You Talk Too Much


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It was Christmas Eve and Sakura Haruno was alone as she finished trimming her tree.

It had been almost three years since he left and her heart was still missing a couple of pieces.

This year, Sakura didn't want much for Christmas. She only wanted one thing.

She wanted Sasuke to come home to her. She wanted to see him again. She wanted him to stay and to never leave. She wanted his love and acceptance.

But of course, Santa Clause could do so much in a period of one night.

Sakura poured herself some more ramen and tea as she sat beside the fire. Even though her entire house was warm and cozy, there was an empty, coldness inside of her that even a cup of ramen couldn't fix.

Sakura was no longer a little girl, but a woman. She was grown and on her own. But even a woman had a Christmas list.

Sakura's list was as followed:

1. That no more ninja would die and leave behind their families.

2. That war would never begin and finally end.

3. That her heart would finally mend.

4. That everyone would have someone to lean on.

5. That wrong will never win.

6. That Sasuke would come home.

The doorbell rang surprising the young pink-haired medical ninja. As she answered the door, the person in front of her stole her breath away.

"May I help…"

There before her stood Uchiha Sasuke. The man that stole her heart three years ago and left her broken on a bench.

"Sasuke?" Sakura asked shocked. Tears threatened to spill over, but she stayed in control. She was not going to let Sasuke see her cry again.

"I came back to say…. thank you," He finally muttered.


"Thank you for being there for me and waiting for me…"

"Who said I was waiting for you?!" Sakura interrupted.

"Well, I assumed…" Sasuke tried to continue.

"You have no right to barge in here after what you did to me! What you did to Naruto and this village! I gave you my heart Sasuke and you tore it to pieces, you should be happy, right? I mean I still love and I've been waiting for this moment my whole life…" Sakura yelled but was cut off when Sasuke's lips crashed on to hers.

After a few moments of bliss, Sasuke broke away and whispered," You talk too much."


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