Title: Metallicar Christmas
Author: HalfshellVenus
Character: The Impala (Gen)
Rating: K
Summary: 100-word drabble on "the Impala celebrates Christmas for wenchpixie.


She loves the high-octane gas running through her system for today. Mmmm— slurk— it's the good stuff.

The crumbs in her interior aren't as welcome. A grain of salt now and then is fine, but food ground into the carpet makes her shudder. There'll be no shampooing, not in this weather. Those crumbs could last through April.

The wax is nice. Passing all the rust-buckets in the cities—the taste of salt limning her tires—she's glad for the protection.

And in the parking lot of the motel, the world tucked in for the night… a classic GTO.

Hello, handsome.

-------- fin --------