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Part One:

The Academy

Quiet. It was abominably quiet in the small room. Actually, it was quite a large room, a library, really. The thing was, it was crowded so much with stacks of books, heaps of papers and masses of oddities than one could hardly find a suitable place to sit. More likely, one would sit on one of these stacks, heaps or masses and try to make oneself comfortable.

Jim Hawkins sighed, running a hand through his hair as he sat on a pile of books (which he had worked for the past the three days into something of a chair), trying to calm his nerves. Morph was sleeping quietly in the brown pants he wore, the same ones that he had kept since the (as it was now widely referred to among all who had come back from it) Voyage. He looked around the room at his companions.

Dr. Doppler sat near the fireplace, absentmindedly poking the flames. His mind was completely elsewhere, perhaps still flying around the stars. He really had developed a small sense of adventure in the short time that the journeyers had been home. Amelia was five feet above Doppler, sitting primly with her arms crossed on a stack of tall papers with a poise only one of her kind could manage. Her eyes were indiscernible and her mouth worked into a thin line. The only sign that she was nervous was that she continuously shifting the ring on her gloved finger. B.E.N., for once, took part in the silence and kept his robotic mouth shut, his thin bronze fingers fiddling. Jim's mother sat next to him, occupying the only chair. She nervously plucking at her locket's chain, every once and awhile casting her gaze around the room to her companions.

They were in Doppler's old home—Amelia and Doppler's new home, actually. The fire that had started in this very room a little less than a year ago had not damaged much, being put out quickly by the fire department (which was much closer to Doppler's than it was to Jim's mother's inn). The only thing that had suffered any real damage was Doppler's library. It had been replaced eagerly by neighbors, much to the relief of Jim and his mother, who had had to stay there while the Inn was being rebuilt (thanks to a generous contribution that had been brought back from the Voyage). Jim doubted his mother would have been able to stay there if it was empty, believing that she and Jim had brought this upon Doppler (though they had) even though that what had come of it was Doppler having the adventure of his life as well as finding, as he put it, 'his hormone's recognition of balance'. In other words, love.

So there they were, each in their respective places in the abominably quiet library, which was a part of Doppler's old home. They were waiting.

It was quiet.

Of course, just as Jim began to settle into the quiet, a sound assaulted his ears. For a millisecond, he was unsure about the noise, but then it registered in his ears. It was a knock. A simple, yet important knock.

Quickly, Jim's eyes scanned the room. For all the silence and stillness that was in the room a moment ago, it was magnified. Doppler's metal fire poker was literally turning red from being still in the heat for so long, Amelia might as well not been there (save for three deep claw marks in the papers that stretched thirty sheets down), B.E.N.'s metal jaw had silently opened in a kind of gasp, if his mother's chain could have, it would have screamed for the pressure being put on it from her yanking hand.

A moment later, Amelia was back to her old self. She turned her large eyes on Jim, "Well don't wait all day about it. Go see who it is."

Scowling internally at once again being ordered about, Jim rose and navigated his way through the room, to the hallway and then the front door. His insides were quivering as he opened the front door. The sight that met him almost made him smile with relief. It was not an officer, as he thought it would be, nor was it some stiff, ready to cart him off. It was just a girl, a teenage girl.

Mary, the young mail girl smiled prettily at him and flipped her brown hair. As she spoke, she blinked her eyes slowly and many times at Jim, feeding his suspicion that she had a slight infatuation with him. "Ah got sumthin 'ere for ye, Jim." She said, her voice thick with Montressor accent. She dug around the blue bag that hung from her thin waist for a moment, before handing Jim a thick, creamy white envelope. "Looks important, what's it all about?"

Jim gave her a half-ass smile. "Me going bigger places, hopefully." He muttered.

Mary seemed a bit put out that Jim had inadvertently insulted her home, but continued to attempt to draw him into conversation. "Well, I hope you don't go too far, I'd miss you."

Jim's attention was still on the envelope. "Yeah, yeah. I gotta go." Without another word, he slammed the door and ran back to the room.

All eyes were on him as his fingers shakingly opened the parcel. His eyes scanned the letter quickly, looking for the exact sentence he was searching for.

……….. It is my pleasure to inform you that you have been accepted to the Deep Space Travel Academy…

Jim didn't read the rest, but read that portion of a sentence until Amelia judged that he had had enough time to read.

"Well? What does it say?" She asked demandingly.

"I… I got in," Jim said, as he handed the note to the Captain, who read it with large eyes, as if suspecting him of lying.

There was a moment of silence after his announcement, and then a mighty cheer arose as Jim was enveloped in hugs. The commotion woke up Morph, who flew out to rub himself against anyone's cheek and gurgle to get attention.

As Jim tried (and failed) to pull B.E.N. off of him, he tried to get over his own astonishment. Him, the mess up kid with an attitude who was being arrested a few months ago, was going to the most prestigious flight school in the galaxy.

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