you sure Akamaru? "


The eyes of the wild-looking boy widened. "Wow, that's a henge? And as a postwoman? Well, it has more class than his stupid Sexy Jutsu that I still can remember. But is that even required for a mail delivery D-mission?" Kiba wondered. He frowned and crossed his arms. "I'm beginning to wonder who or what Naruto is. I tell you guys, Akamaru told me in class that Naruto smelled always like a vixen and I can only agree."

Shino Aburame nodded. "My Kikaichuus tell the same story. Naruto has changed two years ago. I kept it for myself, but I know that Naruto somehow is a female that has remarkably a lot of chakra. She has so much chakra that my Kikaichuus are nearly drunk of it when I just stand near Naruto. I suspect that she's constantly in a Henge, because of the chakra leak. I wonder how she looks without her Henge jutsu."

The gentle Hinata Hyuuga pressed nervously her two index fingers together. "She's the Kyuubi," she said, almost inaudibly.

Her two teammates, however, had heard clearly enough.

"What," exclaimed Kiba as he stared at her in disbelief along with Shino. "Naruto is the Kyuubi!?"

Luckily, at that moment, they were alone in the street, otherwise they would have had the attention of everyone, and not in a good way.

Hinata cringed. "I... I... My father had always warned me to stay away from Naruto. But I've always followed Naruto. He… She was my idol, because... but... Well... since two years ago... I... I've followed Naruto often to her home. Her henge is something special, hard to see through. But one day, I saw her change. I have seen how she looks without her henge. As you saw her now, that's as close as she could be in her true form. What you don't see, is her fox ears, her whisker marks and the nine tails," she replied shyly.

This was the first time that she shared this news with others. Hinata wasn't somebody who spread important things around so loosely, because she was also aware of the danger that it brought.

Kiba's mouth fell open while Shino remained stoically. Undoubtedly Hinata had used her doujutsu, that created also a lot of questions of a personal nature, something they didn't even wanted to touch with a ten-foot pole.

Shino pressed his little black glasses to his nose. "It's a mystery. I remember clearly that Naruto was 'normal', two years ago. But after Naruto disappeared for almost a week, my Kikaichuus noticed the difference. Strangely, nobody had asked questions. It's amazing, really. We only draw this conclusion, because we three are grouped together now."

That was indeed a mystery.

"I had always thought that the Yondaime Hokage had killed the Kyuubi," Kiba said with a sniff. "Guys, this is something that needs to be resolved! Now Kurenai-sensei has given us a few hours of free time this morning… Come on, let's go on fox hunting!"

Akamaru barked excited when Kiba took off with a hurried pace. His two teammates looked at each other, shrugged and went after him.


After Naruto had delivered the last letter she stretched out with a yawn and walked with a slow pace in the direction of the post office. Her new job was really a piece of cake.

She couldn't believe how easy her work was. Yesterday she had delivered a huge mountain of mail and parcels thanks to her bunshins. She chuckled again at the memories of the faces that she saw in the street when they saw all these clones at work. Days of work were processed within hours, and the rest of the day she was free.


The red-haired girl turned around and frowned. She saw nothing suspicious, but she had the feeling that she was being followed. She couldn't pick up a scent, because she walked against the wind direction. Could it be Konohamaru or an ANBU? Who knows. Naruto shrugged and began to start walking again.

In an alley, three Genin began to sweat. They could hide just in time. It was a close call or they were seen. It seemed that they had to be a lot more careful if they want to follow Naruto unnoticed.

Naruto looked surprised when she saw the post office again. A few man were busy to remove the old logo on the building and others were carrying with red and white paint cans. Apparently Kurohitsuji had decided to give the building a new makeover and in her eyes that was not a bad idea at all.

She entered the building, and she wondered what had brought him to this new change. It looked like almost if he was betting his money on her, and somehow that thought gave her a special feeling in her heart.

"Hello boss, everything is done, there were no problems," the redhead said as she plopped down on a chair at the table where the man was reading a newspaper on the other side.

Kurohitsuji gave her a lazy two-finger salute and continued to read the newspaper.

Suddenly Naruto began to look around and started to make sniffing sounds. She recognized the smell of tobacco and the rest of the scent that still hung around. The old man Hokage had been here, but why?

The Nara looked at the girl. "Is there something Naruko?"

"Uh, nothing Boss, nothing special," she replied quickly. She didn't want to look paranoid and asking about it would make her probably only suspicious. She hoped it was pure coincidence that the Hokage had been here. Maybe it was personal curiosity of the old man, who knew.

A faint grin was as seen on Kurohitsuji's face. The disguised Kitsune had a sharp nose and had recognised by smell who had visited him, seen the reaction on Naruto's face. She was clearly aware that the Hokage had been here, and it made her seemingly nervous.

Kurohitsuji closed the newspaper and stretched his body. "It's a day full of surprises. The Hokage came to visit, and after a good conversation, he gave me permission to work internationally."

"Eh?" The now surprised Naruto leaned over to him. "What do you mean internationally, what?"

The Nara chuckled. "Mail deliveries outside of Konoha and beyond. That's the reason why I gave the order to give this post office outside a fresh makeover. It cost me a pretty coin, but I think this is a good investment. We are entering into a serious rivalry with the Courier Ninjas."

Naruto's mouth was wide open now. She worked barely a day and a half, and now everything was changing fast here. She could not suppress the feeling that it had something to do with her. Why would the old man Hokage interfere? What could this all mean? And why got she the unsurprising feeling that the boss would shove a huge load to her?

"However, Naruko, there is a very annoying problem. It's not safe outside Konoha for a postman or woman in this case. Naruko, how good was your ninja training? What can you do, next to your bunshins?" Kurohitsuji looked thoughtfully at the redhead.

The question came quite as a surprise for the Kitsune. She crossed her arms and frowned. How well could she defend against ninjas? She was just a genin, but how good was she really?

Feh, she was more of a brawler, and she was not afraid to use her legs, but she never mastered any real form of Taijutsu. And she was mediocre with her shuriken and kunai.

But she had also very strong points.

Her Ninjutsu? The version of her Henge could not be compared with those standard Henges of course. She was the real deal when it came to transformation. And since she learned the Kage Bunshin, she could create a whole army. Genjutsu? She had a Kekkei Genkai, a doujutusu, that even her clones could use. And somehow her animalistic KI was strong enough to put probably the most hardened Jounin on his knees. And when push comes to shove, she had one ultimate trump card. But If she used that... ugh…

In summary, she was probably the biggest nightmare that a ninja could ever encounter. An amateurish Genin who simply could roll over a whole army when she felt like it, maybe even literally?

But it was something that she could not brag about it, so Naruto shrugged. "I'm not a good fighter, but I can tell you that even the ANBU can't catch me when I start to run, believe me!"

That was the simple truth.

The Nara only raised an eyebrow. That was not what he had asked. It was obvious that she didn't want to tell him everything. Well, of course she couldn't tell him that she was the new Kyuubi. She was a monster in disguise. He scratched his chin with thoughtful eyes.

"Well, that's not enough if I want you to send out of Konoha. How troublesome. I need you to give some pointer to start. Follow me."

He slowly stood up and motioned Naruto to come. They walked together into the small garden behind the building and he walked to one of the two large trees with a hammock between them. With his hands in his pockets, he put one foot on the tree.

Naruto's eyes grew as big as saucers when she saw the ex-ninja stands horizontally on the tree.

"This is the first lesson that I give you. It's a neat trick to run up to walls or trees. It will be handy in a lot of troublesome situations and it will give you a bonus, a better control over your chakra."

After he gave Naruto the instructions he returned back to the post office, while Naruto stared incredulously at the kunai that she had received. She needed it to mark her progress on the bark of the tree. She scratched behind her ears and then started with her training.


Kurohitsuji rose slightly an eyebrow when he saw three young genins in his post office. A Hyuuga, Inuzuka and an Aburame.

"Hello, what can I do for you?" The Nara asked as he sauntered to the counter.

"Uhm..." The timid Hyuuga said while she tapped nervously her two index fingers together.

The Inuzuka opened his mouth. "We were just curious. We saw Naruto Uzumaki working as a postman, and we thought he was here with Sasuke and Sakura. But we saw only Naruto. Didn't you hire a genin team for a D-mission?" the Inuzuka asked loudly.

"Naruto? I'm sure her name is Naruko and she works for me. Why would I hire a genin for a D-mission?" Kurohitsuji asked surprised, playing the innocent and ignorant man.

The Aburame facepalmed and the eyes of the Hyuuga widened while Kiba looked confused.

The Nara stroked his chin. The three were not exactly subtle, and remarkably naive. Firstly, Naruto had no longer her hitai-ate which was required for an official Genin with a D-mission. And secondly, the Naruto that they knew, was normally known as a blond boy. Apparently they had no idea that they stirred up a hornet's nest. Genins, they had much to learn, how troublesome.

"Wait a moment please…"

Kurohitsuji walked to the door, locked it, and turned the sign to 'closed'. Then he strolled back while he scratched behind his head and then casually sat down on the counter.

"How do you know that she is Naruto Uzumaki?" He asked as he stared at them seriously now.

All three shuffled uncertainly while Akamaru started to growl.

The Nara pinched the bridge of his nose. "Let me guess. The eyes of the Hyuuga, the strong noses of an Inuzuka and his nin-dog, and the insects of Aburame. Probably a group specialized in Tracking and Locating. "

The three Genin nodded cautiously.

"Well, I have bad news for you guys. Naruko... Naruto has resigned. She's a civilian now and she wants no longer be a ninja."

"What!?" they cried in chorus.

"But, but..." Kiba stammered for a moment. "But she's the Kyuubi! I mean, wasn't she meant to be a special something or so? How can they..." the bonehead blurted out.

Kiba couldn't talk further when Kurohitsuji put a hand over his mouth.

"I would be very careful with what you say, Inuzuka. What you blurt out so easily, could cost your head. It's an S-class secret, with a death penalty," the Nara said with a calm voice, and slowly withdrew his hand from Kiba's face.

The faces of the three Genin turned pale when they heard this.

"This is so troublesome," Kurohitsuji sighed. "Have you told this to others? Tell me honestly, because this is of vital importance!"

The three looked at each other, but each shook their heads.

The Nara frowned. "Listen, I know what Naruto is. But understand me, she's not the Kyuubi that attacked Konoha twelve years ago. That monster was sealed in Naruto when he was but a baby. Due to certain circumstances, the chakra of that beast turned Naruto into what she is now and she is doing her utmost to keep this a secret from everyone. It would be a disaster for her and for us all, if this wouldn't be longer a secret. Do you understand this?"

The three Genin nodded nervously.

The Nara clapped his hands. "Okay, I hope you are wise enough to realise how serious this is. It would be a pity really, if three promising young children lost their heads, because someone couldn't keep his mouth shut! Keep that in mind."

Kiba swallowed while Akamaru whimpered softly. Shino could only sigh, as if the world rested on his shoulders. The still nervous Hinata fainted after hearing these words.

With a long sigh Kurohitsuji watched how the three Genin left again when he had opened the door. Kiba carried Hinata on his back while Akamaru followed him. The Nara rubbed his forehead while he pondered his next course of action. There was nothing else to do than to report this to the Hokage. This was really, really troublesome. He sincerely hoped that it only remained with these three Genin. The more people knew about Naruto, the greater the danger for his favourite employee. Even his post office could possibly be targeted and worse, he could lose all his customers.

All this was possible. But still… The Nara shrugged. He did not care whether it was a Byuu or even the Shinigami that delivered the post. Humans were foolish. If everybody would use their common sense just for one minute, then maybe the future of the world would look a lot better…

But one thing he had to admit. Naruto had incredible good luck! How could he otherwise explain why her secret wasn't blown until this day.


Kiba walked with a thoughtful look on his face, followed by his faithful ninken Akamaru. Hinata that he carried on his back was still unconscious. Shino walked silently beside him. He, too, was still shocked to his core.

When they finally arrived at an empty training field, Kiba's teammate started to talk.

"I think we were lucky," Shino concluded while he fumbled with his glasses.

The wild-looking boy looked at his teammate. "What do you mean," he asked as he gently put Hinata down on the ground.

Shino sighed deeply. "What were the chances that we had said this to somebody? I knew that Naruto was a girl with huge chakra reserves. In addition, you knew that she had something to do with a female fox. And Hinata had seen her true form. Why we kept this all for ourselves? Or was it maybe because we as ninjas understand how important secrets are? Imagine what could have happened if we told everybody about this?"

Kiba shrugged. "Feh, Naruto avoided me like the plague for the last two years. And since he… she… was the pariah of the class... Well, almost everyone shunned her, and nobody talked about her or with her."

The Aburama nodded. "I suspect that almost everyone in Konoha is aware that Naruto had the Kyuubi in her. But they don't know that Naruto has changed in the Kyuubi."

"Well, I don't have a problem with that; Naruto is such a hot babe," the wild looking boy said with a grin.

Shino shrugged.

Hinata had regained her consciousness thanks to Akamaru licking her face.


To be continue.


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