Liz had started feeling a little...left out. Why should the clones have all the fun? Will chuckled and ran a hand over her hip, and she realized she'd said it out loud.

"Why indeed?" Will whispered seductively. Liz glanced away from the contest in front of them and flushed at the devious look Will was throwing her.

"What did you have in mind?" Will grinned and kissed her tenderly, in complete opposition to what he had planned. He guided her hand down to her soft cleft.

"Hold that for me," he whispered. Liz's slightly theatric moan made him hurry over to the chest. He rummaged around and found what he wanted. Beautiful. He turned around and took in the view for a couple of moments. God, this was so incredibly indulgent. Liz tossed her head back and fixed him with a 'get your cock over here NOW' look that made his blood boil. He made his way over, his cock bobbing as he walked. He knelt between Liz's thighs.

"Allow me." Her hand pulled away, leaving him with acres of flesh to play with. He gazed his fill, ignoring her squirming and encouraging little sounds.

"Wi-ill!" She was adorable when she whined, her nose scrunched and her cheeks flushed. He laughed and kissed her navel, rubbing his face against her smooth skin. He palmed one of his gifts and touched the small vibrator to her clit. He hips clipped him underneath the chin, but he didn't care. He surged up and captured her lips, moving the small massager in gentle circles. She came alarmingly fast, gasping into Will's mouth, shuddering all over. She collapsed onto the pillows. Will smirked. And she thought they were done.

He picked up the other vibrator and turned it on; it had a large, blunt phallus and a moving attachment on the top. While Liz was still shuddering from her first orgasm, he slid the toy into her and turned it on. Liz shouted his name as a second orgasm crashed in over the first. God it was hot. He worked the toy in and out, coaxing her body into a longer, more intense pleasure, until she was gasping at the ceiling, eyes wrenched close and body jerking.

"Bored?" Spike wondered. Will glanced over at the collapsed foursome, who were lounging.

"That's a hell of a chest," Will said flippantly.

"Yeah, about that chest..." Spike dragged himself up and padded over to check it out. Wow. Now that was a collection. And idea formed in his head, a way that he could thank B for He rifled through to find what he...ah.


With a wide grin, Spike chose the instruments of his desire, eager to get on with his 'thanking' of the wickedly sinful version of Buffy. He looked around the room for the perfect place to set up and found it...right in front of him.

A Little bit of magic, he thought with a grin. His cock took a moment to twitch, and he wondered if instant recovery time was also a part of the magic. He finished his set up and turned around to find two very curious pairs of eyes focused on him.

"Wanna help?" he offered magnanimously. Buffy and the weird version of him—right, it was Spike-2 now—were up in an instant, looking all the world like eager puppies. His tilted his head towards the entwined couple lounging on the floor and his dopplegaanger grinned in agreement. Spike smirked; if he were trying to keep up with twin Buffi, he'd want to get one over on them too.

B was drowsing happily when she was bodily picked up and dragged across the room.

"Wassat?" she mumbled. She jerked, and found she was bound in the corner, her arms pointing to two different walls. Her lassitude dissipated as she craned her neck around and found that, yes, someone could fairly comfortably stand behind her if they squeezed through the chains that bound her hands and the ones that had suddenly appeared on her ankles. She blinked mutely at the two visions of Spike grinning smugly at her.

"Lo, pet," one of them purred seductively. B groaned as her body tried to rouse itself again. She was pretty sure that a light touch in the general vicinity of her clit would set her off again.

"Spike and I were talking, and we decided to stage a little test," one of them whispered, his warm breath caressing her ear. She shivered delicately, loving and hating her defenseless position. She was the aggressor, not normally given to being the one tied down.

"Relax, luv. You'll like this." She momentarily tensed as a silk blindfolds settled over her eyes, but relaxed as soothing, strong hands kneaded her shoulders. She rubbed her head against his hand, smiling at his chuckle.

"We're going to play 'Guess the Touch.' It's a fun game, no losers." She chuffed a laugh at that and jerked against her restraints impatiently. Her body was very interested in this new development. There must be some kind of aphrodisiac in the air.

"I think the rules are self explanatory," Spike-2 murmured. A thumb circled one nipple, pinching and teasing.


"Liz," she breathed. She smirked at the surprised noise of agreement. As if they could fool her that easily. A hand carded through her hair, massaging the roots and pulling gently. She moaned as her head was tilted back and kisses laid against her throat.

"Mmmmm. Spike. My Spike," she moaned, her arms instinctively trying to move towards him. One small kiss on her lips as affirmation and he drifted away. Her back arched as a slender finger raced the length of her spine. Too small to be a man's finger, but not Liz.

"Buffy," she gasped, brushing off the odd sensation of calling out her own name. Next, a hot mouth sucking intently at her breast, tongue flicking rapidly over the tip. She jerked into the sensation. Not her Spike, but one of the twins. Her brain misfired, and her thought circle that. Twin, twin, twin.

"T-twin!" she managed to eek out.

"Mmmmm, good."

"FUCK!" The stroke from a suede flogger caressed her skin, the unexpected sensation sending full body shivers through her. Jesus, something like that could kill a person.

"Wrong," a voice whispered silkily in her ear. The next strike was a bit harsher, but no less arousing. She tried to spread her legs, but ended up pulling against the padded cuffs. A tongue licked a stripe of wetness up her leg to the juncture of the thigh and someone blew a cooling stream of air against it. She shuddered under the onslaught and someone else used the light flogger against her sensitized breasts, and another nipped down her back.

Sensations were coming from everywhere, from every one. She couldn't catch her breath, couldn't think, couldn't distinguish different touches and sensations from one another. Her world was sensation, her mind was focused entirely on her body, on the scrape of nails against her skin, the harsh touch of unyielding leather against her sensitive places, teeth and tongues and caresses and...everything melded together into one glorious bright pulse of feeling. It wasn't like anything she'd ever felt, when her entire world coalesced into one single sensation that blotted out everything else.

A clear chime echoed through the room and Spike-2's head popped up.

"Wazzat?" Buffy muttered sleepily, rubbing her face into the soft stomach underneath her. She inhaled the musky scent and drew back for a moment, her hazy brain rousing just enough to tell her that something wasn't quite right. But she soon gave up trying to puzzle it out; she was way too content and sexed out to really care. The body beneath her chuffed a laugh, her resting place jiggling beneath her. "Uuuuuuunggghhh," she grumbled in protest. There was real laugher this time, the sound reverberating through the body beneath her.

"Means time's almost up, pet." Buffy tucked her head into the belly and wrapped her arm around the person's waist. From the softness of it she thought it might be Liz, but she couldn't be convinced to care. She smiled when Will draped himself against her back pressing small kisses into her shoulder. "You wouldn't want to waist a golden opportunity, would you love? No tellin' when this'll happen again." Buffy sighed contentedly and wiggled her butt a little, enjoying the sharp intake of breath from her lover.

When. When this might happen again. Spike-2 rather liked the promise inherent in that sentence. He felt renewed stirring in his groin as Will began gently thrusting against Buffy's ass, his cock nestled between her cheeks. Liz, still pinned beneath her double's supine form, raised her fingers to his face and grinned when he sucked them into his mouth. Not to be left out, the Spikes and B crawled over to the impromptu puppy pile.

B, straddling Spike, claimed her twin's mouth in a searing hot kiss, felt Spike grow and lengthen beneath her. Shooting the man beneath her a wicked smirk, she ground into him, her hips making seductive figure eights. Her laugh was cut short when Spike-2 plastered himself against her back and cupped her breasts, rolling her nipples between his fingers. He sucked a hickey into her neck and Spike bucked beneath her, the underside of his cock rubbing against her cleft. When, exactly, had she lost control of the situation? Spike-2's hands roamed down, wrapping around Spike's cock and using it to tease B's clit. They both moaned in unison at the feelings.

"Fucking hot," Buffy moaned, her sex-glazed eyes riveted to the trio.

"Could get hotter," Liz whispered beneath her. Deft hands pulled Buffy's attention back to her own threesome, and soft lips distracted her. Will kissed his way down her spine, his hands slipping between the two women. Buffy jerked when Will's teeth sunk into her butt, his laughter muffled by the delicate flesh. She'd just started to relax into their rhythm when Will's tongue roamed into previously unexplored territory.

"William!" Buffy twisted around to shoot her lover and incredulous look. He smirked unrepentantly at her.

"What, pet?"

" can't just DO that!" Will rolled his eyes; he was pretty sure he could convince Buffy this was a great idea, but tonight was probably not the time. He nipped her delicious bum again and rolled off. "Wi-il," Buffy whined, her back cold.

"Na-ah, pet. You said no." Will shifted over to his other lover, pinned beneath two writhing bodies. He held Spike's hands above his head and swallowed Spike's desperate whine, sweeping his tongue through the familiar cavern of his lover's mouth. He drank in Spike's strangled "Fuck!" when Spike-2 guided B onto Spike's weeping cock.

It officially tuned into 'torture Spike day' when Buffy and Liz got into the game, their sinful mouths suctioned to his nipples and not letting go anytime soon. They reduced him to a whimpering mess in record time, torturing bundles of nerves and sensitized flesh splayed out at the mercy of five very devious people. Spike moans—he's buried balls-deep in B's quim, two beautiful mouths sucking marks on his skin, his oldest lover kissing him with expert precision, playing his body like no one else.

He was completely in the moment, all semblance of higher brain functioning gone gone gone, driven out by the succubi on top of him. A murmur of voices and B's rhythm changed. Spike couldn't help the shudder when he realized it's because the other Spike is in her too, controlling their pace, controlling Spike's pleasure. If he concentrated, he could almost feel his counterpart through the thin membrance that separates them.

Spike's so distracted that he doesn't felt the cold slide of metal against his wrists. He tugged up instinctively, only to find himself chained to the floor, his arms above his head.

"Stay put, luv," Will instructed Spike mockingly. Spike growled and tried to sit up, but his hands were well-bound above his head and there was nothing he could do about it.

"Ponce," he muttered darkly. Twin feminine giggles floated up to him and two beautiful women popped into view.

"Aw, Spikey-poo! Don't be mad." Buffy bent over and almost-kisses him, her breath hot against his lips. He leaned up, chasing her kiss, but she just barely managed to avoid him. B's muscles clamp around his cock and he strained against his bonds, his muscles clenching and his breath catching in his throat.

"Damn he's gorgeous," Liz murmurs, totally transfixed.

"Yeah." Buffy can empathize; she feels that way a lot and she had TWO of them.

Spike kept trying to tack the conversation, but there was too much going on. B's riding him like a prize bull, Liz and Buffy are stroking his chest, and fucking Will is somewhere planning something insidious he's sure of it.

Buffy and Liz giggled as Spike twisted beneath them, porn noises and invectives spilling from his beautiful lips as Buffy showed Liz all the best ways to drive Spike mad, mapped his body with gasps and moans as landmarks. They tortured his nipples with teeth and tongues and evil little fingers. Before he can come, Will's back. Stilling B and Spike-2's movements, Spike wants to murder his brother when a cock ring slid on his cock and around his balls.

"Now now, can't have you coming too soon pat," Will said cheerily.

"Fuck. You." Spike managed to say, but it's quite possibly the hardest things he's ever done.

"That can be arranged." Will's words were a naughty promise. "You up for some fun, ladies?"

Will brandished his other toy for the girls, a double-sided dildo; they'd ignored their fantastic box of toys so far, and that was a damn shame. He positioned the girls over Spike's chest, sliding one end of the toy into each of them, reveling in his position as conductor of this fuckistra. B wrapped her arms around her twin, pulling Liz flush against her and Spike-2 thrust in. Will slowly slid the toy into Liz's quim, fucking her with it while Spike watched.

"Will! I want..." Buffy practically vibrated with need, her eyes wide and hungry as the toy disappeared into Liz.

"C'mon luv. Hop on." Spike cursed again when Buffy straddled his chest, her pert ass shimmying tauntingly in his face. There were four people on his body, all of them driving him crazy, and if Will's busting out the toys there's no telling what the future has in store.

Will helped guide the dildo into Buffy's eager body, attached a few bracing straps around the girls, and then they started fucking each other, the two women moving together, some innate rhythm they just know. They both gasped at the same moment, knowing instinctively when to move and what to do.

"Watch this," Will whispered in Spikes ear before leaning down to touch something on the dildo. The response was instantaneous: Buffy and Liz approved of Will's choice. Very vocally.

Before long, all four of them were moving in tandem. Spike-2 thrust into B, who moved Liz on the dildo and into Buffy, Spike trapped beneath them, feeling the slickness of the two women's arousal on his chest, his cock surrounded by heat, another body rubbing against his legs; they were generating enough heat to power the entire city.

Spike was lost in the haze of sensation when freezing cold seared through the cocoon of heat.

"FUCKIN'ELL you bastard!" Will's mouth was fastened to Spike's nipples, the ice cube in his mouth wreaking havoc with his lover's nerve endings. Spike cursed vehemently when a wet, frozen hand reached down and slipped beneath B to fondle his balls. The clashing sensations were driving him around the bend, and all he could do was hold on for dear sanity.

Buffy and Liz leaned in for a kiss as they fucked each other, the slick surface of the dildo sliding between them. Liz gasped when a cold hand tweaked her clit, Buffy echoing the sound moments later when Will's evil, wonderful fingers played her so knowingly.

"Will," Spike groaned out, struggling to find his voice. His thoughts were sluggish and sex-glazed, but one desire, one need made itself known. "Will!" The torturous ice feeling left, only to move to the side of his neck and ear.

"Yeah luv?" Will's voice was strained and hoarse. Spike pulled his vision in to focus on Will's face. He smiled and tucked his tongue behind his teeth in an utterly seductive, undeniably magnetic come-hither look. "Yeah?" Will breathed, his voice hitching with arousal.

"Oh yeah." Just as Will moved away, Spike stopped him. "I want some ice."

"Holy fuck," Will moaned before scrambling for the ice chips. He slipped a few into Spike's mouth, waiting for the go ahead. Spike grinned his permission, and Will carefully straddle Will's head, his cock and angry red and so very ready for this. Spike looked up through his lashes and licked the leaking head, his tongue cooled by the ice. Will's eyes rolled into the back of his head and his hips surged forward when Spike abruptly swallowed him whole, but Spike was ready for that. Will fell on his hands, his body arched above Spike, who took his lover's distraction to work his tongue against Will's shaft. Spike's mouth was cold, the places where the ice touched his cock trying to jerk away while the rest of him longed for more.

Will came first, Spike's talented tongue hitting every one of Will's buttons. B was next, her orgasm rolling over as Spike-2 continued to work her, pushing her onto Spike's cock and the pulling her onto his own. Will recovered enough to reach over and finger Liz's clit, sending her over the edge with a sharp cry and short, stuttering jerks of her hips. B, her talented fingers buried in Buffy's snatch, played her double into a sharp, mind-blowing release. That taken care of, Will reached over and cradled Spike-2's balls. Simultaneously, he released Spike's cock ring and pressed against Spike-2's perineum, sending them both into simultaneous orgasms, much to B's continuing pleasure.

That same, clarion toll sounded through the room. Spike groaned beneath the press of bodies strewn across him. They were getting a little heavy, but he was still chained to the floor and his shoulders were getting a little stiff. He jiggled his leg a little, rolling his eyes at the groans and sniffs he got.

"Oi!" he hissed, jiggling more. He yelped when sharp little teeth bit into his thigh. "Gerroff! Lemme go."

Spike-2 rolled B off of him, and he encouraged the lesbionic Buffi to continue the trend by lifting up his pelvis. Will released his hands and massaged the stiffened muscles. When Spike could move his arms again, he curled on his side and pillowed his head in Will's lap, who chuckled with amusement and rand dexterous fingers through his brother's head.

"Aaaaaawwwww," B teased sleepily.

The bell rang again.

"Think they're kickin' us out," Buffy muttered from somewhere near Liz's neck.

"Mmmmhhhhmmmm," Liz agreed.

Slowly, they broke apart, each person drifting back towards their respective trios. Sorting out clothing was a cerebral exercise they just weren't up to, and Will highly suspected he wasn't wearing the same shirt out as he'd worn coming in.

They stood awkwardly, two groups on either side of a dividing line.

"Ssssooooo," B drawled, though without her normal defensiveness. She was way too well fucked for that.

"Till next time?" Spike asked, his voice a little scratchy. He got three blinding smiles in return.

"Oh yeah."