One-shot that occurred to me at random.

Charles Xavier felt tired and happy. He felt as though he had done what he was told to do when he was put on this mighty fine Earth. He felt exhausted from it, yes, but happy none the less.

It was the sort of feeling you get when you give something without expecting a thing in return. When you do give something, you hesitate ever so slightly. You wonder what the result will be although you know not to expect anything back. You wonder if what you're doing is making a difference to even one person!

Many people experienced this thought just because giving something; people who donate to charity causes; people who help families; people who volunteer for their community; even people who post fanfictions! (A/N: Had to put that lol)

Then you realize once the world, once that other person, has seen and received it that it was worth it. You realize that your deed, no matter if it was huge or small, helps. It can help in many ways; to people's amusement or to their health.

Charles Xavier realized that his recent deed helped those in need. He was helping those in need to keep their sanity and life under control by learning control. He was helping mostly teenagers overall. His deed, he thought as he stared out the window, would be known only to a few.

It would have to be a secret.


Because the world was not ready to accept the idea of mutants walking the Earth. They were scared and ignorant to the fact that there was a same type of life form living next to them except stronger, more gifted. If they knew…

But because of all this, his gift would be whispered about to fellow mutants. This only proved further that he would not get anything in return. And somehow, he was happy with this knowledge. His heart felt warm.

What did this twenty something year old man do, you might ask?

Well one of the biggest things he did in his life so far was make a school. It may sound boring and simple but it wasn't. It may sound just like another public place for snobby snotty, stuck ups and suck ups to hang out but it wasn't. It may sound like it was meant for the public, meant for everything…but it wasn't.

It was meant for a special few. In a way, you could say it was…discrimination. Not against race, color, religion, or personality or even looks. It was meant for only those 'unique' few. And no dear reader, I do not speak of those nerds who are so smart that they need their own school.

I speak of mutants.

Teenagers with powers, abnormal looks and powers could come and live there! It was a school that allowed people who had the 'X' gene in them live peacefully. Well, as peaceful as a mutant could.

It was a school, a sanctuary where one may stay and learn control over their powers. Where one may learn how to fight and defend themselves and their fellow men. Where one learns ethics of mutants.

So Charles Xavier smiled, staring out the window. In the distance was a few of his first students; Storm, Cyclops & Jean. They were young but they would grow. They would grow into adults and teach others Xavier's lessons.

And although he received no money, no award, no box wrapped gift, or even no thanks…he smiled. Knowing that his lessons would be taught down the generation line and knowing that he made a place where people, even odd ones, could feel safe…well, that was the best gift he could receive.

Sappy, yes, but I felt like writing it. In case you didn't realize, Xavier is about twenty or thirty in this fanfic. Reviews would be appreciated but eh. Happy holidays!