Crack Fic

Twinnings meets Twinlets

Spike, Buffy, and Will stood in front of the door. Buffy glanced at her lovers, then back to the plain white door. It looked so...innocent. Not the kind of thing you'd expect to find on the bottom floor of a kinky sex club.

"So...explain this to me again," Buffy said skeptically. No, that door was just way toonormal looking. Spike rolled his neck from side to side, a picture of barely contained anxious energy, but Will tilted her head and regarded her seriously.

"We don't have to do this," he told her. Buffy and Spike rolled their eyes at his over protectiveness. Where his brother was practically buzzing with anticipation, Will was withdrawing to the over-analytical and protective space that made him hover like an annoying gnat.

"I'm FINE. Really. It's just...weird, y'know? Hard to wrap my head around." Spike grinned lazily at her.

"It's the last little bit of magic left in the world," he drawled. Buffy had never seen Spike quite like this. He'd gone so far around anticipatory that he'd hit mellow and loose. Almost calm. But Buffy knew better; that outward appearance just hid how incredibly ready Spike was to just go for this. Will was just an interested, but was channeling everything into makeing sure Buffy was OK and still on board with their foray into...well, they'd know when they opened the door.

"So, once last does this work?" Spike jumped in before Will could ascertain whether or not Buffy was REALLY REALLY sure.

"We walk in, and find something that will blow our minds and rock our world, and that we want. Badly," he murmured against her ear. Buffy shuddered as the gentle threads of arousal that had coiled in her stomach during the ride over here blossomed into almost painful arousal.

"Through magic," she murmured, her voice husky. Her eyes darted to Spike's red lips and his talented tongue trailed over them.

"Magic helps," Spike agreed, getting lost in her green eyes. He was leaning towards her, captivated, when she suddenly moved away.

"Let's do this." Spike and Buffy jerked away as Will's voice, hard with nerves and determination, broke their spell. He opened to door to reveal...

...a room.

"Huh," Buffy muttered, looking around. The floor was carpeted with a cushy material, a little firmer than an ordinary mattress. There were pillows everywhere, and the walls were lined with long strips of luxurious-looking cloth, each with its own texture. The only 'furniture' of any sort were two chests against opposing walls; the ones that didn't have doors leading out of them. It was almost like something out of an erotic desert novel, stopping just short of being cliched. Nice, but not something that was going to quote "rock her world." Though she could think of some VERY fun things to do with those long strips of cloth...

"Sooooooooooo..." Buffy started, looking around. Both Spike and Will were looking a bit perplexed, so she figured this wasn't normal. "What's up?"

"It wasn't like this last time," Spike murmured. He seemed to have deflated a little, his eyes searching the open room.

"But it's different every time, and they're never wrong," Will said, his eyes squinting in the way that meant he was deep in thought.

"I don't--" Spike stopped abruptly as the door on the other side of the room swung open.

"Oh, no way!" Buffy stared at the trio before her. Well this was...different. Unexpected. Two copies of herself stared back at her, mouths open. One...Spike/Will-type person stood between them looking very smug. She turned her stunned gaze to her Twinlets, who were practically salivating.

"Wicked!" a gravelly, husky voice said delightedly. Buffy's attention was drawn back to her...their...dopplegangers. There was one who looked almost exactly like her, down to the dye job in her hair, and another that she suspected would be her if she ever wanted to go brunette again (which was never). Though looking at the way her green eyes and golden skin were set off by the darker locks, she may consider giving it serious thought. The guy looked like Spike, with his bleached hair, but the way he was hovering protectively over the two girls spoke more of Will. The Blonde-Buffy-Clone-Person turned to her one Twinlet-looking-guy. "Why don't WE get two of you?"

Buffy, getting to see the full force of her pout in action, decided she needed to use it more.

The man sidled up to her and whispered something in BBCP's (man, they need to introduce each other) ear. Buffy had to bite back a growl at the lascivious leer that broke across dopplebitch's face as she looked at HER Twinlets as if they were an all you can eat buffet.

Buffy felt a familiar thrill race up her spine as Spike sidled up to her, strong arms wrapping around her waist, hardness pressing into her ass. But she simply couldn't take her eyes off of the stunning tableau before her—TWO SPIKES! TWO. WTF?! She felt Spike smile against her neck.

"Why have two when you could have three?" he whispered, his voice low. Buffy felt a slow, ridiculous leer stretch across her face. Three...dreamy. She was pulled from her increasingly XXX-rated fantasies as a growl reverberated through the room. She KNEW that growl. She WAS that growl. She saw her not-twin glaring at her from the other side of the room, heat and warning in her eyes. Silly girl who didn't know to share. Buffy threw back her head and laughed. She approached the new girl with intent, crossing some invisible line that divided their realities, and pulled her doppleganger into a deep, wet kiss.

Of all the things Buffy was expecting, THIS hadn't made the list. OK, well, it had maybe tried to appear somewhere on the list as a side note or special case, but still...the other Buffy-person was a really good kisser. Like, really good. And wow, was she getting turned on like a faucet or what?

Will almost came like a 16-year-old getting his first blow job. Christ, Buffy was being mouth-fucked by...Buffy. Will shifted back into Spike as he came up behind him, hissing when a large, warm hand snuck down the front of his incredibly tight pants. Spike squeezed, and Will thrust back in retaliation.

Liz's eyes jumped from the two couples on the other side of the room. Jesus, this wasn't a kink she'd have ever guessed she had. Her eyes were huge, pupils dilated with lust when Spike moved to her side. Seeing his lover's distraction, Spike did the one thing he knew would garner him Liz's absolute undivided attention: he nibbled the sweet spot on her neck, just beneath one dainty little ear. Liz spun towards him with a soft yelp. Spike arched a lazy eyebrow at Liz's frazzled appearance and lust-dumb look.

"Well?" he drawled with a smirk. Liz rolled her eyes, but couldn't help the blush that stained her face and traveled well beyond the line of her shirt. Spike knew about that blush; he'd caused enough of them, and he couldn't help but grin, totally smitten that he could still make her blush after all this time. It was charmingly innocent, whereas he had to work to get Buffy to even turn faintly pink. He could count on one hand the number of times that little vixen had ever truly blushed for him. But blushing didn't let Liz off the hook. "Hit a button have we?" he taunted.

Liz's answering giggle drew the attention of the other, previously occupied, people in the room, who got to spend several moments watching Spike and Liz try to devour one another. The scent of sex and lust was heavy on the air, and libidos were raging.

Buffy watched her lovers enjoying themselves until she started felling a little left out, and that for their own health, her lovers should probably come up for air sometime soon. She strode over to the duo and pulled them apart, wrenching Spike to her for a brutal, possessive kiss and then doing the same to Liz, marking them as hers, and action Will greatly appreciated and had quite a mind to imitate. But the other Buffy's return to her side left them segregated again, each trio eyeing the other speculatively.

"I ah..." Buffy started, but found the words caught in her throat. She took a moment to calm down a little before trying again. "I think we should introduce ourselves." See, that wasn't so hard she congratulated herself.

"I'm Buffy," the mirror-version of her answered, he voice a little more seductive than Buffy's normally was.

"Funny, so am I." They stared at each other across the imaginary line that divided them. Something happened, and the one-of-two-Buffy grinned slowly, almost lazily.

"You can call me B," she said with a shrug. B threw an arm around her sister. "And this is Liz."

"I can introduce myself you know," Liz primly informed her sister. Buffy just gave her that infuriating 'whatcha gonna do about it Big Sis?" look, which made Liz huff and cross her arms stubbornly. Fucking twin sisters. Who needed them. She unwound a little as Spike threaded a hand through her hair soothingly.

"Relax, luv" Spike mumbled, his attention focused on the deep scalp massage he was giving Liz. He'd found it was the easiest way to calm Liz down when Buffy was being antagonizing or bitchy...or God forbid, both. He glanced up at the Buffy across from him. "'M Spike, nice to meet you, luv." He grinned as Buffy gave him a small smile a little wave. Adorable. And good to know his twin counterparts had found her.

Buffy nudged her closest twinlet in the ribs.

"What?" Spike asked irritably, rubbing his side melodramatically. Buffy rolled her eyes at his obstinacy.

"Be polite and introduce yourselves!" Will and Spike exchanged one of those Twin looks Buffy hadn't decoded yet and shared a secret grin, which then expanded to include and amused-looking other!Spike. "What? What?!"

"We already know each other pet," other!Spike informed her, his eyes traveling over the twin versions of himself in a most intimate and knowing way.

"REALLY?" Liz and B said in tandem.

"This is not my first rodeo cowboy," Spike drawled sarcastically in an admittedly passable John Wayne impression. B slugged him on the arm for his troubles.

"You three KNOW each other?" Buffy asked, her eyes asking a whole host of other questions. Will and Spike exchanged another look and shrugged.

"We were in a place," Will said, as if that explained everything.

"A place?" Buffy repeated dubiously.

"A place...that requires three of you?" B questioned sardonically.

"I TOLD you he was full of himself," Liz said with a huge grin. The three women in the room shared a moment, while the three men suffered in silence together.

"Wait...THREE of you?" The men all glanced at each other before their eyes skittered around the room like bugs on acid. The women gaped, their mind short circuiting at the image of three...three...

"Holy shit," Liz breathed out. "Talk about the ultimate expression of narcissistic machismo!" Will and Spike stared. Buffy's jaw dropped. B started laughing uncontrollably, which set Liz—who had been holding herself together rather admirably—off, and the two female twins had tears running down their faces. And after she got over her amazement, (and so as not to be odd woman out) Buffy started laughing too.

Non-twin Spike was pretty used to being ganged up on, so he simple sighed and resigned himself to waiting for the girls to get the hell on with it. Whatever 'It' was. Seemed to him that they were all dancing around what they'd come here for. He eyed the non-laughing set of twins across the room, who were looking a little disgruntled at being out numbered. He couldn't hide his smirk at that; it was nice to know they were getting a taste of their own medicine. Then Will met his gaze and the heat flared between them. His feet started moving of their own accord.

Will nudged his glowering brother, who was busy glaring ineffectively at the three giggling Buffies. (Buffys? Buffi? Buffants? Now that was just silly.) There was one way to shut them up. When the other Spike was close enough, Will grabbed him, both hands fisted in the other man's shirt, and bent him backwards with the force of his kiss. He devoured him, no finesse or gentleness, demanding and unyielding. It was fucking HOT. He thrust his hips against the hardness he could feel through the worn, threadbare jeans.

"Jesus." Will's eyes flashed on his brother, who was watching them avidly and stroking the growing bulge in his pants, the blue of his eyes rapidly disappearing into black.

"Three," an awed female voice whispered.

Will smirked against other Spike's lips, pressing on last hard closed-mouthed kiss against him before letting go and facing the no longer giggling girls.

"Jesus, don't stop!" B growled at them. Spike laughed at his girl, and then pulled twin-Spike into an embrace just as heated as the last. If the girls wanted a show, he'd be happy to oblige. All thoughts of retribution or showing off fled as his brain overloaded when a sneaky pair of hands snuck down the back of his jeans and caressed his ass. The sound of his fly unzipping sent a shiver racing down his spine. The dark chuckle and warm breath against his ear didn't help either.

Will felt his dick leap when single-Spike moaned as his cock was freed from his jeans. The sound resonated through his chest, stirred something primal within him. That primal thing growled when small hands slipped underneath his shirt, stroking across his nipples and pinching his skin. Hands danced over heated flesh, too many hands to keep track of, too much sensation. Will felt himself disappearing under the onslaught.

Spike was completely absorbed by the tongue that was doing insidious things to his mouth, so he could be excused for what happened next. It's just not FAIR to sneak up on a guy like that. I mean, really, if you're going to grab a guy's hand, use it like a really convenient dildo, and COME all over it, it would be nice to give a little warning. Because while it's acceptable (and even flattering ) to send a woman careening over the edge time and time again, it's quite embarrassing for a fully grown man to come in his pants like he's a horny teenager with no self control.

His limbs were leaden. And he was...laying on the ground? When had he made it here? Summoning the last of his strength, Spike lifted his head to take stock of the situation. His recently spent cock twitched at the dirtiest, most erotic scene imaginable played out before him. His Buffy and Their Buffy were half dressed and stretched on the ground. His Buffy was on top, her hands pinning her counterpart's to the floor above her head. They were kissing, exploring, testing out the waters, B's hips seeking friction against the whimpering body beneath her. Spike's body was making a valiant attempt to sit up and take notice while Liz was pinned between the Twinlets, the three of them making a production of getting out of their clothes and watching the women on the floor. Fuck.

Liz was surrounded by hard masculinity. Hard chests, hard cocks, hard to ignore. She arched back into chest behind her and tilted her head to one side, encouraging the hot, hungry mouth on her neck. Spike took a moment to ease Liz's jeans over her hips and down to the ground. Christ she was gorgeous. He started kissing and nibbling his way up her leg. He stopped to admire her silk-covered sex, inhaling the musky scent that was so like their Buffy but somehow not. A hand brushed through his hair. Spike met his twin's stormy blue eyes and then the hand pressed him towards the last scrap of clothing on Liz's body. With a tortured moan, he rubbed his lips against her. Her entire body seemed to clench. So responsive. Liz clutched at Will for support as Spike teased her. She swiveled her hips, thrusting into Spike and then grinding against Will's erection. It was torturous heaven.

"FUCK!" Buffy's face was frozen in an expression of pleasure-pain, her entire body strung taut as an orgasm ripped through her, sharp and unrelenting. B rubbed her dopleganger's clit and sucked on her breast to prolong the sensation. Everything went still for a blissful minute and then Buffy came back to herself, sobbing and gasping for breath. Her body jerked with aftershocks, every nerve rubbed raw.

B disengaged her hand and left Buffy staring sightless at the ceiling. Fuck, she was horny. Her Spike was still conked out on the floor, but the Twinlets were getting down and dirty with her twin. From the looks of things, Will was getting pretty desperate rubbing against Liz's perfect ass. That just would not do. B ambled towards one of the chests in the room and peered in side. Holy shit. Everything her heart desired was in that chest. An entire collection of different lubes, dildos, paddles, vibrators, plugs, feathers, silk ties, was about to get very interesting.