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Men have attacked the Fortress of Stars. After a night of terror and confusion, only a woman, Fallon, and her daughter escape the massacre. Alone and afraid, they flee to the Fortress of Stone.
Now, Fallon must try to become a part of the Fortress' daily life, but the residents are scornful of both her and her daughter, who is more than meets the eye. At the same time, Fallon must wrestle with her depression from her husband's and her family's death. With no respite from either, Fallon slowly begins to question her faith and her sanity.

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There was a long stretch of silence.

Jim was imagining how the Academy would throw him out. Would they sail back to Montressor space port? Or perhaps the captain would just throw him in the brig until the next time they reached a port? Gordon closed the door quickly behind him and walked around B.E.N., circling the android.

"Ey, mate. How'd ye sneak a robot in 'ere?"

Jim nervousness quickly turned to indignation. "I didn't sneak him in, he stowed away in my bag," he glared venomously as B.E.N., who gulped and hid behind Gordon.

Gordon chuckled. "Ach, dun be mad at the little robot, 'e probably only wanted to see the Academy. Can you blame him?"

Jim's heart softened a bit at Gordon's silver tongue. He sighed, rubbing his hand down his face from his forehead to his chin. He glared half-heartedly at B.E.N.. "All right, as long as there are no other suprises…"

B.E.N.'s face was a cross between a nervous smile and a frown, "Well, about that Jimmie…"

Before B.E.N. could utter another word, there was a slight gurgling sound and Morph floated to Gordon, copying his lizard-like figure. Gordon laughed good-naturedly as Jim steamed.

"Wh… what! Why… why would you two do this to me?" Jim asked angrily.

"Ach, don' yell at them, Jimmy. We kin 'ide them until we get to the Academy." Gordon beamed, "I'ma good hideer."

Gordon lifted B.E.N. from the ground and proceeded to run around the room for the next few minutes, trying to shove the shrieking, struggling robot into every nook and cranny that looked like a likely hiding place. Jim sighed and flopped back on the bed, trying to block out the noise.

As Gordon was trying to push B.E.N. into one of the small chests, a voice crackled from a speaker place over the door Jim had not noticed before. "Attention students. There will be a meeting in the galley in exactly ten minutes! Do not be late and be sure to be in your uniforms. That is all."

Gordon and Jim met eyes and Jim began joining the quest to stuff B.E.N. into the suddenly incredibly small chest.


Jim sat sandwiched between Gordon and an over-sized, orange man with a long face and a thick, kangaroo-like tail. He did not touch the food set before him, and nudged Gordon when he did. He told Gordon that it was disrespectful to eat before the highest ranking officer. When he told the Rettilian this, others around them set their food down sheepishly.

They cast their gaze to the raised platform in front of the long galley tables. Several official-looking men with stern and jovial expressions alike sat in chairs upon it. The two center chairs, however, remained empty.

The buzz of chatter was silenced as the door to the galley slammed open, causing a thunder-like clap to grate on the ears of the new students. Two men walked, straight backed, to the stage. One, a burly man with many scars and blue skin wore the bright red coat of the first-mate. The other was completely covered in clothes, but Jim could still make out the blue of a captain's garb.

The men took their time walking to the center of the stage, the brawny first mate stood at attention as the captain stood still, seemingly watching the crowd. Slowly, a gloved hand rose to the hat. As the great, floppy thing was removed, there was a collected gasp from the 'audience'.

From the neck of the captain's jumble of clothes reared a great lion head. Golden fur stretched across the lion's face. The scarlet mane that characterized 'normal' lions was pulled back, away from his face and tied into a tight braid, which could not have been more than the width of two fingers across and the length of one. Cunning, blue eyes glared out at its spectators as they swept about the room. Jim's eyes widened in surprise as the lion's head turned slightly; across the lion's wide nose was a great, dark scar that ran from the nose to its left eyebrow, cutting across one of the blue eyes. He looked every bit the seasoned warrior captain that Jim knew he was.

The Captain began marching back and forth across the small expanse of the stage, the whole time glaring out at his audience. He crossed the stage twice, first one way then the other, before he began to speak in a rough, deep voice.

"For fifty years, I have ridden the space winds. I have crossed the foulest pirates ye will ever hear of. I have looked creatures in the eye as my sword found new sheaths in their gizzards. I have come so close to sun that the hair burned from my back I have ridden supernova's, pulled away from black holes, and jumped asteroid belts."

He paused a moment as a ripple of murmurs could be heard throughout the room; this was impressive to many of the new students, many of which had never even been on a ship before. He was trying to scare the new recruits. Amelia had told Jim all about this. No doubt that the lion had actually done those things, but he wanted to find the quitters and weed them out before they were too far in over their heads.

The lion coughed a loud, hacking sound that quieted the room in less than three seconds. He recovered from his cough and straightened himself as much as possible, though he still seemed stooped from where Jim was sitting.

"If you will notice, your clothes are brown and black. I have always dressed my new recruits in brown and black. Always; even when I captained my own vessel, until they had earned their colors. Brown is the color of order and convention. You will work as a team under my rules and will be responsible for keeping order upon this ship."

He coughed once again. "Black is the color of obscurity. You are all insignificant little wretches. I could make you walk the plank, surrendering you to the vacuum of space. No one would care."

This caused a general unrest among the students. Surely someone would care if they had gone missing. There parents would notify authorities; their friends would notice the lack of letters. He would not dare through them out into space.

The Captain smiled unkindly. "Oh yes, I could throw you out into space and you will not be missed. No one of importance would care. I'm protected; you're not."

The first mate, who had been standing unobtrusively beside the chair set out for him cleared his throat almost inaudibly. The Captain stopped pacing, which he had begun sometime during his speech.

"Any of you who do not think that you are fit for the job, get off at the next port and there'll be a ship ready to take you back to your mommies and daddies. Until then, stay out of everyone else's way."

He began to walk off the stage, but seemed to remember something. He looked back over his shoulder at his captive audience. "And for those of you who remain, don't get on my bad side; the vacuum of space awaits!" he said the last part cheerfully, and walked from the stage coughing and laughing.

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