Okay, just a little present for everyone on my birthday, and the day before christmas! Happy holidays everyone! May your hearts be happy, and stomachs full. Spread the ICHIxRUKI and HITSUxHINA love. These will be just short little chapters. There will probably be four of them.

The Mischievous Elf

Ahhh. It was Christmas Eve. Ichigo was visiting Soul Society, Renji was pissed, Matsumoto was drunk, Hitsugaya was being a sour puss, Momo was perky as well as kind of clueless as to why Hitsugaya was like that all the time...

and Yachiru was up to no good at all.

Target One: Shorty and Peppy. Part One.

Carols could be heard from all squads. Even the most serious of Captains were getting into the Christmas spirit. Yachiru was the only one in her room working, while the others were enjoying the company. She was determined to something nice for some of the bestest people in Soul Society...

Those were her own words.

She took out two pieces of paper. Wrote the name Shiro-chan, and the name Bed wetter Momo on the other. Hopefully she wouldn't be frozen or burned, but thanked for what she was about to do.

Hours passed and she was finally done with both of the letters, forged of course. After scribbling a quick note at the bottom of one, she folded them up and skipped to the squad ten's barracks.

"Big BOOOBIES????" She called cheerfully and waited for Matsumoto to answer the door.

"Yachiru, what are you doing in Squad ten's offices?" She asked Yachiru.

"I need you to do me a REALLY big favor! You see I noticed, and I know you have too...I have noticed how Shorty and Peppy look at each other. If it's true that they really did know each other all their lives, I'm sure they love each other...will you just give this to Shorty please? You can read it, if you want."

Matsumoto was speechless. The lieutenant, with the attention span, and possibly brain capacity, of a four year old...thought of all this? This child was a force to be reckoned with. She could get along rather well with Yachiru. It was just hard to think that she beat Matsumoto to hooking those two up!

"I will be sure to give this to him, Yachiru. Have a Merry Christmas."

"You two, Big Boobies!" And with that, Yachiru left back to her office. She had A LOT ahead of her if she was going to do anything for...THEM!

I told you that it was going to be short! I will probably finish this tonight, or tomorrow, though it will be Christmas tomorrow so I may want to just do it tonight! lol I may have put it in another story, but I'm so obsessed with BLEACH, that when I was going to