TITLE: What The Hell? (One shot, Crossover)

AUTHOR: The DeadMan


DISCLAIMER: I Don't Own Any Of The Characters


The young girl runs through the woods, before she is set upon by five monsterest bruts. Thou a valiant fight is given by the girl she is soon brought down and eaten alive.

Her red hair flowing behind her a woman moves through a large group of men, their faces deformed and their teeth sharp fangs. Her only weapon, a small piece of wood sharpened at one end, which she plunges into the mens' hearts and watches as they burst into dust and ash.

A small Asian girl fights a lone man, as fires burn and mobs move by, whose face is also deformed. The man finally gains the upper hand, grabbing the girl from behind. They seem to talk for a moment before he sinks his fangs into her throat.

The group surrounds a young woman with golden hair. They look into a large crater before moving ,one-by-one, towards the waiting bus. The Watcher, The Rogue, The Witch, The Friend, and The Key. The woman walks slowly to the door before turning once more towards the crater, she seems to be looking right into you... The Slayer...


May 20, 2003

Unknown Location

Sitting up straight from her bed, her blonde hair bouncing around her head, the woman looks around gathering her bearings, "What the hell was that?" she asks herself confusedly.

Using her past knowledge, of dream analysis, she begins to work out the meaning of her dream. But a deep voiced, maniacal shout from the other room broke her concentration, "HHHAAARRRLLLEEEYYY!"

Shaking her head, and putting her hair into two ponytails off the sides of her head, Harley Quinn skipped out the bedroom in her purple and green nightie, "Comin' Mr. J!", without giving her dream a second thought.

The End