­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­First Naruto Fanfic!

I just remembered him because its Christmas…

For some people:This is NoT EMO, this is POeTry!

Pure White

As gentle as a mother's touch

Crystals shining fall with grace

Both bleak and beautiful;

Ice seems so unstained

Peace and kindness stay,

Like that in a heart of a child;

A child with calmness

In the cold and cruel ground

With tears cleansing pain

Felt but not understood

Innocence and potential wasted

By fear and hatred

Of people who cannot understand:

Humans who kill for good

Save themselves

Can they just love to live?

Can they be just like the child?

The lone, selfless child

Who is happier as a tool

Who found a family

As he lie and died