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The Natcracker – ACT I

It was a cheerful and snowy night in the town of Windbloom. The streets were filled with colored lights, Christmas trees and Christmas carol singers. The joy could be perceived everywhere, and a particular home in town wasn't the exception; the house of the Viola. A party was about to be held there; only their closest friends were invited, and now they were giving the decorations a last touch so it would be perfect. The 'princesses' of the house were very excited and were also helping in anything they could to finish decorating before the guests arrived.

Shizuru and Mashiro Viola; they were cousins and were the light of the family. Shizuru was a beautiful and charming girl with chestnut hair and the most astonishing mahogany eyes. She was very skilled in almost everything but her passion was tea brewing and ballet, a real lady you'd say. Mashiro on the other hand was a bit spoiled, however, was very talented in painting and her features were appealing even if they looked childish.

The cousins were in the living room, looking at the Christmas presents that were under the tree. Mashiro said.

- "I wonder what uncle got me this year…Do you have any idea, Shizuru-nee-san?"

Mashiro called Shizuru-nee-san because they grew up together and were very close; also she admired the elder girl. Shizuru looked at Mashiro and answered with her melodic voice and peculiar accent.

- "Ara, I'm afraid I can't tell you Mashiro-chan."

- "Why not?" – replied the girl with a pout.

- "Because father didn't tell me. He's been keeping it a secret, even to me."

- "Mou!!"

- "Shizuru, Mashiro" – called Shizuru's mother.

- "Yes auntie?"

- "The guests have arrived, please welcome them."

- "Of course mother." – replied Shizuru.

The girls got near the door and greeted the recently arrived people. Soon enough, the family friends began to fill the living room; Nina with her father Sergay and her cousin Nagi; Arika, a very bouncy girl who is Mashiro's best friend; Tate and Shiho, the children of an old friend of the Violas; Akane and his fiancée Kazuya; Miyu with the small Alyssa in arms, she too is part of the Viola family, however they didn't live in town, so they were visiting for the holy days; and at last but not least, Haruka Armitage and Yukino Chrysant.

They are Shizuru's classmates, and Haruka is Shizuru's rival, self proclaimed by the way. After some quick exchanged greeting and pleasantries, the party began. The adults gathered and began to chat and dance while the kids played with each other. Minutes passed and the bell rang. One of the maids opened the main door and the merry person standing there entered.

- "Good night everyone!" – said a woman with long red hair and green eyes.

- "Aunt Midori" – said Mr. Viola – "What a wonderful surprise, glad you could make it."

- "You're late Aunt Midori" – said Mrs. Viola – "You didn't stop in a pub on your way here, did you?"

- "Of course I didn't! After all, I'm only seventeen. Who would let me in in those kinds of places?" – said the woman with a pose.

- "Yeah…right. Well, let's go to the living room and enjoy the party. Come, we've got the wine you like."

- "I'm very grateful."

Aunt Midori wasn't related directly to the Violas, in fact she was the godmother of the girls, but they were so close that they called her Aunt at the woman's petition, because according to her it sounded better and made her look younger.

They walked fully inside, though, upon seeing the giddy woman the kids ran to her, surrounding her while screaming and jumping around her to get her attention.

- "Back off!! I'm not Santa for heaven's sake!!" – said Midori making the children give a step back – "That's better…" – straightening her cloak she said – "But…I do bring some gifts."

The children cheered the woman. Aunt Midori was very well known for giving superb gifts and shows in familiar parties. She was full of surprises just like now. She called a butler and told him to bring her sack that appeared from nowhere. Before long, she began to hand the children a gift; some had already received their present and now it was Mashiro's turn.

- "What did you bring me auntie?"

- "Ah Mashiro-chan. Here; this is especially for you"

Hastily Mashiro took the present in her hands and opened it; it was a full set of paints and artist's-paintbrushes. Mashiro's eyes sparkled of joy.

- "Thank you Aunt Midori; it's wonderful."

Then the girl ran off to show her present to the other children. In that moment Haruka and Yukino walked to where Shizuru was standing watching all the gifts-handing from the distance. Haruka spoke.

- "Heee…for being a crazy woman she gives precocious gifts…"

- "It's 'precious' Haruka-chan" – corrected Yukino.

- "That's exactly what I said; anyway…bubuzuke onna, stop day-creaming and…"

- "'Day-dreaming' Haruka-chan"

- "Why do keep repeating everything I say Yukino?" – the other girl just sighed – "Whatever…with this stuff that mad woman gave me I'll defeat you once and for all!!"

- "Ara, and what is what you received Haruka-san?"

- "A new set of weights!" – said the blonde girl proudly.

Yukino sighed again and Shizuru let out a small giggle. Haruka always said that to be a good dancer you needed: power, conviction and guts. However she took the 'power' too literally. One day when they were in ballet class, Haruka was getting very angry, well that was an understatement, she was furious because her partner couldn't lift her for a certain step so she decided to lift her partner instead. That of course resulted in lots of laughter and for Haruka not to obtain the main role. Shizuru giggled at the memory; afterwards she walked towards Aunt Midori to greet her lovely visitor this merry night. Upon seeing Shizuru walking to her she said.

- "Shizuru-chan! Dear child, it's been a long time since I last saw you. How have you been? I do hope you've been a worshiper of justice.

- "Well, I do what I can Aunt Midori." – said the girl with a smile.

- "Good, that's really good. Now; did you come to get your present too?"

- "Oh no Aunt Midori, I don't mind if you don't give me anything."

- "Really, you're very different from Mashiro. That's why I've gotten you a special gift."

- "Ara, you shouldn't bother."

Midori removed her cloak and covered one of her hands as if she was a magician, then she began to pull it up slowly; finally to reveal a beautifully shaped wooden doll. It had a red military uniform, raven hair and the most mesmerizing green eyes as if were made of emeralds; it was indeed a very unique and rare nutcracker. Shizuru opened her eyes slightly in awe; she never expected to receive such a magnificent gift; she just couldn't stop staring at it, she had fallen in love with it. Stretching out her hand she took the nutcracker in her hands; she felt the quality of the wood, so soft, as if it was real skin; her clothes were simply remarkable. With a smile forming in her lips she said.

- "Thank you Aunt Midori, it's beautiful."

- "I'm glad you liked it. Be sure to take good care of it, alright?"

- "Of course I will."

- "Very well; now if you excuse me, I have to go and get another cup of that exquisite wine."

Midori turned around and giving a quick glance over her shoulder she whispered.

- "Good luck, Natcracker."

Shizuru walked back to her friends and they began to chat again, or in Haruka's case, to rant once the girl arrived; all that time, the chestnut haired girl never let go off the doll. In that moment Mashiro looked at her cousin and at the object she had in her arms. Arika saw her and said.

- "What are you looking at Mashiro-chan?"

- "Shizuru-nee-san doll…"

Arika looked at it.

- "It's a very pretty doll, isn't it?"

- "And I bet you are jealous, ne? Mashiro-chan." – said the voice of a boy.

- "Why would I be jealous Nagi?"

- "Well, because it's a very strange and exceptional doll."

- "So?"

- "It should be yours…"

- "Don't listen to him Mashiro-chan!!" – said Arika.

- "Nagi-kun, come here." – called Sergay, his uncle.

- "Think about it Mashiro-chan" – said Nagi before leaving.

- "He can be really mean sometimes…"

- "I'm sorry" – said Nina approaching – "Did he say awful things again?"

- "Don't worry Nina-chan. I don't understand why he keeps tormenting Mashiro-chan like this."

- "He's always like that to anyone."

- "Anyway, come! Let's play!!" – said Arika taking Nina's hand – "You too Mashiro-chan!" – she received no reply from the other girl – "Mashiro-chan?"

- "I want to look closely at that doll." – said the small girl.

- "What?!"

- "Just for a little while."

And with that she walked away like a spy.

- "No wait!! Mashiro-chan!!"

- "Why she doesn't ask Shizuru-san to lend her the doll?" – asked Nina.

- "She's too proud to do that even if they are cousins…and once Mashiro sets her mind in something, it is stuck there for a while."

- "We better stop her before something happens."

- "You're right. Let's follow her Nina-chan."

The two girls followed Mashiro closely to keep her away from getting into trouble. Meanwhile, Shizuru was still talking with Haruka, Yukino and other friends when her mother called her. She excused herself and placed the wooden doll over the couch, much to her dismay; since her mother told her to do so with a motion of her hand. She didn't want to leave it, but she had to obey her mother, so she began to walk in the direction her mother was. Mashiro noticed this and said.

- "Great! This is my chance."

- "You shouldn't do it Mashiro-chan." – said Arika behind her.

- "Don't make a fuss Arika. I just want to see what's so special about that doll." – after saying that, she walked to the couch with a mission in mind.

Nagi was watching everything and thought of a way to make things more interesting. He took out a fake snake from his pocket and got near Arika.

- "Tsk, tsk, tsk…Mashiro-chan will get in trouble for sure."

- "All thanks to you Nagi-san. I better keep en eye on her."

Carefully, Nagi placed the fake snake on Arika's head without her noticing and said.

- "You really have to, but before that…"

- "What?"

- "Shouldn't you keep an eye on you first?"

- "What do you mean?"

- "That you have something on your head."

- "Uh?"

Nina was too engrossed looking at Mashiro that she didn't see Nagi doing his prank, and when she noticed what he had done, it was too late, she couldn't stop him. She saw how Arika reached out her hand to her head and felt something strange. Immediately she began to scream and run all around the place with Nina trailing behind her to stop her. Nagi on the other hand was laughing his butt out at the sight; he was very close to rolling on the floor.

By that moment Mashiro was already next to the couch stretching out her hands to take the wooden doll. When she took it, a satisfactory smile crossed her lips, in the instant she turned around to walk back; she just saw a blue mass colliding with her. What happened next was simply catastrophic.

Shizuru was returning from her mother's call while hearing all the commotion in the living room; when she arrived, the sight in front of her happened in slow motion. Her eyes opened widely in disbelief and a bit of panic.

Arika had crashed into Mashiro who was holding the 'natcracker', making her lose hold of it due the impact and sending it flying some meters away, to finally end crashing in the floor with a loud thud. Mashiro was lying on the floor face down with Arika on top of her. Her eyes followed all the motion till the end. When the doll crashed on the floor, she could hear some gasps and then absolute silence that only lasted some seconds since she bursted out like Haruka sometimes did.

- "Arika! You fool!"

- "Mashiro-chan too!" – replied Arika sitting on the floor.

- "This is your fault Arika; had you not collided with me…"

- "If Mashiro-chan had not taken the doll without permission…"

The sound of light steps made them stop their arguing; they belonged to the brunette who was coming closer with an apologetic look but her gaze wasn't focused on the girls or anyone in the room; her gaze was fixed in the doll lying lifelessly on the floor. She knelt in front of the natcracker and took it in her arms.

- "Are you okay?" – whispered the girl.

Mashiro raised herself quickly from the floor and began to say.

- "Shizuru-nee-san, I just wanted to look at it closely…I never meant to…" – stuttered Mashiro.

The words and all possible excuses ended in her mouth when she saw the look in her cousin's eyes and the way she glanced at her. She made her angry and that glance…it was as if she had betrayed her trust. She really messed it up this time; she didn't want to have troubles with her beloved cousin, so she did the only thing she could; truly apologize from the bottom of her heart.

- "I'm sorry Shizuru-nee-san…"

Shizuru listened carefully to Mashiro's words, and judging from the tone of her voice she really meant it, not like those fake apologies she always offered to her teachers or the maids. Turning her gaze to her, she noticed how her eyes were holding some tears back. Shizuru's gaze softened at the sight, stretching her hand out she tapped Mashiro's head.

- "Its okay Mashiro-chan, just don't do it again alright?" – replied Shizuru with a tiny smile on her lips.

- "I promise Shizuru-nee-san!" – said Mashiro smiling.

She knew that her cousin was still a bit mad at her but things would be better soon; also this was better than receiving no reply at all.

- "Now, go back to play with your friends okay? And behave for the rest of the night."

- "I will!"

Mashiro hugged Shizuru and then ran off with Arika and Nina to another place in the living room to play. Shizuru saw Mashiro go back playing with her friends; after that her gaze returned to the immobile figure in her arms. She noticed how the left arm of the doll was a bit loose.

- "Poor thing…your arm. I'm sorry…" – said Shizuru to the Natcracker.

Then she untied the ribbon that had been tying her hair up all night and put it around the arm of the doll to keep it in place and preventing it from loosening even more; when finished she just couldn't stop a feeling forming inside her when she saw the doll beautifully dressed in her arms; she knew this feeling very well; it happened every time she wanted to dance, not being able to suppress it, she began to move all around the living room in a wonderful dance with her Natcracker.

Her feet moved on their own on a slow and gracious pace, it seemed as if she was floating and as if the Natcracker was her partner in the dance. It was extraordinary, leaving everyone there speechless at the amazing sight. Shizuru was focusing only in the Natcracker and nothing else, as if she was in trance, so when she finished dancing, she was a bit startled at the applause and cheering she received, however she didn't show it and gave everyone a polite smile.

After that, the party continued without trouble; the children played, the adults chatted and drank, it was indeed a very harmonious night.

It was getting late, just a couple of hours and it would be midnight; so, the guests began to bid farewell to the Violas and retired to their respective homes. Soon, the house was empty, leaving only the family there of course.

Mashiro retired to her room after wishing every one a good night, especially to Shizuru and Alyssa who would spend the night with them. Miyu also wished a good night and took Alyssa upstairs to their room along with Shizuru's parents. Shizuru was the last one to retire to her quarters; she was placing the Natcracker in a safe place near the Christmas tree, in a shelf that had books, some dolls that had belonged to her mother and soldiers that belonged to her father.

- "Good night Natcracker…" – said Shizuru – "Ara, why did I call you that? Well, it doesn't matter, it fits you. Sweet dreams."

Shizuru kissed the doll on the head and turning the lights off she went to her room.


The house was silent, only the ticking of the clock in the living room could be heard. Every person in the house was sleeping peacefully, well everyone but Shizuru. She was a bit restless, she couldn't sleep at all, she missed something; her Natcracker.

- "Maybe I'll be able to sleep if I bring it." – thought the girl.

With that idea in mind she got off the bed, putting her slippers and night robe on she went downstairs. Once she arrived to the living room, she began to walk towards the shelf where she had placed the doll, she was close to it when the clock stroke midnight. Just a couple of seconds had passed when she heard something. Turning her gaze she saw some shadows running behind the sofa. She saw many so she concluded they weren't human. She heard the same strange noises again. These noises could belong just to one thing; mice.

Before she could get something to dispose of them she was surrounded by the disgusting creatures. A voice from the back lines spoke.

- "My, my, my…what do we have here…"

Shizuru tried to focus her gaze in the darkness to see the owner of that squeaky voice.

- "Such a lovely and beautiful girl, isn't she?"

The lines opened a path to reveal the owner; the Queen of Mice. It had purple eyes and some shades of green in her fur. She was followed by another mouse that had a big forehead and brown fur.

- "Who are you?" – asked Shizuru.

- "Oh, where are my manners?" – said the green mouse – "I'm the Mouse Queen Tomoe."

- "What do you want?" – said Shizuru in a not so friendly tone.

Queen Tomoe noticed it but decided to reply nonetheless.

- "I just came to pay a visit to your friend, that wooden doll."

- "What business do you have with her?"

Shizuru sensed that something was fishy here, and it wasn't only that Mouse Queen.

- "Oh, just greet her and give her some payback." - the mice minions squeaked, cheering their Queen – "But since I came all the way, I may as well make you my princess."

- "No!! I won't let you get near Natcracker! And I'd never be your princess; I'd rather kiss a boy before that."

And that would be quite a punishment for her; but to protect Natcracker she'd do anything.

- "Too bad you didn't accept my proposal" – the Mouse Queen chuckled – "but don't worry…I don't take NO as an answer."

With an evil laugh she gave a sign to her troops that began to walk to Shizuru in a threatening way. The mice were making her step back; in that moment the clock stroke again; Shizuru looked around her and noticed that all her surroundings began to grow to an enormous size. Her back was now facing the shelf, that's when she heard a low growl behind her. She turned her face to see the source; her eyes opened widely in shock. She simply couldn't believe it; Natcracker was sitting while holding her head with one of her hands. Her Natcracker had come to life! And it was a very handsome one, or should she say attractive?

- "What's…going on?" – asked Natcracker still holding her head. – "What happened…?"

A voice interrupted her.

- "Your highness!! What are your orders!?" – asked a soldier.

- "Orders…? What do you mean?" – said Natcracker not quite understanding.

- "We are under mice attack your highness!" – replied the soldier. – "How do we proceed?"

Natcracker tried to focus her thoughts. What was happening? She didn't remember much. That's when she felt the eyes of someone upon her, and she didn't like it too much, she would teach a lesson to whoever dared to look at her. Turning her gaze to see who was staring at her, she saw the most stunning mahogany eyes she'd ever seen. She was at loss of words. The owner of those mesmerizing eyes was a girl that was smiling at her. Their eyes met, and both felt something really warm growing in their chests. The moment was broken when the toy soldier spoke again.

- "Your Highness! They're approaching!!"

Natcracker got up from her place and stood near the edge of the shelf. Looking at the girl she asked.

- "Do you know why the mice are here?"

Shizuru was stunned not by the question, but at the charming voice that the doll had, it was very melodic. Was Natcracker talking to her for real?

- "The Mouse Queen said that she came for you…" – replied Shizuru.

- "For me??"

- "For payback…"

Natcracker was taken aback by that. What she had done to a freakin' mouse? She couldn't remember; well, it didn't matter now. If that filthy mouse thought that it would be easy to get her, she was wrong. She'd fight back, even if she didn't know the reason but she wouldn't be a trouble-free target.

- "Also she said she'd make me her princess…" – said Shizuru with a tone that denoted disgust.

Natcracker didn't know why but she felt rage filling her in less than a second. The mere thought of a stinky mouse laying a finger on this girl made her infuriated. Gathering all her courage she commanded.

- "Soldier! Move the troops forward! Align the cannons and fire at will at my command. Push them backwards!! Meanwhile I'll fight that Mouse Queen personally."

- "Roger!"

Before the soldier ran away to give the orders Natcracker spoke again.

- "Oh! And one more thing!"

- "Yes your Highness?"

- "Protect this girl at all cost."

- "Roger!!"

The soldier ran to spread the orders to the band of soldiers that rose to protect their Highness and Shizuru. Natcracker looked at Shizuru again and said.

- "I need a sword."

- "A sword?" – asked Shizuru a bit puzzled.

- "Yes, I can't fight that bitchy mouse without one. Could you get me one?"

- "Sure…let me see…" – said Shizuru inspecting the shelf.

There! She saw a lone sword near a shattered samurai figure that her father was trying to assemble after it suffered an accident. She took the katana and gave it to Natcracker.

- "Is this one okay?"

- "Yes. Thank you" – Natcracker began to descend from the shelf and looking directly at Shizuru she said – "Don't move from here." – she said that with a cold and harsh tone, which also sounded protective.

With that the Natcracker leaded her troops; the Mouse Queen did the same; soon a fierce battle began. While the soldiers and the mice were fighting, Natcracker held her own battle against the fugly Mouse Queen.

- "You are not bad, Prince of dolls!!" – shouted Tomoe striking with her sword.

- "What do you want Queen? I don't have anything to do with you!"

- "Of course you do! I couldn't get what I wanted THAT time. But this time you won't interfere with me getting that gorgeous girl!!"

Natcracker gave her a death glare.

- "I won't let you lay a single finger on her, you get that?"

- "You'll have to kill me if you want to stop me."

Their swords collided time after time, the clank filling the room. Shizuru watched the battle of her Natcracker with the Mouse Queen; that mouse wasn't bad in her technique, but the could see that Natcracker was way better than her, so it made her wonder what could be holding her back of using all her power. Realization struck her.

- "Her arm…" – she thought.

Shizuru's heart made a loop when she saw how the Mouse Queen began to push back the Natcracker; it seemed that the fugly queen had been able to hit the Natcracker in her injured arm, making her lose some of her strength. She had to do something and quickly to help the raven haired girl, but she couldn't move from where she was standing. All of the troops were protecting her from any mice attack, and Natcracker made it very clear before she left her. She didn't want her to be mad, but she had to help! Her mind worked very fast and came up with an idea, it wasn't the best but it was better than nothing. She lifted one of her feet and removed her slipper. Focusing her gaze on the Queen she just had to wait for the perfect moment to strike…and that moment was…now!

She threw the slipper with all her might to the mouse, hitting her straight in the face.

Natcracker had lost a step and fell backwards; Mouse Queen Tomoe was about to stab her when something hit her, blocking her vision. Natcracker got up in a flash and when the slipper fell to the floor she seized the opportunity, giving the Mouse Queen a lethal blow, a stab right through her heart.

Mouse Queen Tomoe squeaked with her last breath and fell dead on the ground. The brown mouse that was always by her side ran to her along with other mice. The surviving mice looked down at their now dead leader and taking her body, they retreated from battle; they couldn't do anything without her.

After the mice left, Natcracker was panting and turned around to look at Shizuru, who had a relieved smile on her lips. Natcracker approached her as the soldiers celebrated their victory. Shizuru knelt when Natcracker was in front of her; she was frowning.

- "Is she mad at me?" – thought Shizuru.

The Natcracker's voice confirmed that thought.

- "Why did you do that?" – asked Natcracker.

- "Do what?" – replied Shizuru with innocence.

- "You know!! Throw the slipper!! I told you not to move from here!!"

- "Ara, but I didn't move 'from here' did I? Natcracker never told me not to move my body."

- "I…I…GAAH!!" – screamed the Natcracker at the teasing tone this girl was using.

Shizuru giggled at the sight; Natcracker looked very cute like that. Suddenly she stopped giggling and felt that her body began to shrink until she had the same height of the Natcracker, well, she was a bit taller, but nonetheless, she was small now.

- "How come…?" – Shizuru said, to then fix her gaze in the doll standing in front of her.

- "Don't ask me. I just woke up."

Once again, the clock rang and a white light covered the body of the Natcracker. It was so blinding that Shizuru had to close her eyes; thankfully it lasted just a second. When Shizuru opened her eyes again, she was astonished at what she saw. The Natcracker was no longer a doll; all the wooden features had disappeared to reveal soft pale skin and silky raven hair. Her Natcracker had been transformed into a real girl, and it seemed that into a Prince too, or maybe Princess?. Her clothes were more elegant, but somehow remained the same. The Natcracker was a bit shocked about this too. The soldier from before approached to them and said.

- "Your Highness! Your transport is ready; you may leave whenever you want along with the girl."

- "Leave? To where? And why with her!!?"

- "Ara, is Natcracker disgusted at the thought of traveling to an unknown place with me?" – said Shizuru with a fake sad tone.

- "Of course not!" – said Natcracker with a slight blush on her cheeks – "Come, let's go!"

The Natcracker took Shizuru's hand and walked to where her transport was; they got in and waited for the departure. Once they took their seats on the sleigh that was pulled by swans and it began to move; Natcracker felt her cheeks burn a little. Why had she taken the girl's hand? Why was she feeling so nervous by just being beside her? Why was this girl teasing her? And what's more, why did she unconsciously enjoy it?

Lowering her gaze to prevent her blush being seen by the girl, she noticed the ribbon tied around her arm. She knew that it belonged to the girl with mesmerizing mahogany eyes; she didn't quite understand how she knew it but it made the slight pain in her arm be more bearable. She cleared her throat to get the attention of the girl, it worked.

- "Ehm…Thank you." – said in a low voice.

- "Beg your pardon?"

- "Thanks for treating my arm with the ribbon." – said Natcracker with a small blush growing in her cheeks.

- "It was nothing; it was the only thing I could do." – replied Shizuru with a smile.

Natcracker smiled back a tiny smile, which made the chestnut haired girl smile grow wider. After that, silence surrounded them all the way, but it wasn't awkward; it was very relaxing and somewhat fulfilling. Now they were heading to a magical world where it was winter all year, and the most amazing thing was that something special and unexpected would wait for them there.



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