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Insurrection: (insэ rekshэn) n. act or instance of rebelling against established authority, esp. of a government; revolt.

Insurrection Weirdity

"I mean the King, is what I'm talking about."

"So. You're saying we should try to usurp the ruler of the galaxy?"


"Okay, just to make sure we're talking about the same ruler here—why?"

"He's a prick."

"That's it?"

"And he's an arrogant, violent, tyrannical bastard."

"You mean he's an IMMORTAL arrogant violent tyrannical bastard. Rather key point in that."

"Yeah, so what? So the jerk made himself and his wife immortal. He still shouldn't be ruling the galaxy."

"He made his wife immortal too? She is a babe, but talk about commitment."

"I wouldn't know. You need to stop thinking about women and listen to me! This guy needs to be brought down."

"Why? I mean, sure he's an asshole but he's not a particularly BAD ruler. I mean, all the nasty planets are still nasty, all the pleasant planets are still pleasant, and he did put a stop to all those interspace slave-trade pirates."

"We need someone better! Someone who will be a benevolent ruler that will make this galaxy into a wonderful place to exist! Someone who will wipe out evil instead of tell it to just go away already and then run off for a quickie!"

"Quit whining and get a backbone. The galaxy's a harsh place, and will be no matter who rules it. Besides, he's a Saiyan and those are notoriously hard to kill. And considering that he's immortal we'd have to trap him somehow, and I for one don't want to try and cage a full-blown Supersaiya-jin."

"You don't think freedom is a cause worth fighting for?"

"I don't think freedom is a cause worth dying for if I already have a decent version of it. Why the hell did you work so hard to get to New Vegeta-sai and then to join his Elite anyway if all you want to do is kick him off the top?"

"I was a little more young and a great deal more naïve."

"And now you're a little less young and apparently a great deal more stupid. Get back to your station before you get us both stuck on the graveyard shift again."