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The Mischievous Elf

"I knew hooking up Rukia and Ichigo would be a bad idea! Stupid Byakuya!!!" Yachiru scolded herself as she tried to pry Ichigo's hands from Renji's throat.

There was no way she was getting out of this one!

Final Target: Icchy and Butterfly

"So YOU did all this, you little brat?" Ichigo asked Yachiru, in the silent room. Rukia, Renji, Ichigo, and Yachiru were all sitting in a circle around the blueprints Yachiru made for this scheme.

Rukia kept mumbling on about how this was absurd, never in a million years would she-- the list goes on.

Renji, on the other hand was relieved it was all a joke! He would kill Ichigo if he ever pulled something like that on Rukia.

Ichigo was questioning an uncomfortable looking Yachiru.

"Okay...uhm Ichigo...sir. Could you excuse me for a moment?" She asked innocently, avoiding the question at all costs. "Please? I really have to go to the bathroom-"

"Just go already! Don't think you are getting out of it that easy!" He called after her...but she was already gone.

"Byakun! It's terrible, your plan SUCKS! Ichigo and Rukia want to kill me!"

"You're a lieutenant, suck it up. Fight them. I'm guaranteeing you'll win but..."

She grabbed the neck of Byakuya's shihakusho and puled him down to her height.

"LOOK! If you don't tell me what the hell to do to fix this...so help me god I will freaking KILL you!"

"Okay okay!!! Dang...just give them these." He handed her a box. It should do all the rest by itself."

"THANK YOU!" Yachiru ran off and called back to him, not stopping a single second. "I'm back guys! And look I brought tea..." Renji grabbed for one of the two cups, but Yachiru swatted away his hand.

"Hell no! Back up!" Renji whimpered in response, and held his aching hand.

Ichigo and Rukia both sipped the tea hesitantly, and almost immediately after the strangest crap happened.

"Hey...Rukia? You wanna know why I wanted to save you so damn badly?" Ichigo asked roughly.

"Yup! I sure do!" Rukia answered him in a certainly bubbly tone.

Yachiru and Renji were speechless. What the hell?

Ichigo replied, not with words...the farthest thing from them, perhaps. He threw Rukia down right there. Lips, neck, ear, stomach...Yachiru watched in amazement, Renji in horror as each kissed was roughly yet tenderly placed on her body.

To make it a little more Christmasy, Yachiru held mistletoe over the two. She looked at the bottle Byakuya gave her; truth serum.

"Of course! Why didn't I do that in the first place?" She asked herself aloud.

'I love you' was heard by the four Yachiru spent her whole Christmas helping a lot more now. They all got over the thought of them looking dumb and sappy (most of this was all in Ichigo's head) and showed how much they truly DID care for one another.

Yachiru was not left off the hook so easily. She was sentenced to 3rd degree torturing. Okay, she was forced to spend the day with Orihime,, and eat anything she cooked for her. (that's 1000 degree torture, at least to me)

And the last thing they heard, as Orihime carried her out of sight, was Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good fight!


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