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Tai looked up in horror to see Radu advancing on Sora with malice in his eyes. The boy only had a split second to react, choosing Sora's life over his own as he unselfishly dove into the line of fire.

After that, everything became a blur to him, as he fell to his knees. The voices around him were only audible to a certain extent. He faintly made out his sister's scream, and from the corner of his eye witnessed a blazing white light shoot forth aimed directly at his attacker.

He sucked in what little air he could, as a throbbing sensation gripped him. He wanted to double over in pain, but noticed an iron rod protruding from his chest. And as he struggled for breath a warm liquid seemed to fill his lungs, choking him. The liquid induced coughing, and Tai could feel the warm fluid rising up in his throat until it reached his mouth, exiting out the corner of his lips. It was blood.

Taking his mind from the pain and the ghastly sight of the fireplace poker now embedded in his chest, Tai shifted his gaze to Sora. Her tiny fangs peeked out from the edges of her upper lip and she looked at him with worry. No longer did she appear evil and confused, as she had the first time he saw her as a vampire. Now she seemed lost in her own thoughts of despair.

It wasn't until Vlad came strutting over to Tai did he remember his presence. His eyes met those of the murderer, Vlad the Impaler, the one who stole his love from him and cursed her for all eternity, Vlad Tepes, the vampire…Dracul. His mind lacked the words he wished to speak, and it was probably for the best, since it seemed he could not move his jaw.

Tai scowled inwardly as the vampire relished in the blood that trickled down his chin. Had he been able, he would have ripped the fiend apart, but in his present condition, he couldn't even lift his fingers. Every fiber in him screamed out in agony. The adrenaline that had served in numbing the initial pain and shock was now subsiding, leaving him to suffer immensely.

He wished for circumstances to be different. He imagined himself and Sora eating ice cream together, or the night he picked her up for Matt's concert. And then his thoughts drifted towards his sister, and to the rest of the digidestined. It was then Tai knew that he was dying. A fear like none he had ever experience quickly fled through his body. He did not want to die; not while so much was left unsaid, and certainly not while creatures such as Vlad roamed the earth.

Sora's face was stained with red as she had begun to weep. She told Tai she was sorry, though sorry for what, he could not comprehend. None of this had been her fault. She was an innocent pawn in Vlad's game of death. He finally found the strength somewhere to respond, letting Sora know that he was sorry too. Sorry that it hadn't turned out differently, sorry for what could have been, and sorry for what would now never be.

Once again his eyes fell on the auburn-haired girl. She was doing her best to comfort him, as ineffectual as it were. A loud noise caught his attention, but he dared not move to see what it was. Cries from T.K. informed him that it must be Kari. He began to break out in a sweat, his mind deeply troubled for his sister and he was helpless. In all his years he had never felt as completely useless as he did at that moment. He began to think that no one could empathize with him, until he caught the hollow emptiness of Sora's eyes. She looked as though her world was falling down around her and there wasn't a single thing she could do to stop it, much like Tai felt.

"Please…take care of Kari…" he managed as he felt the darkness beckoning to him with the promise of an end to all his suffering. He tried to fight it, to hold out a little while longer, but the will to fight was slowly draining along with his blood.

Matt watched in morbid fascination as Kari's body was flung into the wall, eliciting an earsplitting crack, which he took to be some of the young girl's bones giving under the potent force at which she was exerted. He watched as T.K. desperately tried to save her using his digivice, and silently mourned as the device was lifted from his grasp. He would not let his brother fall victim to this fiend and quickly grabbed him when he tried to lunge at the creature.

Matt held on firmly, bowing his head in defeat. He looked to Sora, his sapphire blue eyes pleading with her to do something…anything. She was the only one who possessed similar powers to Vlad. He had wanted to act as his brother had, but knew it would be unwise to do so. Another part of him wished to be by his best friend's side, but he feared risking his or T.K.'s life if he were to move. What they needed was a plan.

Sora knew what she had to do; in her heart she knew it was the right thing. Her eyes met with Matt's for a fleeting moment, begging her to do something, and now she was prepared.

Kneeling down in front of Tai, she caressed his cheek with her hand.

"Tai?" His eyes that were void of light fell upon hers. "Please forgive me…I…I love you." She all but sobbed, leaning forward and brushing her lips against his in a light kiss.

Tai felt as if he knew what she was about to do next and shut his eyes. He wanted so badly to return the kiss, he wanted to repeat the words she had spoken to him, but his body was on the verge of death and denied him the pleasure.

He winced in slight discomfort, for pain was not the appropriate word anymore. Pain was being impaled by a red-hot fireplace poker, not being bitten by the sharp fangs of his teenage love. Sora drank from him, almost greedily, acting more on instinct though, as Tai was her first victim, and the first was always the most satisfying for a fledgling vampire. She could feel his heartbeat, as the blood drained from his body and into hers. Their crests did not light up, as Sora's had done when Vlad had taken her. This time there was no sense of danger. As the blood drained from him, Tai became weaker and started to slump down. Sora held him up as best she could, her preternatural powers only giving her an added boost of strength.

As soon as Sora felt his heart begin to flutter faintly, she knew the transformation process was halfway complete. Now all she had to do was get Tai to drink from her.

Vlad ventured forth, slowly closing the gap between he and Kari, his fangs glistening in the soft candlelight that bathed the room in a warm glow. Matt and T.K. agreed that it was now or never, and if they didn't do something soon, Kari would fall victim to the treacherous creature. Lifting his digivice, Matt aimed it at Vlad and a blue burst of energy rushed forth, burning the exposed flesh of the left side of his face. With an angry growl he sent the blonde crashing back into the adjacent wall, where he slumped to the ground and did not move. Wasting no time, T.K. darted over to the doorway where a few candles were located. Seizing one, he whirled around and reached into his pocket withdrawing the vile of makeshift holy water he and Kari had concocted in the bathroom sink. It was one of the items he had retrieved from the ground before they had entered Vlad's domain, and he remembered quite clearly that its contents included a great deal of rubbing alcohol, seeing as the two had no idea what they were doing at the time. He doused the back of Vlad's cape with the liquid, causing the vampire to turn his head just in time to see T.K. thrusting the flame towards him.

"You little wretch!" he sneered, as he backhanded the boy, causing him to stagger back and fall to the floor. His cape caught ablaze instantly, and in his panic released Kari from his telepathic hold. The young girl dropped to the floor, wincing in slight pain, as her meeting with the wall had caused considerable damage to her backside, and she suspected some bruising was already apparent.

Vlad tore the article of clothing from his body and cast it aside without a second glance. The flaming cape landed among a stack of kindling next to the hearth. Why a vampire would have need for a fireplace in the first place was an enigma that would go unsolved. He turned his attention back to Kari who was crawling to her feet when he noticed his creation feeding upon the fatally wounded boy.

At first one would think Vlad would be pleased, but he knew better than to believe Sora had rejoined his side.

"Impudent jade!" he cursed, ready to attack when Kari and T.K. double-teamed him, tackling him to the floor.

While these events were unfolding, Sora gently tore at the skin on her wrist as Vlad had done with her, and offered it to Tai. The boy's eyes threatened to roll back into his head and she hastily shoved her wrist up to his mouth. The first few faint droplets of blood trickled down onto his tongue. His blood, mixed with Sora's vampire DNA aroused an animal-like stimulus within him and he latched onto the girl's wrist. Sora took great joy in the teenager's reaction; this meant that the transformation was working. As soon as Tai had had his fill he released her limb, panting fiercely as the vampire blood began to reconfigure his genetic makeup, causing his canine teeth to grow in length, forming two finely sharpened fangs. With renewed strength and vigor, Tai was able to stand on his own. Sora, pleased with her work stood back admiring her love in his new vampiric body.

Tai grasped the end of the iron rod and easily pulled it from his chest, letting it clatter to the floor. A gaping hole remained, but the vampire DNA quickly went to work regenerating the flesh over the wound. Tai inhaled deeply, his senses were keenly alert and stronger than before. He felt as though he had been awakened from a long slumber that had refreshed his entire body.

He turned to Sora, smiling mischievously. The auburn-haired girl suppressed a slight smile, guessing that this was the way all fledgling vampire's started out.

At about this time was when Vlad had noticed the two, and had planned on putting a stop to them, when he was thwarted momentarily by the two youngest digidestined.

Tai embraced Sora in his arms, feeling much more stronger. Somehow, his crest worked differently as a vampire, giving him immense strength, Sora was nearly crushed by his hug. He whirled around to see his sister and T.K. wrestling with Vlad on the floor. Each one was eventually flung off in opposite directions.

"I tire of these games!" Vlad boomed, as he stood full height in front of the two fledglings.

Tai took a protective stance in front of Sora, his veins coursing with unbridled energy and raw emotion. Instead of remaining on the sidelines, Sora rushed over to T.K. and then Kari, gathering the two together to make sure they hadn't been harmed. She led them behind Tai, where she as well as he could better protect them.

Matt was roused from his state of unconsciousness by the smell of smoke curling its way into his nostrils. He squinted his eyes and felt the back of his head. No bump, but he was sure he'd have one hell of a headache later on. A few feet in front of him he could see where the stack of wood by the fireplace had caught fire, spreading to other various objects in the room, including part of the carpeting and a small bookcase. He wondered how long he had been out, but figured it hadn't been long when he spotted his brother and friends a few feet away facing off with Vlad. He vaguely wondered if they were even aware of the fire.

Tai glared daggers into the eyes of Vlad. It seemed an eternity that the two stared each other down. Tai's fingers began to twitch impatiently, anticipating the next move. The head vampire wasted no time in his attack. He rushed forward, clutching Tai by the neck. The young boy had not expected him to have such speed, but immediately gripped Vlad's wrists, squeezing down with great force. Vlad quickly released his hold, jerking his hands back. This one was remarkably strong, unlike that of Sora. With her crest came the powers of seduction, powers she had unknowingly used on Vlad earlier that night, when she was instructed to kill Tai and the other children. He would have destroyed her right after she had failed to do so, but looking into those bewitching eyes, he found he could not harm her.

In an attempt to dodge one of Vlad's angry fists, Tai took to the air.

"Cool!" Tai blinked, as he hovered above Sora, T.K., and Kari.

"Tai watch out!" Sora warned, as Vlad also became airborne, delivering a right uppercut to the boy's jaw.

Tai's head snapped back and he let out a small growl. Oddly enough, the punch did not hurt as much as he thought it would. He rebounded quickly and was able to send his elbow into Vlad's gut, causing the older vampire to double over slightly, at which point Tai's fist connected with his left cheek.

Vlad grabbed at his face emitting a ferocious scream. That had been the side of his face that had been burned by Matt's digivice, and now it throbbed irrepressibly, for the undead tissue would not heal right away when damaged by light.

Tai hovered a few feet back, wanting to be at a safe distance if Vlad should retaliate. Sora's eyes flickered evilly, and she reached down and retrieved the iron rod that had been embedded in Tai.

"Tai! Catch!" she cried, tossing the object up to him.

Glancing over his shoulder, Tai easily caught the weapon, giving Sora a wicked smirk. With one mighty thrust, he rammed it into Vlad's stomach, and drove him into the wall.

Vlad writhed in extreme pain, but there was no way for him to get loose, as the part of the rod protruding from his back was now embedded in the wall, while the other end was held fast by the vampire Tai.

"How does it feel?" Tai whispered rhetorically, as his eyes narrowed at the suffering vampire.

Kari looked upon her brother in astonishment; this was not normal behavior for him. She guessed that the vampiric blood must have given him a strong sadistic urge. He was about to start twisting the rod so that he could watch Vlad suffer even more, when his sister's voice of reason broke through his clouded mind.

"Tai! Don't!" she cried.

Sora's fists had been clenched, and she could not deny that she had been taking some pleasure in Vlad's torture as well, but when she heard Kari's cries, she turned to face the younger girl.

"This isn't right." Kari shook her head. She above all despised this vampire, but no one was deserving of such treatment in her eyes, no matter how much wrong they had done. "If you're going to kill him, just get it over with!" she pleaded, burying her face into T.K.'s chest as she could not stand the sight of it anymore, it reminded her too much of when her brother was on the verge of death only moments earlier.

Tai loosened his grip on the fireplace poker a bit. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew what Kari was saying was right. He had also been guilty of letting his preternatural senses take over his mind. And even though he was on the side of good, the blood within him lusted for carnage, which he had been all too ready to supply. His face twisted in thought as he contemplated his sister's words.

Of course this may have been the biggest mistake he could have made, as it gave Vlad the opportunity to escape. Tai's head jerked back to Vlad as he felt the bar move between his fingers. It had been too late though, as the vampire ripped the weapon from his midsection, forcing Tai to hover back, lest he be impaled a second time that night.

As Vlad got a good hold on the weapon, he swung out at the teenager, narrowly clipping his right ear as Tai ducked.

"I will not be so generous when I get a hold of you!" Vlad hissed, taking another swing at the boy. The iron rod whipped through the air, whistling every time it came down. Tai made a zigzag pattern as he avoided Vlad's onslaught, until finally he reached up and grasped the rod in mid-swing.

The older vampire's eyes went wide in shock, as he had truly underestimated this fledgling. Tai twisted the weapon from Vlad's hands and it sizzled through the air as he returned a few of Vlad's blows, this time hitting his mark perfectly, unlike the half-hazard attempts of his opponent. The first blow caused a small metallic device to clatter to the floor, and T.K. recognized it at once as being his lost digivice. He swiftly darted out from behind Sora to retrieve it. The vampire girl was too enthralled with the battle overhead to notice, but Kari had tried to hold him back.

"T.K.!" Matt hissed at his younger brother. "What are you doing1?" T.K. quickly scrambled over to his brother who had taken refuge behind some of the furniture.

"I had to get this back." He grinned holding up the small apparatus. Matt was almost ready to strangle him for being so foolish, especially while a battle was raging on above their heads, but he sighed knowing he probably would have done the same thing.

"Hey, that wall is on fire." T.K. announced, pointing to the wall on their left.

"I know, we have to get out of here before the whole place caves in. Once the ceiling catches, I don't think there will be anything else supporting this place and all that soil on top will probably cause it to collapse." Matt replied, gazing up at the wall of flames as they started to lick the edge of the ceiling.

"I'll go tell Sora." T.K. whispered, glancing down at his watch. "But wait it's almost dawn! We can't take Tai and Sora above ground, they'll fry in the sun!"

Matt hadn't thought of that, in all this time no one had ever planned that far ahead. They had only intended to rescue Sora.

"Gimme a minute to think squirt…and go tell Sora anyway." T.K. nodded and started to sneak back over to where her and Kari stood when Matt grabbed his hand. T.K. whirled his head around, "And be careful." his brother instructed.

 The evil Dracul sank to the floor, shielding himself with his hands from Tai's attack. Tai was spurred on by his deep hatred for this creature, something he could never bestow upon another living thing, but this being in particular deserved it. His love for Sora also urged him on, as each lashing contained some sort of retribution for all the suffering and torment the digidestined had been put through. Finally, out of breath, Tai dropped the weapon.

Vlad cowered behind his arms, making Tai believe he had beat him into submission. His preternatural senses kicked in and he could detect the smoke rising towards the ceiling, something he hadn't notice before, being engaged in battle.

"Sora!" T.K. cried, scrambling over to the teenaged girl. "This place is on fire!" Sora's head whipped around to see the flames engulfing the far wall. "We have to get out of here." She said taking Kari's hand.

"I won't leave Tai!" Kari yelled, yanking Sora back. The older girl had no intention of leaving Tai either, but her first duty was to ensure his sister's safety.

"You guys get outta here!" Tai hollered, his voice authoritative. Sora squeezed Kari's hand and was about to obey when Vlad sprang at the boy, pinning him to the ceiling. The smoke that had been rising upwards caught in his throat and he began to cough violently as Vlad held him.

"TAI!!" Sora screamed, releasing Kari as she propelled herself upwards. With all her might, she slammed into Vlad, knocking him sideways and freeing Tai momentarily. Furiously, Vlad clamped his hand around her throat and vehemently flung her to the ground.

"Do not interfere!!" he shouted, his last actions provoking a kick in the face from Tai.

Sora plunged downward at an alarming rate before her fall was broken by the coffee table in the center of the room. The table snapped in half and she lay upon the carpet uttering a soft groan.

T.K. and Kari immediately rushed to her side and helped her up, each slinging one of her arms over their shoulder, as they led her towards the staircase where Matt was waiting.

"Come on you guys, we're going this way!" he said indicating the stairs.

Groggily, Sora's eyes opened and a blurry vision of Vlad and Tai wrestling each other in mid air met her attention and she began to squirm.

"Tai needs my help!" she cried, struggling to free herself from the bearers of Hope and Light.

Tai and Vlad were now face to face, engaged in another staring contest. Tai traced his tongue along the outline of his fangs anxiously as he awaited Vlad's next maneuver. The elder vampire's mouth turned up in a small smirk as he lunged at the boy, ramming him towards the opposite wall, as his last desperate attempt to destroy him.

Matt's eyes darted from the two opponents, to the adjacent wall which was now covered in flames, and then to Kari. His mind raced with a surge of adrenaline as he sprinted over to the wall. Positioning himself accordingly, he turned his head and yelled to the Keeper of Light.

"Kari, use your digivice!!"

The brunette nodded, fully understanding the older blonde's plan, as she reached into her pocket and produced her device, the most powerful of all against the vampire race. T.K. quickly pulled Sora out of the way, afraid that she might get caught in the crossfire.

Tai hadn't realized the danger he was in, until he heard Matt call his name.

"TAI!! FIRE!!" Matt hollered in warning. Tai whipped his head around to see himself being driven into a wall of flames. He squeezed his eyes shut awaiting the impact, silently cursing to himself for not being a little bit more perceptive.

Just as he thought he would collide with the blazing inferno he felt someone reach up and grab his legs, pulling him down. He looked down in surprise to see Matt tackling him to the ground.

"NOW!" T.K. and Sora cried in unison to Kari, once her brother was clear of any danger.

The young girl lifted her digivice and in a flash of blinding white light terminated the vampire known as Vlad Tepes. A wail of agonizing pain echoed throughout the underground lair, and the children had to cover their ears at the deafening noise.

Vlad exploded into a million particles of dust as his vengeful cries continued to ring out into the stale air of his subterranean domain. T.K., Kari, and Sora cheered victoriously. T.K. swept the younger girl up into his arms and twirled her around as she giggled in delight.

Matt propped himself up on one elbow and gazed over at Tai, whose entire body was engulfed in a glowing orange.

T.K. and Kari stopped their celebration short as they saw Sora was also shrouded in color, only hers was a pastel like red. Within seconds, the two auras surrounding them vanished, almost seeming to rise up into the air and disappear. The brown haired boy sat up and shook his head, as if that would help alleviate the massive headache he had begun to have. He hadn't even looked over towards Matt until he heard the blonde coughing as the room began to fill up with smoke.

"Let's go," Tai said, hoisting himself up. He offered his hand to Matt, and helped him to his feet.

"Wait," the blonde said, placing his hands on Tai's shoulders and looking at him closely.

"What?" Tai asked, a bit confused at this point. The entire complex was going up in smoke; they didn't have time for this.

"No fangs," Matt grinned. Tai reached up and felt his teeth, they were no longer sharp and his senses appeared to have returned to their normal attributes. Tai smiled, and the two boys ran to meet their friends, stopping at the foot of the staircase.

"How do we get out of here?" T.K. asked, scanning the area for an exit.

"Up here." Sora said, pointing to the stairs. "This leads up to a mausoleum."

Without delay the children hurried up the steps, reaching a door at the top. Kari pulled it open and everyone ushered into the darkness. She took one last look at the room that had housed evil for so long before slamming the door shut, leaving it to be consumed by the blaze.

The doorway led to another narrow flight of steps made of concrete. This room was unlit, and the five found it quite difficult to navigate the stairs in the dark, but eventually managed to make it to the top where yet another door lay.

"This is the exit." Sora said, tugging at the large door, "there's a fake wall behind this, so we'll all have to push," she instructed. When she was a vampire, the wall had been a piece of cake to manipulate, but now she was plain old Sora again, and this required the help of her peers.

As one, they all pushed against the wall, slowly sliding it outwards until dawn's light had broken through the shadows, illuminating the inside of the mausoleum. A stained glass window painted a beautiful picture along the walls, as Matt and T.K. inhaled deeply, taking in the first breaths of fresh air they had had in hours.

Sora smiled at their surroundings. She brought her tongue along the outline of her teeth to find no fangs. Of course she would have known right away if she were still a vampire, for she would have been burnt to a crisp when the rays of sunlight hit her as they came above ground, but she just had to check to make sure for herself.

As the others searched for a doorway leading out, Tai swept Sora into his arms and smiled as their noses touched one another.

"Sora," he murmured, "You don't know how long I've waited for this moment."

"You mean us together in a mausoleum?" she asked jokingly, her tomboyish attitude still maintaining some control over her romantic side.

"No silly." He said, squeezing her tightly. "I meant when we were back together again. I missed you so much, I must have spent hours worrying and hoping…praying that no harm would come to you."

"Oh Tai…" she whispered, her eyes welling up with tears, as she could not contain her emotions any longer. "I feared I'd never see you again…never be able to feel your arms around me, or run my hand through that mess you call hair." She grinned, "…or…" she paused, remembering what she had longed for most.

Tai's chocolaty brown eyes darted back and forth, searching her eyes for an answer, when he finally came to the conclusion himself.

"Or this..?" he asked, as he brought his lips to hers. Sora felt as though she could have melted in his arms, as their kiss lasted an extended period of time.

"Wait to go Tai." Matt said, gawking at the two.

"Whoa…" T.K. marveled, "when can I do that Matt?"

"Maybe in a few years squirt." Matt chuckled.

"Alright you two," Kari reprimanded, grabbing both brothers by an ear. "I found the exit." She said dragging them away from the scene.

"Ow, Kari, that hurts." T.K. whined

"Yeah, take it easy." Matt added, holding his sore ear once they had emerged from the crypt.

The sun shone radiantly over the eastern horizon without a cloud in the sky. The mist that had been present while Vlad and his brothers resided under the graveyard was now gone, and the grassy hills of the cemetery were a lush green.

"Okay you two, it's time to go." Kari announced, interrupting Tai and Sora, as a bright smile decorated her face.

"We're coming." Tai laughed, as he led Sora outside.

"Ugh!" the auburn-haired girl interjected looking down at her apparel. "What am I wearing!?" Tai only shook his head and chuckled as they both strolled back up to the front gate hand in hand as Matt and the others congratulated each other on a job well done.

Hours later, after a good long rest back at the children's respective homes, they all met up at the hospital to visit their friend Izzy, who was doing considerably better.

Tai tapped on the door quietly, as the sound of fingers dancing across computer keys caught his attention.

"Izzy?" he queried.

"Come in guys." The bearer of Knowledge welcomed them.

"Shouldn't you be resting?" Kari asked in a motherly tone, when she saw the redhead propped up on the bed with his computer in his lap typing away furiously.

"I found laying around and accomplishing nothing highly intolerable. So I decided to catalog your recent activities, especially when you called and told me how you defeated Vlad with the crests and digivices. I thought they only worked on digimon."

"Do you ever take a break from that thing?" Matt asked, spinning the nearest chair around and resting his arms on the back of it as he sat down.

"I'm going to assume that was a rhetorical question Matt." Izzy responded.

"Well I'm glad you're feeling better Izzy, you know you had us pretty worried." T.K. smiled.

"Thank you for your concern, but I assure you there is nothing more to worry about. The doctor says I am recovering quite rapidly."

"Uh yeah," Tai shrugged, "That means you'll get to come home soon, right?"

"Correct." Izzy laughed, going back to work on his laptop.

Sora had no idea what had happened to Izzy until the others had explained it to her on the way over, and that was after she promised her mother she'd be back within the hour.

"So Sora, what was it like?" Izzy inquired, "I mean, becoming a vampire, I should really like to hear your account."

"Well," she started, a little uncomfortable with the subject so shortly after their ordeal.

Like clockwork, Joe Kido, the eldest of the group came bursting into the hospital room.

"Perfect timing," Sora mumbled to herself thankful for good old reliable Joe.

"Alright I'm here and I'm ready for action!" Joe shouted, clenching his fists. "Where are those vampire goons!? I'll show them!" he blurted, out of breath.

"Um Joe?" Tai interrupted.


"They're gone. We destroyed them."

"Really?" the boy answered, somewhat disappointed.

"Yup, all done with," Matt said, shrugging as if it were nothing.

"So you're telling me I skipped a midterm for this?!" his eyes seemed to bug out of his skull.

"Calm down Joe," Sora grinned, "At least you're here now, and that's what counts. Besides, I'm sure you can make up that test. This is a family emergency."

"Well…I suppose," Joe gave a full-hearted smile, as he scratched the back of his neck nervously, his entrance had been rather melodramatic.

The other children laughed, reassuring Joe that he was just being his typical self and that was nothing to be ashamed of.

Their conversation was broken once again as another figure entered the room.

"Mimi!" Sora shouted, "How did you get here!?"

"I took a plane silly." The pink haired girl giggled.

"You came all that way to see me?" Izzy asked, somewhat blushing.

"Well I had hoped I'd be in time to help, but it looks like you guys have everything under control." She chirped, rushing over to Kari and Sora and giving them hugs. Eventually everyone received a hug from Mimi.

"Hey you guys, since we're all here and have nothing better to do, then why don't we go out and celebrate?" Mimi suggested, anxious to hit the malls. She hadn't been shopping in days.

"That'd be great Mimi, but Izzy's stuck here until the doctor releases him." Tai reminded them.

"Oh poo." Mimi stomped her foot "Well then, tell me all about this vampire stuff. There's a lot I haven't been filled in on." She smiled sweetly.

"I think that can be arranged." Izzy stated, glancing at Tai, as all the children gathered around his hospital bed.

"Okay, so this is how it all started…" Tai began.

Joe, Mimi, and Izzy marveled at the story that unfolded, as each one of the five (Matt, Sora, T.K., Kari, and Tai) took their turn in telling some part of it.

Doctors and nurses passed by the room, and every now and again stopped to listen briefly. Even a few visitors, and a couple of patients caught scant bits and pieces of their harrowing and adventurous tale. None of them, however, believed it was true, but each passerby agreed that they had highly active imaginations.


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