Cyclops and Beast remained a happy couple. They started their own successful business, Spandex 'R Us, and lived happily ever after.

"Lily" (whose name will never be revealed...moohahahaha) ran ran ran and never looked back. However, she did make a brief appearance on Jerry Springer with Cyclops back in '96.

Jean and Logan finally hooked up. Their relationship only lasted 2.3 minutes, however, since Jean couldn't do anything without fainting.

Eugene went on to write a best-selling novel entitled "The Joy of Monkey".

Nightcrawler got absolutely no credit for saving everyone's asses.

Gambit and his endless parade of girls started a nightclub. It was thoroughly demolished by a flying jealous southern chick with a white streak in her hair.

The Professor turned out to be even more of a wuss than Jean, which is quite an accomplishment.

Storm became a weather girl on TV. If she forgot her lines she improvised quite nicely.

Senor Corrupt sadly passed away in a baking accident.

Moose and Rocco underwent major surgery and became showgirls on The Price is Right.

Spiderman had absolutely no purpose in this story.


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