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Judai stood at the edge of the cliff near his dormitory, staring at the great blue sky. A gentle breeze joustled his hair lightly, as well as the long grass around him.

He inhaled the clean air and fell back onto the ground, closing his eyes, letting the sunshine bathe him.

Suddenly, he felt a shadow hover over him.

"Judai-san, what are you doing?" asked a sweet, yet strong voice.

Judai eyes cracked open to see his dear obelisk-blue friend, Asuka, standing over him. Her hazel eyes sparkled brightly and her golden hair cascaded freely down past her shoulders. In other words, she looked beautiful.

Of course, this was nothing out of the ordinary.

"Judai-san, what are you doing?" repeated Asuka.

"Come sit next to me, and I'll show you." said Judai, sitting up and patting the grass next to him.

Asuka was slightly suprised, but smiled and agreed.

"So?" asked Asuka, once she had sat down.

Judai smiled and looked upward.

"Look at the sky." said Judai.

Asuka did as he said.

"What do you notice?" he asked.

"It's" said Asuka, wondering where he was going with this.

"Not just blue, but infinitely blue." remarked Judai

"Yes, I suppose." said Asuka, suprised at his comment.

The two were silent.

"Asuka-san, is everything for an infinity?" asked Judai, breaking the silence that hung over them.

"Do you mean to ask, 'does everything last forever?' " asked Asuka

"Yes, that's what I meant to ask." said Judai, slightly flustered.

Asuka pondered the question for a moment.

"Well, no. Not everything lasts forever. Well, I'm sure somewhere there is something that does...But, sometimes you have to take the opportunity of the moment, since it may not last forever." said Asuka after a little bit.

Judai nodded and laid his head on the soft grass. Asuka followed suit.

The silence came again, this time it lasted much longer.

"Asuka-san..." said Judai softly, turning toward her. But, he realized she was asleep.

Judai blinked and sat up, studying her.

She was truly beautiful.

Her long, blonde hair spread over her forehead, covering part of her eyes. Her ivory skin seemed to glow in the sunlight, as her chest rose and fell .

Judai blushed a light shade of pink. He leaned in and pushed her bangs out of her face.

Suddenly, his heart began to pound.

Here was his opportunity. His one chance.

He may never have a moment like this again.


Then, slowly but surely, he leaned in toward her face, and softly brushed his lips against hers.Then, he carefully pulled back, suprised at what he had done.

But...her lips, they were very soft...

Judai sat up straight, smiling.

He was glad, glad that he had taken the opportunity.

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