Full Summary:

She knew what was right & what was wrong. She knew what her father was doing was wrong. Could she get the Sheriff to help? And what about Pete?

Aly Warren:

Life was as complicated as it got. Her life was especially hard. She had asked her father to stop what he was doing but he seemed never to hear her. Pete on the other hand seemed interested in listening to her. They had become friends when her father had moved them into town. He used to work at the Casino before it was shut down. Now he just sat around the living room, drinking up his days. She did most of the work now a days.

Aly walked back from school that day thinking about what life would be like had she never been born to her father. She never wanted to go home, but she didn't have a choice. Pete was grounded this week so she couldn't go to his house. They had been study partners for nearly four years now. Pete's uncle was the Sheriff of the town and his best friend was his Deputy. But most people tended to look the other way when something was going on in her house.

She remembered the day her mother left them. Her father had been drunk and started hitting at anything he could find. He found her and then all hell broke loose. She ran from him but he kept coming after her. He seemed not to care that she was only a child and not an adult. He hit and hit until he was no longer drunk and until she was black and blue.

Aly wished above everything that she could leave this life and go somewhere no one would ever find her. The old mill had opened up and despite her efforts at getting a job there; they weren't interested in hiring a sixteen year old with no work experience. They said that they would hire her father, but he was too lazy to get off his but and get a job.

She walked in the front door and right away knew what was coming next. Her father was drunker then he had ever been and she knew what was about to happen. She fled to her room and threw her stuff on her bed before turning around and locking the door. She had learned at an early age that if she didn't run fast, she was bound to get beat. Locking her door didn't work this time. He shoved through the door right as she grabbed the lock and grabbed her arm.

She screamed as he dragged her from her room and threw her on the living room floor and proceeded to kick her five times before bending over and punching her a few times in the chest. He knew enough not to leave any visible bruises knowing that people would talk if they saw the bruises. She was lucky he didn't leave any visible bruises but she wouldn't be lucky the next day at all. She slipped unconscious as he left the house and headed to the local bar to drink some more.

Pete, why couldn't you come home with me today?