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Author's Note: I decided to write a cute two-shot story, of course, with KabuSaku. I just thought of this last night and decided to write it.

And yes, I do know that Kabuto is like seven years older than Sakura or whatever, but for this story I made him only be two years older than her. Hey, my story! Anyway, enjoy.

Locked In The Athletic Room

Sakura's P.O.V.

Hello there. My name is Sakura Haruno. I'm 16 years old and considered to be the smartest girl in the junior class, even though the year is only part of the way over. I also have the worst luck ever.

Why is that? I'm locked in the athletic storage room with the "hottest" senior in Konoha High, Kabuto Yakushi. I say hottest in the terms of the other girls that swoon over him. Myself, I don't like him and won't. He's pretty much a freaking playboy, or a guy that girls praise like a supermodel or whatever. The only thing I give him is my respect for being one of the smartest in the senior class. Other than that, I don't want him anywhere near me.

But yet, here we are, stuck inside of the athletic storage room. Why are we in here? Well, I guess I should explain from the beginning huh? Well, I guess I'll start with lunch...

"Ugh, Ino-pig! Will you STOP staring at them? Geez, he's not much to look at."

"How can you say that, Billboard Brow! He's freaking hot!"

"If you say so."

"Oy. You really need to get your mind out of the books and take a good look around you."

"I am. And I'm getting a good look at you drooling over a guy."

Ino glared at me with one of her infamous "death glares" as Shikamaru would often put, but they never affect me. Once again, she was staring at the table that girls have deemed the "sexy guys" table and, sadly, drooling over my lunch. And who was she staring at the most? Of course, the silver hair senior sitting next to one of my best friends, Naruto Uzumaki.

All I could do was sigh, close my book, and grab my tray, taking off the sandwich (the sandwich that was beyond delicious until she drooled on it) and tossing it, then walked away. Now, you probably expected me to walk out of the cafeteria. Well, I was on my way, that was for sure...until Naruto saw me.

"Hey! Sakura-chan! Over here!"

All I could do was sigh, smile, and walk over. "Hey Naruto-kun. Oh, and Sasuke-kun and Neji-san," I greeted to my friends, taking my seat between Naruto and Neji as I usually did when they invited me over.

"Hello, Sakura-san," Neji said.

"Hn. Hello," Sasuke said, and I sighed inwardly; he's never much for words.

"What's up Sakura-chan? You don't look like you had much to eat," Naruto said, already handing me his sandwich (which I have to admit, for a guy that usually always ate ramen, he can make a good ham and cheese). I only laughed and refused, "I did have a good lunch, all things considering, until Ino-pig decided to ruin it. But it's not a big deal; I'm not that hungry anyway."

"I insist! I don't mind if you want to share."

"Heh...all right. Damn you and your eyes."

"Gets you everytime!"

And sadly, that was true. With a thank you, I took the sandwich and preceded to eat it, it being as good as I said before. Neji, in his own silent way as usual, gave me his milk, which I never fight him since he never takes no as an answer. Well, at least when it came to me and his girlfriend Tenten.

"You're not being very nice, Naruto," I heard Kabuto perk up. "Huh? What do you mean, Kabuto?" Naruto asked. "You haven't introduced me to your friend," he said, and from the corner of my eye I could see him smirk. If I wasn't such a "sweetheart" around my friends (for the most part), I probably would've smacked him.

"Oh. Well, uh...Kabuto, this is Sakura Haruno, and Sakura-chan, this is Kabuto Yakushi."

"Pleased to meet you, Sakura-san," he said.

"Same, Kabuto-san," I said without looking up from my food. I could see Naruto's face light up with a bit of confusion, but then settled and shrugged. Sasuke and Neji only stared at me for a moment, but then I could see Sasuke's face light up with a bit of a smirk. "Not very talkative today, are you?" he asked. I just shrugged and finished my meal. "I guess not. Well, thank you for the lunch, but I got to go," I said, already standing up.

"Already?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah. I need to return a book and then start typing up my report for Ms. Kurenai's class. She wants at least three pages, plus examples and whatever. And I rather get it done now than later."

"Uh...you do know it's not due for another two weeks, right?" Neji asked.

"Yeah, I know. But I already got all the information I need. Yes, in two days I've gotten all the info, wrote out the report, and got examples."

"You are a bookworm," Sasuke said plainly and I stuck my tongue out at him. "Yeah, but hey, it's better than sitting around and looking like you're in an emo moment," I said, earning yet again a death glare and a growl of "not an emo" as he usually gave me. I said my goodbyes and walked away, sadly catching Kabuto saying "she's a cutie" with Naruto agreeing.

Well, sadly for me, the gym classes both he and I were in were sadly combined for a junior-vs.-senior volleyball game. Like I said earlier, I have the worse kind of luck.

"Hello, Sakura-san! I didn't expect to see you here," he said, greeting me with that same smirk that I still wanted to slap off. I faked my smile, "I didn't expect to see you either."

"Okay, teams! Come over here and look at the chart to find out who your team is playing against!" yelled Mr. Gai, our gym instructor. I took this moment to try and get away from him, but sadly he followed me and stopped next to me and looked at the chart.

And wow, what a surprise! My team is playing against his. Curse my freaking luck! He looked over at me and smiled (or what I thought was a smile), "This is going to be fun, won't it Sakura-san? Good luck to you!" "Good luck to you too," I said, still faking my smile as I went to my respective spot on my side of the net.

For once luck was on my side, as I learned that I was far better at volleyball than he was. It was actually a lot of fun whenever I or a member on my team made him miss the ball, myself doing it more than anything. "Wow, you're good at this game," he complimented me as teams switched after our game. I could only smile and say thanks as I inwardly laughed. Hah, I beat the "all mighty and hot" Kabuto Yakushi at something! Although I'm sure I did it in other fields as well, but that's besides the point.

Well, after class was done, Mr. Gai asked for volunteers to put away the equipment, since this was the last class of the day. Usually I never did that, but for the sake of risking Kabuto following me and whatever, I decided to volunteer. Well...I thought it was a safe plan until he volunteered as well. Curse my freaking luck a thousand times more! Oh Kami, please let us finish quickly and silently!

Nope. Impossible.

Why this time? And no, it wasn't because of Kabuto. No, it was because of one of his "fangirls" that sadly was in my junior class. Sadly for me, it happened to be the school's number one bitch Ami, followed by two of her friends who practically worshipped her. Oy.

"Hey Forehead! What do you think you're doing?" she yelled at me.

"Hello Ami. I'm putting away the gym equipment. What does it look like?"

"I was meaning with my Kabuto-kun!"

"Uh, we're working together to put the stuff away."

"You best stay away from him! Your ugliness is going to rub off!"

"Eh, go to hell."

"Excuse me!? You don't say that Ami, you little pink hair bitch!" perked up one of her friends, which I believe was Karin. I rather call her "ugly red-head slut."

I shrugged and pulled the handle on the volleyball cart, trying to get it into a position so I could just push it inside the storage room. That was until Ami decided to pull at my hair. Thank Kami it was short or else pulling on the longer locks would hurt a lot worse.

"You best apologize for that!"

"Hmm, I don't think I will. Now let go."

"You little--"

"That's enough."

We all looked over to see Kabuto standing there, which made Ami let go of my hair and gave him an opportunity to pull me to the side. Ugh, I hated that, but hey, in this case I'll let it go. I almost laughed at Ami at that moment as she stammered and looked down at the floor.

"But Ka-kabuto-kun, she--"

"Leave her alone."


Kabuto looked at her with his own glare, extremely weak compared to Sasuke and Ino, but hey, it managed to make the three girls turn around and walk away.

"Thanks. Stupid bitch is always after me."

"Heh...probably just jealous."

I only scoffed, "At what? She's just a bitch to anyone that hangs around the "hot guys" as most put it. Although mostly towards me since I'm friends with Neji-san, Sasuke-kun, and Naruto-kun. Jeez." I turned away and went back to the cart, "Most girls are way too shallow. It's very, very pathetic."

I could tell that he was smirking at my comment even without looking at him. Well, can't help but speak the truth! He should be glad I'm not shallow, just as much as Naruto, Sasuke, and Neji are for it. Well, you know how I curse my luck, and once again I swear at it when he leaned against the door of the storage room, staring at me with, like I said, that damned smirk. Geez, I have Sasuke and Neji constantly giving me that; I just had to meet and know another guy that can't smile for crap.

"Hot huh? Do you believe that?" he asked. All I could do was look at him dumbly.

"Unlike most girls, I'm not shallow and don't look at a guy and judge "Oh, he's cute" or "Ew, get him away." So no, I don't."

"Then what do you think of me?" he pressed. I only sighed and brushed a hand through my now messed up hair. "I doubt you'll like my honest opinion. But hey, a guy like you will get over it," I told him, shrugging my shoulders as a thin silver eyebrow raised in a bit of confusion.

"You already know that I don't find you to be "hot" or anything like that. I find you to be just another average guy in high school. I give you respect for being one of the smartest kids in the senior class, and overall in the school, but you suck at playing volleyball. Seriously, you couldn't even get the ball over the net and you were right there at it. Talk about an easy shot. And, to be frank, overall I don't like you. I don't like guys that seem to enjoy pulling off the playboy or supermodel look."

I felt really good at that point. Well, after pretty much being frank with him about it, yeah, it felt good.

And what does he do? He still freaking SMIRKS! What the hell!? I just told him I don't like him in anyway, and yet he continues to smirk at me. There is something completely wrong with this picture. Jeez! What is wrong with this guy? When I gave out my opinion about how I felt about Sasuke (although that was completely different than what I said to Kabuto), even he had a small face-fall of some sort, and this was Sasuke the Ice Cube for Pete's sake!

I only glared and walked past him, grabbing one of the piles of nets and taking them to the room, ignoring him as he followed suit with another pile.

After a few minutes, everything was put away in their spots and I let out a long, relieving sigh. But damn did I need my massager at home! My shoulders were killing me after carrying those heavy poles that held up the nets.

My luck again! Ugh, I hate you! He noticed me leaned up against the wall of the storage room, rubbing my tensed up shoulders, and came over by me, pulling me down to sit in front of him.

"What the fudge? What do you think you're--"

"Just relax, all right?"

He actually smiled this time (hey, what do you know? I know a "cool" guy that can actually smile!) and brought his hands down to my shoulders. Oy! I told him I didn't like him, that he sucks at volleyball, and that I find him to be as attractive as the next guy, and he's actually giving me a massage. I really, really, REALLY wanted to slap him.

I swear though, he read through my thoughts at that point. "You know Sakura-san," he said, "Your opinion didn't insult me. Naruto already told me what it would be."

"How the hell did he know?" I asked, my interest perked.

"He told me how you hate guys that think they are hotter than they are."


"But then I asked him how were he and the others able to convince you that they weren't all that bad despite what others said."

"And what did he say?"

"Actually, Sasuke was the one that answered. He told me that all a guy had to do was convince her otherwise."

"Uh, duh."

I was getting very annoyed at this point, despite the comforting feeling on my aching shoulders (I'll give him another thing, he's damn good at helping people relax). I don't know if he smirked or not, but I know before he spoke, the dim light that filled up the storage room turned off and the door was closed and locked. I swore I heard Mr. Gai say something about us leaving it open and whatever, but at that point I didn't care. I broke away quickly from Kabuto and went to the door, hoping that I could see my teacher through the small slits at the bottom of the door.

The lights in the gym went out and Mr. Gai was nowhere to be seen.

I hate my life.

And that is how we got locked up in the athletic storage room together. Just us and my backpack since I NEVER let it out of my sight except during gym class. Can luck get any worse? But hey, at least I was able to find the light.

I heard Kabuto's stomach growl a little bit and I sweatdropped.

I hate my life, I hate my luck, and I hate all of this! Gah! Why me?