:: The Meeting ::

Sora walked lazily down the path. This was her one-day off from the flower shop and she was going to take her time getting home. It felt good to not have to rush. Such a nice day…

Her perfect little sphere was broken immediately, causing her to groan with disappointment. She had bumped into someone on the sidewalk. "Sorry" Sora muttered and continued to walk down the path, hoping that maybe she could get lost in her thoughts again.

But whomever she'd bumped into grabbed her by the arm. 'Great' Sora whined inwardly. 'Now I have to put up with some jerk that thinks I meant to walk into him!'

"Sora? Is that you?"

'Oh, so the jerk knows my name…' Sora thought bitterly and looked up into a limitless sea behind two pairs of flickering blue eyes. That was the first thing she noticed about the person.

"It is you!" the person exclaimed. He had golden hair that had ever strand in its own place, not a single hair disturbed. And he was wearing the uniform that guys at Sora's school had to wear.

'How odd. I've never seen him before…' Sora pondered, but faked a smiled despite herself. "Yes, it's me." She said, in a sort of annoyed tone and turned to walk on. He still had hold of her arm and pulled her back.

"Don't you remember me?" the guy's eyes sparkled into her own, making a blush creep to her cheeks. She had to admit that he was kind of cute; the way his hair fell in his face, and the way she almost felt like she were gravitating towards his wonderful stare.

Yet, she shrugged. "Should I?" He looked hurt and let go of her arm gently. Frowning, the guy backed away from her. Sora frowned too but it was because that flicker in his eye glittered away.

"I suppose you wouldn't remember from so long ago." The guy shook head disappointingly. He started to walk away.

"Wait!" Sora called even though she didn't know why. The blonde stopped walking and looked back at her with a hopeful look on his face.

"If you know me then I should know you." Sora concluded. His face fell again. "Tell me your name and then let's talk."

'How can she [not] remember me?' The guy thought frowning back at Sora. "I've got a better idea." He said. "Why don't you and I go for a cup of coffee or something – or you could have a root beer if you'd like."

Sora's eyes widened. Maybe she did know him. He obviously knew of her love for root beer. There was something familiar about him but she couldn't quite place it.

"Okay. Sure." Sora said then mentally kicked herself. 'What am I thinking? He could be some sort of obsessed stalker! But who'd want to stalk me?' Sora thought grimly. 'This is supposed to be my day off…'

He noticed the thwarted look on her face and sighed. "You don't have to. Is there something else planned?"

Sora sighed and shook her head. "Nah. It's just that… well this is my day off and it's been so long since I've been free. I kind of wanted to sit back and relax."

"Do you work at your mom's flower shop, or what?" he asked. Sora eyed him tensely. He [did] know an awful lot about her. It was nerve racking.

"Uh, yeah. I do." She replied not at all trying to hide the questioning tone in her voice. The guy caught this almost immediately and couldn't help but smile. Sora smiled back uneasily.

Finally he sighed. "Okay. I'll stop by sometime and see how you're doing, alright?"

"Uh… sure…" Sora said slowly. She shrugged and gave an odd look before stepping away. As she walked she thought she could feel his eyes dance across her as he watched her leave.

'That had certainly been weird. I wonder who he was…' Sora scoffed and shrugged. This was nothing to get hung up about. Some person she must have known a long time ago that had obviously thought she was cute, or they wouldn't have remembered her either. 'Old crushes… How amusing…"

          :: The Ice Cream Shop ::

"I'd like a double chocolate malt with cherries and liquorish on top please."

Sora made a disgusted face. The person in front of her was not only ordering chocolate but with cherries and liquorish. That was a triple no. Who'd be disgusting enough to eat something like that?

She waited patiently as the girl got her repulsive ice cream. It seemed to take forever. The people who worked at the ice cream shop obviously didn't want to make such a horrible thing.

It was a while before the person got their cat vomit that they claimed as ice cream and Sora stepped up to the counter. Her eyes were set on the different flavors as she was trying to pick one when a semi-familiar voice caught her attention.

"Hello again."

Sora pulled her eyes away from the flavor menu to glance the person behind the cash register. It was the same guy she'd met over three weeks ago. She gave a quick look before going back to the flavors.

"Hey. You work here?" Sora asked not really caring and paying more attention to whether she should get vanilla with M&Ms or a strawberry with sprinkles.

"I guess so. I am here aren't I?" The guy said huffily. He apparently didn't care for Sora's lack of concern.

'There's that old crush thing again. Don't guys just ever let it go?' Sora laughed to herself. This one was cute and she wondered why she'd never noticed him before. She didn't even see him at her school which caused her to wonder if he went to another school that wore the same uniforms as hers. 'Oh well. It's not a big deal.'

"I think I'll have the banana cream with a few sprinkles and a couple of M&Ms." Sora said flatly. Her decision was what she considered a combination of her earlier choices even though strawberry and vanilla didn't fit anywhere in there.

She finally took her eyes away from the flavors to stare at the guy. He was staring back at her with the most frustrated look that Sora had ever seen. Sighing, he called the order to someone else.

"You ice cream cone will be ready in a minute." He said using the same flat note that she had given him. Sora nodded and drummed her fingers on the counter. Minutes flew past.

Sora took a fleeting look at her watch and groaned. Her head snapped up to the guy. "How long is this going to take? I have to be somewhere!"

The guy didn't appear to be answering her. Instead he walked to the side of the counter and pulled his apron-like thing off and placed it on a hook. Then he turned back to Sora.

"So do I. Sasumi here will finish your order." The guy pointed to another man standing behind the counter now.

"Where are you going?" Sora could help but ask curiously.

"I've got a gig tonight." The guy ran a hand threw his hair and looked in the mirror.

"Oh." Sora snorted. "So you're part of a band?"

The guy shot her a dagger look. "Something like that… yeah."

Sora shrugged and turned back to Sasumi who was handing her the ice cream cone she ordered. She paid for it and turned to find that the guy was still standing there staring at her.

"What happened to you Sora?" He whispered in a soft voice. "You used to be so compassionate."

The guy shook his head in regret and walked out of the small ice cream shop into the rain that was pouring down. Sora watched him go affected by his words. You used to be so compassionate. What was that supposed to mean anyway?

"Um, lady you need to move. There are other customers in line." Sasumi said pulling Sora out of her trance-like state.

"Huh? Oh. Sorry." Sora moved out of the way and headed for the door of the ice cream shop. She suddenly didn't have the urge to eat ice cream anymore and tossed her cone in the trash on her way out. It was only a few dollars anyway. Besides eating ice cream in the rain seemed unpleasant.

Sora walked along the sidewalks for a while. A [long] while. She had disappeared into the mall when the rain got really bad outside. She passed by the ballroom and stopped to listen. There was a band in there playing and tons of hollers from fans could also be heard.

She took a look at the display poster beside the ballroom doors. "The 'Teenage Wolves.'" Sora thought out loud. "What an odd name." She studied the poster and came across the blonde guy she knew.

"Oh." She breathed. "This is where his 'gig' is tonight." She studied the poster a little more and frowned. "He's a lot cuter in person." She looked around for names but there was only a few copyright stuff other than the 'Teenage Wolves' written on it.

Shrugging she began to walk off. He must be pretty popular since he was playing at the mall's ballroom area. Or at least his band was. Sora walked drowsily beside the display windows never actually going into a store. There weren't many people in the mall considering it wasn't a holiday and the rain was coming down hard outside.

After about thirty minutes of loitering she sat down on a bench and watched the people go by every now and then listening in on conversations as other people sat near her. It was interesting to hear all the little nit picky things in another person's life.

She sat there for a long while. The little bit of traffic that had been in the mall was getting even thinner as it got later. Sora leaned back and stared at the roof of the mall that was so high above her. It was glass and she could see the lightening flickering outside.

Laughter filled the air pulling Sora out of her peacefulness. She glimpsed sideways to see that a couple of guys were walking her way. She caught one of their eyes sitting there alone on the bench doing nothing.

He whispered something to his friends and Sora knew that she was being considered 'game'. Sora sighed inwardly. 'Well, might as well play along.' She thought and watched the guy walk towards her.

He had jet-black hair and was tall and skinny, wormy looking almost. He smiled at Sora and she smiled back pretending to care that he was coming. The dark-haired guy plopped down on the bench beside her.

"Hey." He said probably thinking he was using a seductive voice. Sora wanted to laugh but managed not to. She smiled innocently at him. This was a fun thing to do in her spare pastime.

"Hi." Sora said using as innocent a voice as she looked. The guy grinned larger. He apparently thought that this was going to get him somewhere. How Sora pitied him.

"My name is Aremik. What's a pretty girl like you doing sitting her by yourself?" Aremik asked. Sora wanted to laugh even more at the 'pretty girl' part. This was all too much fun to turn down.

"Well…" Sora whispered and continued her conversation with Aremik.

Meanwhile the other guys that Aremik were watching curiously. They were all watching the girl. She fluttered her eyes at Aremik and giggled.

"That is such an act. She's not falling for it." The guy with brown hair pointed out.

"Yeah, but Aremik is falling for [her] act. He actually thinks he's got her in the bag!" The guy beside him laughed. The three started laughing at their friend but stopped when he turned around and shot them dirty looks. They all noticed the smirk on the girl's face when he did.

"Yep, she's got him eating from the palm of her hand." The first guy said softly again.

"Who does?"

The three guys turned to see their other friend, and band member, walking towards them. He'd been last to leave the ballroom since all the girls flocked to him. He grinned as he walked up.

"Is Aremik trying to pick someone up tonight?" The blonde laughed and stepped forward to see what was going on. He immediately froze when he saw Sora.

"Yeah, but that chick has him wrapped around her finger. And he thinks [he's] in control too!" the brown haired guy joked. They started to laugh, but all caught the angry look on the blonde's face. "Yo, what's up dude?"

"She's a no go. That's Sora Takenouchi." The blonde replied harshly.

"Dude, you know this chick? Is she evil or something? What's the deal? Sora Takenouchi? I've never heard of her." One of the guys pepped.

The blonde frowned. "No, it's nothing like that. She's a friend of mine."

"WHOA!" the other three exclaimed. Aremik turned around at their sudden outburst and shot them daggers again. They were signaling for him to come back but he just waved them off.

The blonde took a deep breath and walked to the two on the bench. He leaned over the backside of the bench. As soon as Sora saw him she sighed with disappointment.

"Hey Sora." He said lightly. Aremik eyes widened. Matt knew this girl. That immediately meant she was out of the league. It was a sort of complicated 'friend-member-of-the-band' thing.

"I should go…" Aremik said sharply and leapt off the bench. He punched his friends in the shoulders when they laughed at his mistake. They began to watch the blonde with Sora, but he had a look on his face that meant for them to leave.

"Hi again." Sora said dryly. She sighed and leaned back against the bench. She watched the guy sit down beside her.

"You wouldn't want to get mixed up with Aremik so you should be thanking me." The blonde retorted.

"You mean that you don't want your friend Aremik getting mixed up with me." Sora stated outright. She put a hand up to keep him from replying. "Who are you anyway?"

"You [still] don't remember me?" the guy asked obviously shocked at her yet memory loss.

"No. Tell me your name and then we'll talk. Oh wait, haven't I said that before?" Sora griped her voice rising to a shout. She jumped off the bench and stalked through the mall. She heard the guy catching up behind her.

"Look Sora. I'm sorry." He said. Sora turned to gripe some more but the soft look in his eyes made her hesitate. He smiled warmly at her. "What do you say to that root beer now?"

"Okay. Fine. But-"

"I'll try not to freak you out." The blonde said abruptly his eyes twinkling with glints of sparks.

Sora nodded and followed him into the nearest little coffee shop. 'He does seems quite familiar. But I don't remember. I've blocked that part of my life away…'

They took a booth near the back of the shop and ordered their drinks. The guy who was now sitting across from her stirred his coffee slowly. Sora sipped at the straw in her root beer.

"So." He started. "I never see you at school."

"I don't see you either. Maybe we just have the same type of uniforms or something." Sora said through her sips.

"No. I saw your books. Plus we live near each other." The guy took a sip of his coffee and caught the uneasy look on Sora's face. "I mean that is if you still live where you used to."

Sora nodded not quite sure whether to trust him or not. This was getting freakier each time she ran into him. Still, there was something that allured her. Maybe it was because she wanted to know his name.

They finished in silence both placing their thoughts. Then Sora looked up at him. "Where to next Sapphie?"

"Sapphie?" The guy's eyes widened.

"Well since I don't know your name and your eyes are sapphire blue then I'll just call you Sapphie." Sora stated casually. "Cheesy I know but what else could I call you?"