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Physical Contact

By: Hiki-chan


Dark inky eyes scanned the bright flashing signboard in front of him. 'Mika's Massage Parlor' it read.

"A massage parlor?" Suigetsu spoke, eyeing the place skeptically. "You're kidding."

"Oh Sasuke, do you want us to get a massage?" Karin ran up to Sasuke, batting her eyelashes all the way. "You know I can always give you a better massage, in private."

Suigetsu snorted, "You? What do you know about massaging." He said it more like a statement than a question.

Glaring at the other, Karin adjusted her glasses suddenly very flustered. "I know a lot!"

"Che, all you know is how to flirt horribly. I want to puke every time I happen to glance at you."

"Enough." Sasuke spoke calmly but firmly before Karin could react and went forward into the place. He didn't need to give them any reason for his actions; he just felt he could use a good massage. Though he wasn't the type who would just give someone permission to touch him, he could always decide on the spa inside instead.

Karin shot Suigetsu a glare before she went after Sasuke in a hurried pace. "Sasuke! I'm sure this is the perfect place to relax!" Suigetsu rolled his eyes while Juugo who was silent throughout the entire banter remained quiet as both of them followed.

There was a 'ding!' when they entered and they were immediately greeted with a cheery voice, "Good afternoon! Welcome to Mika's Massage Parlor! I'm Uzumaki Naruto at your ser—se—ser--" and calm dark stormy eyes met with shocked ocean blue ones.


When Naruto started his mission at Mika's Massage Parlor, he had expected a fun job, a safe job, a job that was just for the experience. He had accepted this job reluctantly when Tsunade had told him what it was about. It may have been a C rank mission, but it was the best of the choices Tsunade had offered, insisting that he took a break from training or looking for Sasuke.

And it had proven to be fun so far, learning about massaging, the different chakra points to massage to circulate them, how to massage and of course, chatting with the owner and making friends with his colleagues was fun too.

This was only a one-man mission because there was no actual danger, unless you counted slipping on the oil, cream and other massaging slippery substances. Yes, his mission was fun, enjoyable and he was getting better at it too!

So everything was going smoothly. But the last thing he had expected was Sasuke and team Hebi to walk through the door.

So here he was right now, gaping ridiculously at Sasuke. "Ser—se—er--" Oh yes, he was still stuttering! How dumb was that?

"Naruto-kun?" A voice rang through the front hall. "Who's at the door?"

Naruto seemed to wake up from his stupor, "It's a… a…" Okay, so not completely awake. This was getting really dumb but could you blame him? He's been searching for Sasuke for who knows how long and here he finds him in the most unexpected place.

"Customers!" The same voice from before said cheerily. A woman around her late twenties strolled into the room. "Naruto-kun, why didn't you tell me there were customers?"

"Eh." All this time, Naruto hadn't broken eye contact with Sasuke. But he knew that the owner was always serious about customers just like how Tsunade was serious about money, gambling and sake, but Mika was almost worse. Breaking eye contact, Naruto gave the owner a nervous smile. "Sorry about that, Mika-chan."

Naruto immediately regretted breaking eye contact when he felt eyes that he was a hundred and one percent sure was Sasuke's roll over his body. Oh why, why was it today that he had to wear the white silk yutaka with the orange sash? And why, why did this yutaka have to be above the knee? He was sure he looked like a damn prostitute.

He hid another shudder when he felt those dark orbs roll over him again. Damn it, stop staring teme!

Mika gave Naruto a confused glance but shrugged it off, "Hi there! Welcome to Mika's Massage Parlor, room for four?"

"Separate rooms for four." Sasuke replied, his eyes still on Naruto who refused to turn back to him.

"Oh Sasuke-kun!" Karin practically threw herself on Sasuke but got held back by Suigetsu. "Let go you dumb ass, I want to talk to Sasuke!"

Suigetsu grinned, his shark-like teeth showing, "No way, you just want to get into his pants, you disgusting bitch." Suigetsu's smirk widened, "You suck at your skills of seduction and flirtation, I'm surprised Sasuke hasn't vomited on the spot every time you throw yourself at him."

Karin opened her mouth, her eyes narrowed very dangerously but Sasuke stepped in. "Stop it, both of you."

Naruto watched them with mild amusement, almost in a daze. Seems like Sasuke would never lose his fans… Suddenly, he jolted back to reality. Sasuke was here, right now! Sasuke was here! He could challenge Sasuke here, bring him back to Konoha and everything would be right with the worl—


The blond hid a cringe and slowly turned to face Mika. Uh oh, she must have noticed that determined look on his face. Damn women and their abilities to… know things. "No funny stuff okay? Our job is to serve our customers. That's all."

"But Mika-chan!" Naruto immediately started to protest. She didn't know what opportunity he was missing here! If he didn't get Sasuke back now, the chances of meeting him again were-

"Naruto-kun," Her face was stern before it softened, "you promised."

It was always that damn problem with him. Making those stupid promises he wouldn't break. Naruto face-faulted, it was always his ninja-way. He had promised to do his work diligently. Well, he had more of declared it but it came down to around the same thing. Don't mix personal with mission. But finding Sasuke was more of a long-term mission so could he still maybe…

Staring at Mika's pleading face, Naruto sighed. He couldn't make Mika lose her faith and trust in him, he couldn't. "Alright…" Don't give up hope; he was sure there would be other chances to get Sasuke back. Right now, he had to concentrate on his current mission. Besides, Naruto rolled his eyes over the other members of Sasuke's team. There was no way he was able to take all of them down alone.

Mika squealed and clasped her hands together, "All right! Naruto-kun, go get your cute ass to one of those private rooms. Tell the others will you?"

"Stop staring at my ass!" Naruto shrieked, his face flaming red. Oh why did Sasuke have to standing right there? How embarrassing was that? Still blushing, Naruto ran up the stairs and away from those penetrating black eyes, tugging at the bottom of his yutaka all the while.

Oh well, what chance will it be that he would be the one to have to massage Sasuke? The teme would probably be under Mika who was the professional, so there was no need to worry.

For now, avoidance was the key!


"Gaaaah! Wh-Wha-Wha!" Naruto stood there stunned, pointing a finger at the person at the entrance to his private room.

Sasuke smirked, running his eyes down appreciatively over Naruto again. "Naruto." He greeted smoothly. You couldn't imagine how pleasantly surprised he was to see the familiar golden hair, cerulean eyes and whiskered cheeks once again. He was even happier to see the short yutaka on the blond, especially since it showed off Naruto's shapely legs. He was so pleasantly surprised that he almost jumped on Naruto, tore off his clothes and had his way with him.

The Uchiha had admitted to himself long ago. He was Naruto-sexual. The sight of naked girls, the boobs, the hair, the ass, everything turned him off. And boys… no luck there unless the boy had blond hair, blue eyes, tanned skin and whiskered marks. Everything about Naruto had turned him on when Sasuke started to go through puberty. His smile, his voice, just imaging him had turned Sasuke on like no one had before.

That's why Sasuke came to a conclusion that he was Naruto-sexual, and he was glad that Naruto grew to be so beautiful.

Naruto stared, blinked once before he broke out into a sprint out the door at the other side of the room. "Mika-chaaaaaaaaaaan!" Running down the stairs, he nearly crashed into Mika.

"Watch out, Naruto-kun. Don't break your bones before you've treated your customer." The woman teased.

"H-How come? How come?! How come--"

"How come the one you're suppose to massage is that handsome dreamy raven?" Mika sighed dreamily, "He is the hottest guy I've seen my whole life!"

Naruto scrunched up his nose, not Mika too!

"Don't worry Naruto-kun!" She cooed, "You're the cutest boy I've ever seen my whole life too!"

The blond blushed, "Shut it Mika-chan, I just want to know how co-"

"Yes, yes." The girl cut in, "Apparently he's the only one using a private room since the others have some problem… You're suppose to massage his back by the way."

"I don't care about that." Naruto said shaking his head vigorously, "Since he's obviously the big 'boss' of the group, why aren't you the one massaging him?"

"Simple." The girl replied smirking, "He asked for you."

To be continued.


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