Note: Here is my fluffy NaruxSasu Christmas Present! Short plotless one-shot.


Far out from the Village of Konoha, a blonde haired ninja in a shockingly orange jumpsuit trod though the blanket of snow smothering the ground. Each crunch of his feet on the frozen ground echoed in the muffled silence. Small cool flakes clung onto each strand of his hair and settled on his shoulders. He shivered slightly, but really, he enjoyed the tingling in his body as he became numb and blithe from the cold air and was able to think clearly. This was Naruto's favorite time of the long year--the time when everything died and faded away, but then grew and came back renewed. Most of all, everything was covered in white, dazzling and bright. His cerulean blue eyes reflected the falling flakes as they floated gently towards the ground to join thousands of others.

As he arrived at his destination, ritually he fell backwards without hesitation and landed deeply in the snow. His legs and arms spanned out as far as they could go. Swinging his limbs back and forth, he made a snow angel. Naruto burrowed deeper and relaxed, watching the grey sky. Soon, his eyes fluttered shut and he fell into a light sleep.


"Hey, Dobe"

His eyes snapped open , meeting the onyx eyes of his teammate, Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke's face stayed placid as usual, but inside he grinned at Naruto's rosy whiskered cheeks and how his wet hair was slicked down onto his forehead. He looked so innocent and vulnerable.

"Hey Sasuke-teme."

"You do realize its snowing and is thirty degrees out." he replied.

Naruto closed his eyes in response and stuck out his tongue to catch the falling flakes which melted upon contact. He swallowed the cool, sweet water and gave Sasuke a brilliant fox-like grin.

"I come here every year, Sasuke-kun, during the first snow and make a snow angel, but I'm always by myself. When I get up, there's always a stupid handprint left," he scowled.

He then reached up, his hand in midair. "C'mon Sasuke, help me up!"

Sasuke grasped his hand, pulling Naruto's weight up and off the ground.

"You're so cold Naruto-kun, " he chided. He took Naruto's other hand and cupped both of them between his own.

Naruto smiled at Sasuke's kindness and leaned in closer to his raven haired friend.

Glancing back at the indent in the snow he had left, he said, "Hey Sasuke, it's perfect this time- the snow angel."

His cerulean eyes sparkled fiercely in the twilight. Sasuke watched him longingly from behind his own dark eyes. Impulsively, he leaned forward and wrapped his arms around his fox's slender waist. Touching his lisps lightly to Naruto's, he glanced up questioningly. Naruto smiled and pulled Sasuke closer, returning the kiss. As they separated, their hot breath rose in clouds into the air.

"Naruto, you're my perfect snow angel."

They continued to hold each other closely in the cool air, while small white flakes fell from the night sky.