Twelve Days of Christmas Bones

Spoilers for Season 3 to "The Santa in the Slush."

A/N: According to most established churches, the 'twelve days of Christmas' are actually the days between the birth of Jesus on December 25th and the arrival of the Magi on January 6th. Here is my take on those twelve days for the characters of Bones, with a brief nod to some of the traditional church and cultural events that take place at that time.

Disclaimer: The characters and the show Bones are the intellectual property of their creators and Fox TV.

On the first day of Christmas: Dec 25

Christmas Day

Dr. Temperance Brennan stared out the window, straining to see more than her own face reflected back at her. In spite of her frustration, the memory of the last thing she had seen out of a window warmed her: Booth with his present to her attached to the battery of his car, Parker with his bright smile outshining even the lights on the tree that the Booth boys had provided for the Brennan family Christmas.

She had thanked him, and told him to get Parker inside and in bed. The little monkey had had an exciting day, running away from his mother, finding a police officer and telling them he needed to get to the FBI to find his father. Brennan could tell that Booth's pride over his son's ingenuity was warring with his guilt over the worry Rebecca would have felt. She wondered idly which was winning. She would lay odds on the guilt, eventually.

She turned from the window and flipped open her phone. It was 9 o'clock in the morning; she was pretty sure Booth would be awake.


"Hi." She swallowed an unexpected lump in her throat.

"Hey, Bones! How's the weather in Peru?" His voice had gone warm and caressing.

"Umm, snowing."

He sounded confused, "It's snowing in Peru? Isn't it like … summer down there?"

She sighed and turned back to the window. "It's snowing in DC, Booth. Nothing in or out for the next four hours, maybe longer if the weather doesn't break."

"Oh." A moment's silence, then an understanding, "Oh."

"Yeah. And even then, they aren't guaranteeing any of my connecting flights and the people who are supposed to meet me will have been notified…." She could feel that lump growing and shook her head fiercely. Dr. Temperance Brennan did not cry over trifles. Dr. Temperance Brennan dealt.

But Tempe had called Booth. She just needed to hear his voice, she told herself.

"Hey, Bones?"

His voice wrapped around her like a hug. When had she started needing hugs, she wondered?


"Don't go anywhere. I'm coming to get you."

She listened to the dial tone of the phone for a moment, and then realized the lump in her throat was gone.