Time After Time

Ok almost done with this story…so Enjoy!

Crew ran through the forest quickly dodging everything that came into his way. Shadow wasn't going to let Crew escape so easily. The ebony male has chased after Crew for the past few minutes. Crew tried to run faster but, that only made the determined black hedgehog run even faster. Crew was running out of breath and his legs were getting tired. Shadow knew victory would be his. Crew slowed down his pace just a little bit. He couldn't take it anymore his legs felt as if they were on fire. Shadow smirked at this sight. Crew had finally stopped to take a breather. Shadow stopped a few feet away from Crew. But before Shadow could even talk or attack Crew. A blue blur jumped out of the bushes and tackled Crew to the ground. The blue blur turned out to be Sonic.

"GOT HIM," Sonic screamed into a walkie talkie.

Very quickly a few police officers jumped out of the bushes. The police officers were armed with guns and shields. There was about hundreds of police officers. Some brave police officers came over where Sonic was and handcuffed Crews hands. Crew gave them all nasty looks. Amy Rose finally caught up with everyone else. She was alarmed at this sight before her. Shadow just stood there crossing his arms over his chest. While Sonic was grinning. Some police officers pushed Crew into the police automobile. They quickly shut the door so he would not escape. Crew looked furious. He tried to get the handcuffs off but, it was to strong. So he gave up on that. He banged on the window to get Sonic, Shadow, and Amy's attention. It worked they all looked at Crew annoyingly. Crew yelled at the top of his lungs.


Amy cringed, while Shadow looked outraged, Sonic was just shrugging his shoulders he was used of villains saying that. The police officer got into the same car that Crew is in. The car quickly sped away.

"Well my work here is done, he wont bother us anymore," Sonic said while walking away slowly.

Amy Rose still remembered what Crew said.


Her scary thoughts were interrupted by Shadow.

"Ugh…let me take you back home," Shadow said shyly.

Amy forgot all about Crew and excepted Shadows offer.

THE END...or is it?

Yah I finished my story isn't that great now all I have to worry about is to fix those chapters.