JC: This is another story inspired by the rain. I like the rain so much and I love playing under it. I'm like a child, right? But it reminds me of so many things—the good and the bad, usually the good. Okay, enough of that. I know you want to read the story now. This is a story about love, betrayal, friendship, and rivalries. Love can be either a cure or a poison. It all depends on how a person views the feeling of love.

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Chapter 1: The Desire for her

Rain was falling heavily on a gloomy Sunday morning. Everywhere was cold and damp. No one would dare to venture outside to face the harsh conditions, let alone to get wet. The whole campus of Alice Academy, the prestigious school for gifted children, was awfully silent. The students were pretty upset about the weather. It was a Sunday, a day where they could spend hours of shopping, playing, and doing some other senseless and childish things. But Mother Nature wouldn't give them a break. It was so unfair, most of them thought. They were stuck in their respective dorms, with nothing to do but to wish that the rain would stop. Even the students with the weather-controlling Alice can't do anything about it, because nature itself was at work.

Under the rain, a young 14-year old girl was twirling around with a gentle smile on her face. She had long brown hair and alluring amber eyes. Her face was beautiful enough to melt the hearts of anyone who would gaze upon her. She was clad in a simple knee-length white dress with cherry blossoms patterns at the hem of the skirt. A bright pink cloak was wrapped around her petite figure to shield her from the cold. For footwear, she wore a pair of white doll-shoes. She skipped merrily across the path towards her dorm. She didn't care if she was wet, as long as she was happy. She loved the rain and she loved being under it. There was something about it that pleased her. She stopped in her tracks and spread out her arms. She closed her eyes, raised her head, and took a deep breath. She felt so good, so refreshed. The rain had so much impact on her. Unlike for some, she wished it would never stop. She wanted it to go on. She was having so much fun.

The cheerful brunette arrived at the dorm ten minutes later. She was dripping wet, her dress almost see-through from the cold rain. She shivered in anticipation with what she was going to do. She removed her cloak and walked through the hallways, only to have the people staring at her. Some boys were awed by her slim figure. Her wet clothes had stuck on her like glue. The boys couldn't help drooling at her. She didn't mind this, though. Her mind was completely set on the rain. She was brimming with happiness as she kept on smiling.

"Mikan-sama, good morning!" some boys greeted as they stared at her with lust.

"You're all wet. Why don't you let us help you dry up?" A boy, obviously a fan boy, approached her with a towel in his hand. He too was having perverted thoughts about the gorgeous brunette.

"Thank you," she said sweetly, presenting a smile. "But I'll dry myself up when I get to my room. I appreciate your kindness." She walked pass the boys, making them sigh dreamily.

Sakura Mikan, owner of the rare Nullification and Stealing-Alice, was one of the cutest girls in the campus. She was like a princess to every single guy in the school. At first, she was only popular because she was the partner of the infamous Hyuuga Natsume. But due to her kindness and her adorable looks, she became more popular than ever. Her star-rank had also increased from Single Star to Special Star because of her hard work and training during the past years. However, Mikan was still Mikan no matter what you do. She was still dense, clumsy, and slow, but she can be perceptive in a critical situation.

Over the years, she had been courted by so many guys. Some guys appeared to be older or younger than her. Despite the number of admirers, she was oblivious to the boys' feelings for her. Even so, the boys thought of her denseness as one of her charming traits.

"Gosh, she is so sexy. I think I saw her bra!" The guy was blushing ten shades of red as he thought about Mikan. "I would give anything to have a date with her." He looked up at his friend and fellow fan boy beside him.

"Mikan-sama is like a walking MOE!!" he said, holding up a red rose in his right hand. He had unruly platinum blue hair and heterochromatic eyes; his left eye was crimson while his right eye was jade green. He was very good-looking. His name was Kawashima Kyo, a Special Ability Type student of the Middle School Division. He was a Triple Star student and was in the same academic year as Mikan, but he was in a different class. He got transferred during spring time after hiding from the Academy for so long with his family.

"Moe?? Kyo, is that one of your otaku terms again?"

Kyo nodded his head. "Moe is a Japanese slang word referring to love for games, anime, and manga. Do you get what I'm saying, Ryou?"

Hibiki Ryou sighed at Kyo's explanation. Ryou was more or less the best friend of Kyo. They have been friends since childhood. He got transferred to Alice Academy at the same time as Kyo. He and Kyo were in the same class, much to his dismay. A Latent Ability Type and a Double Star student, Ryou was kind of a pervert and he used to peek at the girls' locker room in his previous school. Contrary to his perverted behaviors, Ryou was handsome. He has shoulder-length black hair with green highlights and his sharp-looking eyes were hazel. Ryou would usually be annoyed by Kyo's constant references to his otaku interests.

"You know what," Kyo said, pulling his dark-haired friend closer to him. "Many of these so-called fan boys are actually as attractive and dashing as us. We have a lot of competition, Ryou." He sighed in frustration and puffed his cheeks.

"Could you not do that?" Ryou pointed at Kyo's cheeks. "That look only looks good on Mikan-sama." He was always frank with his best friend. Heck, he would usually insult him with some colorful words.

The fan boys continued their talk about their favorite brunette. They felt so lucky to have seen Mikan's figure under her wet clothes. These boys were getting more perverted by the minute. Unfortunately for them, a certain fire-caster heard their conversations and grew jealous in an instant.

"Do you think that freaky Imai will sell more of her pictures tomorrow?" another fan boy said, holding a picture of Mikan in his hand. He had bought that picture from the well-known blackmailer, Imai Hotaru, for 100 rabbits.

"Move out of the way," a stern and cold voice said.

The boy swiftly turned his head and saw the face of Hyuuga Natsume, the Black Cat of the academy. He swallowed hard and gave way for the raven-haired boy to pass. As the others saw this, they also moved out of the way. No one in the right mind would dare to stand up against the dangerous fire-caster. They would seriously get burned if they do that.

As Natsume walked past them, he felt the tension brewing. He knew that all of those fan boys hated him. He knew that they wanted to skin him alive for being so close to their cheerful princess. But he hated them as well. He thought of them as nothing more than a pain in the butt. He didn't want any of them around Mikan. He couldn't stand them for being so open and so straightforward whenever she was with them. If only he could burn them, he thought, he would feel relieved.

The moment Natsume disappeared from their sight, the fan boys heaved a sigh. The temperature was so hot when Natsume was present. It was no surprise since his Alice was Fire. For once, they wished to stand up against Natsume. But they had no guts. They all thought that there Alices were not as good as Natsume's Alice. The fan boys felt so shattered and lost. How can they win the affections of Mikan if Natsume was always there for her?

At this time, Kyo and Ryou stepped out of the group and faced them confidently. Both of them had wide smirks on their faces. Kyo cleared his throat and raised his fist high. "As members of the Sakura Mikan-sama Fan Club, we must not give up. We can't let some fire manipulating jerk get to us, right? We should fight for our love!" he announced proudly.

Ryou agreed with him fully. He wasn't afraid of Hyuuga Natsume and he was willing to snatch Mikan away from him. "Why don't we hold a meeting right now at the usual place? Let's device a plan to get rid of that darn Hyuuga, shall we?"

All the fan boys nodded their head like a bunch of obedient pets. They were very serious about Mikan. They would do anything, as in anything, to win her heart—even if it means eliminating the competition or using some force.

Mikan removed her wet clothes and went to the bathroom to take a short shower. Playing under the rain was good, but she didn't want to stay wet forever. After fifteen minutes, Mikan turned off the shower, grabbed a towel, and wiped herself dry. She wrapped a warm light pink towel around her naked body and stepped out of the bathroom. She sat in front of her mirror and combed her brown locks in place. She smiled at her own reflection.

The rain was still pouring hard outside. She knew the rain was hated by many and only a few people like her loved the rain. But sometimes she thought of the rain as tears from the sky. Her grandfather used to tell her so many tales about the rain and she never got sick of them. Her grandfather's stories were very delightful to hear.

She stood from the chair and motioned herself to the balcony glass door. She was tempted to play in the rain again. But she knew she would get a cold if she played under it too much. She still had school the next day and she didn't want to be absent because of a cold. She was, after all, a Special Star student.

All of a sudden, a pair of strong arms snaked around her body. She let out a soft shriek in surprise. She peered over her shoulders and saw the luscious crimson eyes of a raven-haired guy. Yes, it was none other than Hyuuga Natsume. Mikan sighed in relief. For a minute there, she thought it was an Anti-Alice member trying to kidnap her again.

"Natsume, you scared me there," Mikan said, turning around to face him properly. She placed her hands on his strongly-built chest and smiled at him. It seemed that she has forgotten the fact that she was only clad in a towel.

As for Natsume, he was well-aware of Mikan's nudity. His face flushed up at the sight of her cleavage when he looked down. "It seems they've grown a bit again, huh?" he said with no emotions.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" the innocent brunette asked. She then remembered that she just got out of the shower and was almost naked. She blushed madly and pushed Natsume away. She covered her chest with her arms and dropped down to the floor. "Natsume, you big pervert!!"

"Don't shout, idiot," Natsume replied nonchalantly. As much as he liked looking at Mikan's gorgeous body, he can't have his girlfriend tempt him to do you-know-what. It was a good thing Natsume had some self-control over his body. "Just get dress already."

"Stupid Natsume!!" she said, still sitting on the floor. "I will if you step out of my room!"

Natsume walked to her bed and lay down, as if he didn't hear a thing she said. He picked up his manga and placed it over his face. "I won't peek, so hurry it up. Lunch is almost ready and I'm starving."

How insensitive can her boyfriend be? Mikan wondered with a clenched fist. She wanted to kick Natsume so hard. She refused to get dressed with Natsume around. Knowing him, he would grab the opportunity to peek at her. "Get out, pervert!"

Annoyed, Natsume got up and dangled a set of keys in front of his face. "Even if you kick me out of here, I can still get back in. Remember, you gave me the spare key to your room."

She had reached her boiling point. "Natsume, you jerk! Of course I remember about the keys! I just need a minute to get dressed, so would you please get out?!"

"No…" he replied, his expression stoic as ever. He lay down once again and covered his face with his trusty manga.

Mikan shrugged. "Moron! Fine then!" She grabbed her clothes from the closet and marched back to the bathroom. Her boyfriend was so frustrating and to think that she had put up with him for three years. But even though Natsume was the handsomest pervert that ever walked the planet, she still loved him with her whole heart.

When Mikan came out, Natsume rose from the bed to take a good look at her. His jaw almost dropped to see the young brunette clothed in a cute outfit, which were a white top over coated with a pink hip-length jacket and a mid-thigh yellow pleated skirt. He managed to stay cool, as Mikan approached him. "What took you so long?" he asked.

"It's none of your business, pervert," she replied harshly, folding her arms in front of her chest. She was still mad at him for not listening to her pleas earlier.

Natsume grabbed her wrist, much to her dismay, and dragged her outside. He was really hungry and yet, his girlfriend was wasting time pouting over such minor problems. As soon as they reached the stairs, Mikan brushed her hand away from Natsume. "What is it now?" Natsume grumbled, turning to her.

Mikan stomped her foot on the floor and planted her fists on her hips. "I haven't forgiven you yet, Natsume, and I don't plan on having you drag me all the way to the cafeteria." She was about to pass him until Natsume grabbed her again. "Hey Natsume!"

Without a warning, the raven-haired boy pinned his girlfriend against the wall. He trapped her on the spot by placing his hands beside her head. He locked his crimson eyes on her amber ones. He can't live the rest of the day with an angry girlfriend around. In addition, he was getting annoyed with Mikan's stubbornness.

"Na-Natsume…" she said his name in s soft voice. "Don't tell me you're planning on doing it again…" Her heart was starting to pump so fast.

"What do you think?"

"It's not going to work this time, Natsume!" she uttered, trying to push him away, but the boy held his ground and stood firm.

"Then I just have to kiss you over and over again until you forgive me," Natsume whispered into her ear, showing off a small smirk.

Her face became as red as a tomato by his words. She grumbled some curses before looking straight at him. She clenched her fists tight, preparing herself to shout out some insults at him. However, her mouth got sealed by a kiss from her beloved Natsume. Her eyes grew wide in shock. Natsume deepened the kiss even more. He released her lips and looked at her blushing face. He was expecting her to say something like he was already forgiven, but Mikan just threw a glare. She wasn't planning on giving in so easily.

"If you want to play it hard, then it's fine by me." A malicious grin stretched across his face. He pulled her head closer to his and pressed himself against her. He ran his tongue across her lip. Natsume pushed her back against the wall again. He pulled his lips away and made his way to her ear. He kissed her lightly, savoring her like a sweet treat. He could hear her sharp intake of breath. "Mikan, I want you so much," he whispered into her ear.

Mikan's muscles tensed up at his words and actions. She was trying hard to keep herself in check as the fire-caster bit down her neck. She was stunned, speechless, and afraid. Natsume had kissed her several times before. His kisses were always gentle, loving, and warm. But now Mikan felt so much passion from his kisses, or more like lust. She never knew how much her raven-haired boyfriend craved for her.

The passion in his crimson eyes intensified as he looked into her dazzling amber eyes and with a smirk for a smile, he trailed butterfly kisses on her neck to her cheeks. She unintentionally moaned in ecstasy. She had finally given in. He knew she was getting weak but he didn't care, so he kissed her again on the lips. The way she tasted was too sweet. He didn't want to let her go until…


Three bullets from the infamous Baka Canon hit the flame-caster's head dead on. He pummeled to the floor as Mikan clamped her mouth in surprise. She quickly turned to the direction where the bullets came and saw her cold-hearted best friend with her invention in her hand. "Hotaru, what are you doing here?"

"I was wondering why you weren't at the cafeteria yet, so I decided to come up here to check on you," Hotaru replied with a slight irritation. "But I never expected to see such a daring scene in the hallway." She motioned herself over to Mikan's side and pointed the Baka Canon at the raven-haired guy lying on the floor.

"Ah… Natsume, are you all right?" Mikan asked. She was going to help him, but the inventor pulled her back. "Hotaru, why?"

Hotaru didn't answer her, because all of her attention was on Natsume. "I knew I can't entrust Mikan to you. You're way too perverted." Hotaru was always against Natsume's sexual harassments on Mikan. Her best friend was way too pure and innocent for someone as malicious minded as Natsume. How could she let Natsume be her best friend's girlfriend? She knew how possessive Natsume can be and still she let him have Mikan.

"What the hell was that for?" Natsume stood up, rubbing his sore head. He glared at the stoic inventor, his fists clenched tightly. He would always get irritated at Hotaru's actions. Ever since Mikan became his girlfriend, Hotaru became more evil than before. She set up a lot of rules of 'do's and don'ts' just to keep Mikan safe from him. And for the record, he has also become Hotaru's favorite target for her inventions.

"Remember rule no. 16?" Hotaru said in a threatening voice, but her face remained emotionless. "You're not allowed to do IT until you get married."

"IT?" Mikan echoed, tapping her chin with her finger. I wonder what it means… She was always dense when it comes to theses things. Well, it was perfectly normal for her.

He shrugged. Of course he remembered it. He had read the rules about ten times already thanks to the heartless blackmailing queen. He wanted to burn her and her inventions so badly. But he knew it would break his girlfriend's heart if he hurts her best friend. He let out a frustrated sigh and slid his hands into his pocket. He revealed a calm and cold expression as he walked over to Mikan's side.

"Idiot, don't take the rules for granted," Hotaru said, pissing Natsume more.

"Tch. I don't have to be reminded by a weirdo like you," he replied grimly as he took Mikan's hand. "Polka-dots, let's go.

"Ah? Umm… Okay…" Mikan sensed the heated tension between Natsume and Hotaru. She decided to ignore it and smile like always. She presented her smile to Hotaru and said, "You coming, Hotaru?" She intertwined her fingers with Hotaru's and pulled her closer.

"Idiot, don't you dare bring me any closer to this jerk," the inventor girl said, eyeing Natsume cruelly.

Natsume shot her back with a dead glare, as if he wanted to kill her right on the spot. The two were so alike yet they hated each other to the core. But they do share one common interest and that was Mikan.

Feeling that World War III might begin, Mikan pulled the two stoic beings downstairs. She was getting hungry and she remembered Natsume complaining that he was hungry too. She hoped that the food will be able to calm them down for her sake and the school's sake. She didn't want to see inventions flying and flames spreading because of their fight.

"I haven't been to a sleepover in ages!" Mikan exclaimed as she spread out her sleeping bag on the floor of Imai Hotaru's Triple Star bedroom. Hotaru's room was smaller compared to her Special Star room, but it was big enough to occupy a lot of people.

"Me neither," Ogasawara Nonoko said, brushing her straight dark-blue hair.

Umenomiya Anna set a huge bowl of popcorn on the coffee table. "I thought maybe later it would be fun to watch some movies." She pointed to a stack of DVDs on the DVD player. "I have to warn you, though. Kokoroyomi-kun helped me picked them out. I take no responsibility for The GRUDGE 2."

The inventor grabbed a handful of popcorn. "Maybe we should watch that one first," she suggested with a grin.

Mikan shivered in fear. She didn't like ghosts, monsters or goblins, let alone a scary movie. "Why don't we watch a comedy flick instead?" she said, smiling nervously.

"We're watching The GRUDGE 2 whether you like it or not," Hotaru said as she stuffed some more popcorn into her mouth. "Don't be so wimpy, dummy."

"As usual, you're so cold," Mikan said, sighing in defeat.

For the next two hours, the girls ate popcorn and watched horror movies. It was almost ten o'clock before Mikan finally fainted due to extreme fear. Anna and Nonoko were trembling non-stop as well, while Hotaru was just being Hotaru. The odd inventor didn't scream not even once throughout the movies. It was like she has no sense of fear at all. When the horror movie ended, the three geeky sisters decided to call it a night. They were tired and they still had class the next day.

"Hotaru-chan, have you told Mikan-chan yet?" Nonoko said as she stretched out on her sleeping bag.

"Not yet," Hotaru replied. She stood up from the floor and went to her bed. "I was planning on telling her, but she fainted." She pointed at her brunette best friend lying still on her own sleeping bag.

"Maybe we should've watched comedy movies instead of horror movies," Anna said, feeling a bit guilty. She was the one who let the mischievous mind reader pick out the movies.

Nonoko pulled a blanket over Mikan's body and tucked her in real nice and cozy. She gazed her pretty little eyes on the brunette, admiring how angelic Mikan looked in her sleeping state. Nonoko wanted to pinch her cheeks for that, but she didn't want to disturb Mikan's peaceful slumber. She went back to her own sleeping bag and lay down. "Anna-chan, Hotaru-chan, good night," she said gently.

"Good night, Nonoko-chan," the pink-haired girl replied, covering herself with a blanket. "Good night, Hotaru-chan."

Hotaru grabbed a remote control on her bedside table. "Good night…" she said plainly. She pointed the remote at the lights and pressed a button to turn them off. She threw her best friend a quick glance and smiled a little bit. "Good night, dummy. I'll tell you everything tomorrow." She lay down on her bed and went to sleep.

The time was four o'clock in the morning. The sun was nowhere in sight and darkness still loomed over the Academy. At this strange hour, Mikan jarred her eyes wide open. She sat up and panted hard. She had a dream, a nightmare to be exact. She was dreaming of the movie she saw and she was getting killed by a monster. She wrapped herself and trembled silently. She stared out the window, wishing the sun would rise already. As quiet as a mouse she walked to the door and opened it slowly. She didn't want to wake her friends up. She also didn't want to get hit by Hotaru's inventions. She knew how cranky the callous inventor can be when disturbed. She stepped out of the room and closed the door behind her.

"It's still so early," she muttered under her breath. "Maybe I should go and dress up for school." She walked through the dark hallways and felt scared. Aside from ghosts and ghouls, she was also afraid of the dark. She wanted to go back to Hotaru's room, but what will she do there? She knew she wouldn't dare of going back to sleep again. So, she quickened her pace and zoomed through the hall until she reached a stair case. Her Special Star room was on the next floor and it was located right next to Natsume's.

"I'm sure he's still sleeping right now," Mikan said, smiling at the thought of a sleeping Natsume. She had seen Natsume's sleeping face a thousands time already and she had always thought of it as cute. She lightly laughed as she ascended the stairs. When she reached the next floor, she walked towards her bedroom door, took out the keys, and unlocked it. "Finally…"

She went inside and sat down on her bed. "I wish they would leave some lights on in the hallways…" She slumped down on the bed and felt like she hit something hard. Strange… My pillows are always soft and fluffy. Why is it hard?

"Hey, polka-dots, get off," a familiar voice said.

"WHAT THE—" She got up in a second, looked down on her bed, and saw Natsume covered in her bed sheets. "What the hell are you doing in my bedroom?!" she shouted.

Natsume rubbed his poor ears in irritation. Leave it to his girlfriend to disturb the peace and order. "What does it look like I'm doing?" he answered in a bored tone. "I was sleeping."

A vein popped out as she clenched her fists. "For your information, this is my room! Don't you have your own room to sleep in?!"

"Is it wrong for the guy to sleep in his girlfriend's bedroom?"


Abruptly, he threw a pillow at her face and turned to the other side. "Just shut up and go back to sleep." He wanted to get some more shut eye. It was still so early in the morning.

She was going to blow her top any minute. She screamed so many curses about him in her mind as she held the pillow tightly with one hand. She raised the pillow high and hit Natsume's head. "Pervert, wake up and go back to your own room!"

Once again the brunette had successfully annoyed the hell out of him. But he wasn't going to let her get away with it. That wasn't just right. He pulled her and pinned her down on the bed. He held her wrists tight as he laid eyes on his lovely girl.

Mikan tried to look stern. "Natsume, I'm starting to get the feeling that you're making me mad on purpose."

"Hn… And what makes you say that?"

"Because when you ask for forgiveness, you usually do it by kissing me," she replied nonchalantly.

Natsume thought that his girl was too dense to realize his actions. He didn't want to admit it, but Mikan was right. "So what? You don't like it?" he said, leaning closer to her face.

She blushed like a bright Christmas bulb. Truth to be known, she never hated his kisses. In fact, she liked them so much. "You just like taking advantage of me, do you?"

He looked at her with startled eyes, but gave no complaints. He kissed her gently, pressing his body against hers. When he pushed his tongue through her lips, Mikan let out a little squeak of shock. He sat up quickly and caressed her cheek with his hand. "Does that answer your question?" he said.

Mikan was astonished. She took his hand off of her cheek and kissed it softly. "You're really a pervert, Natsume…" she said as she looked up at him with eyes glistening with purity.

To be continued…

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