Start spreading the news New York, New York

Rated T

Summary: Even the most predictable people can do things that totally blow your mind. In this story Ryan Atwood stuns everyone after returning from a business trip to New York City. The rest I do not want to give away yet so if you want to know you will just have to read my story…..

AN: I do not own any of the characters in this story. This is my first OC story so please be patient if the characters aren't exactly the same as in the series. Although, I guess that is the beauty of fanfiction because they do not have to be the same. I really hope that you enjoy this story and please review!

It started off a typical day for the Cohen family as they sat at the breakfast table on a beautiful Sunday sunny morning at their family home in Berkley, California when the home telephone rang. answer

"I'll get it" Sophie Rose shouted excited. She was the youngest member of the family and much like all young 8 year old girls loved talking on the phone. The little blonde with big blue eyes wearing a pink sundress ran over to the cordless and it quickly as her mother Kirsten and her father Sandy shared a smile. "Hello Cohen Residence" She said trying to be all grown up into the receiver making Ryan on the other end grin at his sister's enthusiasm. Ryan really adored his younger sister so much and often took her out a few days a week to the park, the aquarium or pretty much anywhere she wanted.

"Sophie! How is my favorite girl doing today?" He said into the phone making her whole face light up with utter excitement. She had missed her older brother very much this past two weeks that he had been in New York for business.

"Ryan!" She shouted loudly into the receiver making Ryan chuckle loudly and Kirsten and Sandy as well. "Are you back from New York yet?!" She asked him jumping up and down.

"Yeah, I just landed at the airport" He began as she let out a very loud squeal causing Ryan to pull his cell away from his ear as he grinned. "I have some really great presents for you, Sophie. Can I talk to Sandy?" He asked her hopefully. Usually Sophie was hesitant to hand over the phone anytime she was talking to someone and especially Ryan.

"But I just got on the phone with you." She pouted with her lip stuck out not wanting to hand over the phone to her father.

"I will see you today I promise but I really need to talk to Sandy." He reassured her soothingly unsure of what answer he would get. As Sandy was getting ready to intervene on the situation he heard his daughter let out a loud sigh then say.

"Ok, but remember your promise" She said as Ryan reaffirmed his promise once again to his younger sibling. Sophie walked over to her father handing him the phone. "Ryan wants to talk to you" she told him as Sandy took the phone from her smiling and she went back over and sat in her seat still pouting slightly.

"Hey. Ryan! How was New York?" Sandy said enthusiastically to him. He knew that this trip to New York was a very important job for Ryan and met a big raise if he could help work out this deal.

"It was great!" Ryan said with an excitement in his voice that Sandy had not heard in a really long time and it made him extremely happy. Even though Ryan was not his son by blood, he considers him his kid as much as Seth and Sophie. "There is something I really want to tell everyone so I wanted to see if you could meet me at Archer's Café at noon for lunch?" He asked him hopefully.

"Of course we will be there!" He exclaimed to Ryan as he gave his wife a thumbs up as she smiled excited back at him. "Do you let Seth and Summer know yet?"

"I was hoping that you could call him for me. Seth will not want to let me of the phone without pumping me for information first and I want to tell everyone at the same time." Ryan explained to him wanting to avoid Seth 100 questions for the moment.

"Sure thing" Sandy agreed knowing good and well that Ryan was right about Seth. "We will see you at noon" He said then hung up the phone then looked up at his wife and daughter. "Ryan wants us to meet him at Archer's Café with Seth and Summer at noon. He has something he really wants to tell us" He informed them as Sophie bounced in her chair in excitement about seeing both her brother and Summer who she idolized. "He wants us to give Seth and Summer a call so he can settle in"

"He must have closed the deal! I am so happy for Ryan. He has really been working hard and deserves this." Kirsten said happily. She had been worrying about him over the past year since he and Taylor finally called it quits for the last time. He had been either working or over there house with them. It was not that she did not love having him over and god knows that Sophie was in heaven about it. He did not seem to have a social life outside of them as well as Seth and Summer, who also expressed their concern on this matter as well.

"Can I call Summer to tell her and Seth, PLEASE!" She begged them." I finished my entire breakfast see" She said to them as she pointed to her empty plate.

"Yes, but after you get done talking to them just give one of us the phone." Kirsten said to her as she ran over to her father taking the phone then dialed it while running into the living room. "So, he wanted to avoid Seth interrogation to find out if he got the job or not?" She asked Sandy then took a bite of her waffles as he smiled at her.

"Our sons are nothing but predictable" He said to his wife who nodded smiling "I think that we this celebration calls for some Champagne" He told her raising an eyebrow as they heard Sophie in the living room talking to Summer loudly.

"What are you going to wear to lunch?" She said Summer because she wanted to know so she could wear something similar to her. Summer smiled into the phone as she sat on the tan loveseat in her and Seth living room at there new house a few miles away from her in-laws home.

"Well, I am wearing a jean skirt with a beige tank top." She said to her telling her what she was wearing right now knowing full and well why she was asking her. Summer was very flattered that her young sister-in-law looked up to her. "Can I talk to your mom or dad?" She asked her then quickly added "If your mom says it's ok I will take you out for a manicure after lunch"

"Yes! Ok, I will let you talk to my mom" She said running into the dining room over to her mother. "Summer wants to talk to you! I am going to go find something to wear to lunch" Sophie handed her the phone then ran out of the dining room headed to her room.

"Hello Summer" Kirsten said into the phone to her daughter in-law as she began to clear of the table while resting the phone on her shoulder.

"Hi Kirsten" She said to her finally used to calling her by her first name. Now that she was Mrs. Cohen it was strange to call her that too and Kirsten insisted that she call her by her first name. "So, we are meeting Ryan at Archer's Café at noon?" She asked her wanting to double check the time and location with her.

"That is right" She confirmed to her as she went in the kitchen and over to the sink to rinse of the plates she had in her hand. "Ryan really wants to tell everyone at the same time so can you make sure that Seth does not badger him too much about it?"

"I sure can" She told her confidently as Seth walked into the living room still wearing his blue and green plaid pajama pants and a white t-shirt. "We will see you then" She added then hung up the phone after Kirsten said goodbye to her.

"We'll see who and when?" Seth asked his wife curiously as he sat next to her on the loveseat. Summer turned to him taking his hands in hers. "Oh, no this doesn't look like good news." He said to her looking at her scrunching up his noise.

"No, it is good news" She reassured him as she patted his hand and he did not look convinced at all. "We are meeting your parents and Ryan at Archer's Café at noon since he has announcement to make" She said as Seth face lit up like a kid at Christmas.

"Ryan is back! I have to call him to get the news!" He said grabbing for the phone as she jerked it away quickly slapping his hand. "Ouch! Summer very funny give me the phone" He told her as she had a firm look on her face.

"Ryan wants to tell everyone at the same time so you will not be talking to him until lunch because I know that you can not control yourself Cohen" She said to him and he knew she meant business. Summer only called him Cohen now when she was angry or warning him since they got married. Seth sighed loudly and gave her and gave her puppy dog eyes but she remained firm. "I mean it! If I find out that you called him or catch you trying to call him no sex for a week" She threatened as Seth threw his hands up in frustration.

"But Summer" He began to protest but she cut him off quickly.

"Now go get your dirty ass in the shower" She said to him as he sighed loudly. "Now!" She added as he stood up walking out of the room as she followed close behind him smiling smugly.