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Warning: Make-out scene.


Physical Contact

By: Hiki-chan


There was silence in the room that Naruto could not bear, he took a few steps forward towards the sink again and took a shaky breath. "Anyway... The massage's over, you can leave now, just make sure you pay Mika-chan at the front or she'll hunt you down." Naruto tried to make it sound in a joking manner but he failed miserably.

But in this point in time, does it matter?

That's right, Naruto's heart clenched painfully, the massage was over. He wasn't going to see Sasuke until... he wasn't sure how long away that would be. Sure, he was sure he would get Sasuke back sometime. But how long is that?

He refused to turn back to face Sasuke, he wanted Sasuke to hurry and leave before he does something drastic, like attacking the Uchiha, breaking every bone in his body to prevent him from leaving. He heard Sasuke get up to go to the closet to change and once the door shut, he sighed.

"Bear with it Naruto." He told himself, splashing some running water on his face.

When Sasuke returned, Naruto heard it and turned off the tap. 'Hurry and leave, oh please just leave...' but no, he didn't want it, he wanted Sasuke to stay. Goodness how much he wanted it.

His heartbeat quickened when he felt a presence behind him.

"Naruto, I'm not leaving until we clear this up."

"What do you want me to do Sasuke?" Naruto could almost taste the heartbreak in his voice.

Sasuke was silent but he turned Naruto to face him, "I don't... just kiss anyone, and you know that."

Naruto knew exactly what that meant. He longed to hear it interpreted differently. He ached to hear it. The three words, but he knew this wasn't the time for those words, he couldn't accept them when Sasuke's still on the other side.

Unspoken words hung in the air. Maybe the words weren't necessary because Naruto and Sasuke both knew what they were. Both of them realized what was going on. They were crossing the boundaries, annihilating the boundaries, of enemies and best friends.

No one spoke a word and Naruto could tell it was getting to him.

Hell, they both felt the same for each other, and that wasn't just Naruto coming to some dumb conclusion, it was a fact and even if the Uchiha didn't say or admit it, he knew it.

Ahh, this was so frustrating. Naruto felt like messing up his hair or pulling chunks out. Chewing thoughtfully on his bottom lip Naruto wondered if he should just react without thinking of the consequences. Whether he should just do what he wanted.

'After all...' Naruto thought to himself, 'being rash is my nature.'

Sasuke remained quiet all the while as he just stared calmly back into Naruto's clear cerulean eyes. He was desperately trying to read the emotions that passed through those orbs. He frowned a little suspiciously as a familiar look crossed those eyes. It was the look before Naruto usually did something without thinking. The steely eyed determination.

Throwing caution to the wind, Naruto pounced. The Uchiha for once in his life since he joined Orochimaru, found himself caught off guard when the blond pounced on him, knocking him back to the massage table. Sasuke found himself seated awkwardly on the massage table, his arms full of Naruto. "N-Naruto?" The Uchiha cursed himself for sounding too human.

Naruto glanced up meeting eye to eye with Sasuke, the Uchiha looked shocked, wow that was a first even for him. But the moment determine clear blue eyes, met with Sasuke's dark eyes, Naruto shut his eyes and pushed himself forward, arms immediately going round the Uchiha's neck as he kissed the Uchiha soundly on the lips.

Sasuke was stunned for a few seconds before he too didn't care and tightened his arms around Naruto's waist. He was going to indulge, so if you don't mind. Not that he gave a shit if anyone minded. This was the first time ever Naruto was making the move. His name wouldn't be Uchiha if he didn't fully take advantage of this.

From simple of pressing lips hard against each other's, Sasuke took reigns of this situation and instead of biting on the blonde's bottom lip, he gave it a slow seductive lick so Naruto could understand what he wanted. Apparently the blond did, and it delighted the Uchiha to a far extent when Naruto allowed his mouth to open to give him entrance. Naruto accepted him.

Easing his tongue inside the mouth, Sasuke was once again overcome with the Naruto flavor, the blonde's mouth heat was so amazingly good. The Uchiha was overwhelmed and he seriously thought he was addicted to it.

Naruto shifted and straddled Sasuke on the lap, giving a grind down into Sasuke's lap and released a soft moan while his hands tangled desperately into Sasuke's hair, trying to bring the Uchiha closer. Sasuke groaned lowly and pressed Naruto's body flush against his, he loved, craved, wanted, needed the blond so badly. And now he was finding some sort of release of pent up emotions for over 3 years, he was really not letting go.

The Uchiha plundered Naruto's mouth into total submission once again that day. His eyes were turned onto Sharingan so he could memorize this exotic sight in front of him. Naruto's red face, closed eyes, open mouth, just his complete surrender to the Uchiha turned Sasuke on like nothing or nobody ever could.

He could sense Karin, Suigetsu and Juugo coming but there was no way he was going to let go of the blond until he was good and ready and had sufficient 'Naruto' to keep with him until he killed Itachi.

Apparently, the blond also sensed their coming presence and tensed slightly before he tried to pull away from the kiss, Sasuke however, wasn't going to allow that.

The door swung open and there stood Karin at the front, Suigetsu behind her and Juugo next to him. The girl's mouth immediately flew open when she took in the scene in front of her. Naruto and Sasuke were positioned so that their side view could be seen from the doorway.

Naruto flushed darkly and pulled away mightily with a soft sound of released suction, licking around his lips. It was too embarrassing, he couldn't make out with Sasuke in front of the raven's teammates. Suigetsu was smirking with his eyes flicking from the couple and to Karin. Juugo was just, a blank. Sasuke seemed highly irritated with this distraction while Naruto, Naruto actually wanted to smirk and show that damn girl that hah, Sasuke was his.

Suigetsu whistled, eyeing Naruto with a smirk. The magnificent leader definitely wasted no time to get what he wanted. Sasuke glared darkly, he really did not appreciate the interruption. What's more, the smirk on Suigetsu aiming at Naruto irked him to no end. Naruto was his to look at.

Karin opened her mouth and wanted to scream but got interrupted when Sasuke brought up his hand to Naruto's chin and pulled the blond forward again, to make it very obvious that he still wanted this. Naruto's last coherent thought was 'Hah, Karin, now you see who Sasuke wants!' and as bitchy as that may sound, Naruto was contentedly smug.

Then he was lost once again when Sasuke took control of the kiss and his eyes flew closed. Sasuke's eyes on the other hand was open, his Sharingan came into display again as his eyes stared threateningly at his teammates, ordering them to get lost.

Juugo was the first to understand and left without a word, Suigetsu followed, radiating smugness while pulling the now protesting loudly Karin away. Looks like the great leader still had emotions, this was one of the first few times he had seen Sasuke look annoyed.

With a satisfied nod once the door closed, Sasuke got back to Naruto. When he gets back to Konoha, he swore, Naruto would be his. And everyone will know. Naruto's arms tightened around the Uchiha's neck when Sasuke broke the deep kiss with a 'smack' and started down his neck. The Kyuubi vessel could feel their saliva dripping down his chin again but was too much in a daze to do anything about it.

Sasuke licked his lips at the sight of the smooth tanned neck with a hint of red from the previous mark he had made around almost an hour ago. Deciding it would be better to make sure the mark stays until Naruto goes back to Konoha so that everyone could see, Sasuke smirked before he leaned down.

"A-Ah! Sa-Sasuke," Sasuke immediately liked the way Naruto called his name in that breathless tone, "H-Hurts..."

"Shh..." The Uchiha licked the spot soothingly before he made smaller bites near the main mark. Once he was done and satisfied he stopped. Bringing his head up, he gave Naruto another deep kiss before he pulled away, leaving the blond completely dazed.

With a smirk, he leaned forward to lick their saliva off the blonde's chin before he gave a kiss to Naruto's cheek. It seemed like he couldn't get enough but he knew he had to stop, he had to leave already.

As much as he would have loved to take Naruto against the massage table, pound into the blond and make him scream his name for the entire world to hear, he had to wait. He couldn't take his blond now. He can't. There was no time, and as much as Sasuke wanted it, he won't do that to Naruto when they were still enemies.


A lazy grin appeared once Naruto's face as he rested his face at the crook his Sasuke's neck. "I know. But you'll come back. Or I'll make you."

Pulling the Kyuubi's vessel's chin up, Sasuke gave one last chaste kiss on those already swollen lips before he stood up and left the room.

Naruto groaned softly, oh help. What was he going to do when he went back to Konoha. There was no way he was going to be able to hide this. He felt like he wanted to explode and tell the whole world what just happened. This was going to cause him a headache.

But he couldn't stop smiling.


Going down to the payment area at the front entrance, Naruto froze upon seeing Sasuke and his teammates. Shit, they saw what happened just now. How utterly embarrassing! His face flared red at the memory of Suigetsu's smirk and Karin's gaping face.

"Naruto-kun," Mika smiled sweetly at him, oblivious to what had taken place moments ago, "they're just about to leave, say bye."

"Bye." Naruto said awkwardly, a flush on his face as he refused to meet Sasuke's eyes. Suigetsu was smirking and giving this thumbs-up sign while Karin was glaring venomously at him. As much as she wanted to scream at the blond idiot for taking away her precious Sasuke, she knew better. She had never seen Sasuke more possessive about something or someone her whole life.

If anyone attacked Naruto, she knew Sasuke wouldn't hold back and kill the person, even if the person was his own teammate. She bit her lips and stopped glaring and turned to stare at the ground instead.

Naruto noticed her reaction and inwardly sighed. He really wondered how things would end up like. He was in a midst of confusion right now. One part of him wanted to attack and force Sasuke to stay, another wanted to let Sasuke go and wait until they see each other again... the last part of him wanted to go along with Sasuke, but he couldn't betray Konoha.


Naruto startled when he realized Sasuke was just in front of him. The Uchiha raised his hand and cupped Naruto's cheek. The sharp intake of breath, Naruto wasn't sure whether it was from him or Mika, maybe the both of them.

"Don't think, Naruto." Sasuke whispered softly so that only the both of them could hear. "Go back to Konoha, that's where you really belong."

"I don't mean to sound like a complete imbecile." Naruto muttered softly, a blush on his face. "But my heart..."

He didn't need to complete the sentence because Sasuke understood.

"... I know..." Sasuke said, just as soft, "...Mine too."

And just with that, his doubts vanished. Naruto beamed, now he spoke with his usual tone. "You'll better come back, or I'll kick your ass the next time we meet."

Sasuke smirked, "The next we meet you won't be in your yutaka anymore."

The blond gritted his teeth together embarrassedly. "Shut up! What I wore here is between you and me, you got that?" He threatened.

"Of course." Sasuke drawled, his smirk widening. Suigetsu stared, seriously Naruto was some influence on the Uchiha.

"However, do get ready dobe." Sasuke trailed his hand down Naruto's side to pat him softly on the stomach. "I plan on getting you pregnant with our child when I return."

Then with that, he left the massage parlor, quick as the wind with the rest of his teammates behind.

There was silence for a while minute while Mika grinned knowingly at Naruto who just froze for around a minute before he suddenly slumped onto the floor.


And inside, Kyuubi was laughing.

Finally End!

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