Time after time

This is a little shadamy story don't be too harsh on me this is my first story and I kind of suck lol. Well enjoy! Yes the title is named after that song time after time by Quiet drive. P.s Shadow will appear in the next chapter sorry

Time after Time

Tick tock tick tock. Amy Rose let out a quiet sigh. Amy was wondering what my blue hero was doing right this very moment. Amy looked back at the clock. It was still the same time. She looked out the window she saw Charmy and Cream playing four square. Funny because your supposed to have four people to play. Another sigh escaped her lips. Then she found herself wondering about Shadow the mysterious hedgehog. She didn't know much about him except that he's the ultimate life form and that he's immortal.

"Wait why am I thinking about him?"

Just then a knock came from her wooden door. She was startled because her house was really quiet. So she opened the door. She saw a bee with a cut on his arm tear stained face. Also she saw a rabbit with a black eye.

"Cream, Charmy what happened," Amy almost shouted.

Cream spoke with horror in her voice. "Some guy came to us and he wanted us to smoke."

But then Charmy spoke," but don't worry we said no but then he punched Cream in the face and cut my arm with a knife."

"Oh my goodness," Amy said.

I told them to come in so I could clean up Charmys cut and get Cream some ice for her eye. While I was cleaning Charmys cut I suddenly asked them

Who attacked you?

Amy saw Charmy and Cream look at each other worried expressions on their faces. Amy got impatient, she waited a couple more seconds for them to tell her but they didn't.

"Who attacked you?" Amy asked again.

"Ugh gee, we don't want to upset you or anything," Cream said.

"You wont upset me," Amy said.

"Well you wont believe us, "Charmy said.

"Of course I will believe you," Amy said getting more impatient by every second.

Cream suddenly shouted "SONIC BEAT US UP!"

"S..SONIC!" I shouted.

"Now why would he do that?" Amy asked.

"I told you, you wont believe us," Charmy said.

Its true Amy didn't believe them. Amy didn't think Sonic would do such a thing.