Title: Staying In On Christmas
Author: Kerrilea
Disclaimer: Mine? If only.
Pairings: slight Hyoue-Amane.
Rating: K+
Description: A moment between Hyoue and Amane on Christmas Eve.

AN: Just a little ficlet I wrote in honor of Christmas and the 'Her Majesty's Dog' finally becoming available.
I was originally going to write a fluffy piece with mistletoe weaved through it somehow, but after reading the second volume again I just couldn't help but write something with Zakuro involved somehow.

- --- -

"Nice to hear from you too Ateko, have fun with your family and send my best wishes. I'll see you at school next week."

As Hyoue heard the phone connect with the base he couldn't help but grin, Amane was now able to give her undivided attention to her faithful, not to mention devilishly good looking, Koma-Oni. Being sprawled out on the couch was a new favorite activity for him, except when Amane decided he should, and would, share. However at this time Hyoue was so comfortable and cute snuggling the pillow that there was no way Amane could ever force him to-

"Sit up," A calm voice spoke out as the long haired Manatsukai walked into the room, her eyes not leaving the pages of the book held in her hands.

Hyoue grumbled and sat up, sitting with his arms crossed holding the pillow to his chest. How dare she! Sitting there on the very end of the couch reading her book, she could very well have sat in any of the other chairs in the house but just had to ruin his comfortable resting.

Or did she?

Before Amane could utter a syllable the pillow had jumped from Hyoue's chest to her lap and now housed his head on it. Shifting slightly, Hyoue wrapped an arm loosely around Amane's small frame and closed his eyes in contentment. After not receiving a reaction after a few moments Hyoue opened an eye to look up at her, as he did a hand dropped down to scratch and ruffle at his hair before slowing to a repetitive pet.

Normally Hyoue would consider these dog-like behaviorisms to be insulting and comment on them; however, with the way Amane was running her fingers through his hair he couldn't muster up a single complaint. Neither spoke a word, and Amane only hesitated on her actions when it was time to turn a page in her book.

Much time passed until the silence was broken.

"Tomorrow is Christmas," She reminded him in a soft tone, her motions never ceasing or shifting in pace. "I would like to go visit the temple for Zakuro."

"Yeah," Hyoue tightened his grip on her before nodding. "I'd like that."

- --- -