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Ziva had just arrived home, exhausted from her long day at the office. Tony had hinted that he was going out on a date tonight. She shook her head, how could he be so blind. Then again why could she not just be honest with him and confess she was in love with him. Then suddenly she heard his voice.

"Ima?? Ima Ziva??? Shalom….."

"Arim?" Ziva turned around and saw her 3 1/2 year old son standing there. She rushed over to him and examined him. He looked fine and they both hugged.

"Ziva" her father called out from behind her.

"Father, how did you? Why?" Ziva then turned to Arim and in Hebrew told him to go into her room. "I will be right back, let me put cartoons on for him."

Ziva explained to Arim to watch television and was surprised when he spoke in very clear English that he liked Power Rangers and would not touch anything.

"You taught him English? Why is he not with Sari and Ben? Why did you not call me and let me know you were coming?" Ziva tried to keep calm however when it came to her son and her father she was not always able to hold it in.

"Ziva, Ben and Sari were killed a week ago, as far as everyone is concerned Arim was killed with them. Sari started to teach him English a year ago, like you he learns very fast. Only you and I called him Arim, Ben and Sari always called him Arron and that is what he was known as in Israel. Ziva, I know this is hard however I am too old to raise a child, and considering all things I think it would be best that Arim stay with you."

Ziva sat there listening to her father, Ben and Sari dead, poor Arim, now to be tossed into an unknown world.

"What all does Arim know?" Ziva asked

"Ziva, he knows that Ben and Sari adopted him and that you are his mother, as had always been planned. He knows I am his grandfather and that he will be staying with you in the United States. I told him he may get a new name here. I was not sure if you would still want him named after your brother Ari, after all that had happen. However Arim does not know about Ari." Ziva's father looked into his daughters eyes no longer could he read what she was thinking they had totally grown apart.

"Is there another Mossad family we could place Arim with? My job here keeps me very busy, I am afraid I would not have time for him." Ziva whispered looking to her bedroom door making sure Arim could not hear her.

"Ziva, it would be unsafe to keep Arim in Israel the car bombing that killed Sari and Ben was a Hammas bombing. They know that Arim is your son and my Grandson. As far as all are concerned his father is a dead Mossad Officer. However the public believes that Arron is dead and by tomorrow Arim's background story will be done and he has been living in Paris with your Aunt Hami for the past 3 1/2 years since his birth. She has since needed to return him to you. Since you are now in America as a liaison you can care for your son and raise him. Ziva, just do not make them mistakes I did. I love you, I must go now." Suddenly Director David rose up and started for the front door.

"Wait, you can not just leave." Ziva said following him to the door.

"Ziva, if I do not leave now I may put Arim and you both at risk. I love you." Director David then left.

Ziva could not believe what had just happen. However she needed to make sure Arim was ok first.

"Arim, how are the power rangers?" Ziva asked as she walked into her bedroom with her son sitting on her bed watching the show. Ziva started to laugh as she realized it was about these funny looking guys with great Ninja skills, no wonder he liked it.

"Saba said that you might have to give me a new name? Do you think Red Ranger would be too silly?" Arim got the cutest grin on his face as he said this, that just melted Ziva's heart.

"Well does the Red Ranger have another name he uses? I think red ranger may sound a little silly." Ziva asked.

"Well the red Mystic Force Rangers name is Nick. So how about Nick?" Arim gave her his biggest smile with pleading blue puppy dog eyes.

"Nick it is then, so if any one ask your name is Nick Arim David. However we just tell people Nick we will keep your middle name as our secret password. If someone calls you Arim then ask who is that after? The answer is I named you that after your Uncle. Ok?" Ziva just prayed this would not come up, at work it would be hard enough to explain she has a son, but even harder to explain he was named after his Uncle that murdered there former team mate.

"Nick, I need to tell you something. I know this is hard to understand, but I am going to try to explain this, ok?"

"Sure, Em and Ab told me that you had a special job in America."

"Well, Arim."

"It's Nick, Ima."

"I mean Nick, I see you already got your new name down pat. Though in America Saba is Grandpa ok? Also very few people know Hebrew so anytime you want to ask me something just ask in Hebrew so no one knows ok?"

"Ok, so do I need to call you Mom or Ima, I like Ima better." Nick asked.

"I think Ima or Ziva is fine, though Mom is ok also. Hmmm are you hungry? Would you like something to eat?"

Nick nodded.

"Come on I may not be the best Ima however at least I can make you a good dinner and we can talk."

Nick and Ziva went into the kitchen and she started to pull out some food from the fridgerator.

"Ima, you are not kosher, Em never let me have non kosher."

"Nick, I am sorry I have not been kosher in my diet since I have been in the Mossad, I was always gone on assignments and well let's just say I have not been following kosher for a long time. So I apologize now Nick however I will try if you want to but if you are ok with non kosher that is ok also."

"If you say it is ok, then I am fine with it" Nick then grabbed a sandwich that Ziva finished making and took a bite.

"Well, Nick tomorrow we will go out and buy you things for your room. My extra bedroom had a full size bed however the room is plain. So we can go buy some Power Ranger stuff to decorate your room does that sound good?"

"Sure, however was there something else you needed to tell me?" Nick asked with a concerned look on his face.

"Nick, as you know I gave you to Ben and Sari because I wanted you to have a Mom and Dad or Em and Ab. I am so sorry that you have lost them, I know they loved you very much. Nick I never thought I would be rasing you, and well no one here knows I have a son. So I need to let my boss know about you and I need to find a baby sitter and make arrangements for you." Ziva watched her son looking for any understanding from him.

"You do not want me?" Nick asked with tears forming in his eyes.

"Nick Arim David, I may have gave you to Ben and Sari however that was so you could have a family. I have not told others about you because I was scared how people would respond. When you are older you may understand and I can give you more information. However I have always missed you and wanted you. You are in my heart everyday. Did you not see the picture of yourself on my bedside? I also have pictures that Ben and Sari sent to me as you have grown up and they let me know about your first steps your first words. However they did not tell me your English was better than mine." Ziva said smiling at her now grinning son.

"Come on it is getting late you can sleep in the guest room tonight. I will help you get ready for bed ok?"

"Sure Ima. My suitcase is in your room. Saba, I mean grandpa put it there."

Ziva and Nick finished their dinner and then they went into her room and took his suitcases to the guest room.

Ziva started to remove Nick's clothing and soon found his pajama's which were Power Rangers. She smiled and realized how much her life was changing tonight. She looked into Nick's blue eyes and realized how much they looked like Tony's. She had had to wonder if maybe that what drew her to Tony.

"Good night my love." Ziva gave Nick a kiss and tucked him in bed.

Ziva closed Nicks door and then went into the living room and dialed Jenn Shephard at home.

"Hi Jenn, Umm I need to tell you something any chance you could come over to my house tonight?"

Jenn, could hear the concern in Ziva's voice. She had known Ziva since Cario in 2003 when she had helped Jenn escape from a dangerous situation.

"Ziva, are you ok? Would you be able to come to my place?"

"Jenn, I really am not able to leave my place right now, however maybe we could talk tomorrow."

"No, I will be there in about 20 minutes." Jenn then hung up the phone and turned to Jethro.

"Jethro, can I take a raincheck on dinner?"

"Only if you promise to let me know what is wrong with my best agent."

"If I can I will. Jethro who knows maybe it is just a girl issue." Jenn got an impish grin as she said this.

"For some reason with Ziva I wouldn't believe it to be just a girl issue."

Jethro walked Jenn to her car and twenty minutes later she was walking up to Ziva's door.

Ziva answered the door before Jenn could ring the bell. She did not want to have Nick wake up and then explain everything, there was things she needed to tell Jenn she did not want Nick to hear.

"Shalom Jenn."

"Shalom Ziva, ok what is wrong." Jenn could see a look of worry on Ziva's face one that she had not seen but two other times, once about a month after they were released in Cairo and when they thought Tony was killed earlier this year.

Just then the door to the guest room flew open and out came Nick running and jumped into Ziva's arms.

"Ima, Ima, the bad men are coming. They tried to get in my window."

"Jenn, hold Nick."

As Jenn held Nick she grabbed her cell and called Gibbs and alerted him to a possible intruder at Ziva's place.

Ziva grabbed her gun and ran into Nick's room the window was missing the screen. She ran back into the living room and Nick quickly ran to Ziva and she grabbed him up kissing and holding him.

"Ummm Jenn, this is Nick he is my son. Nick was born July 8, 2004. Nick this is Director Jennifer Shepphard she is my boss. Jenn I think someone just tried to get my son, the screen was on the window when I put him to bed it is missing now."

"Gibbs is on his way. Could you see anyone? Do you know who it might have been?" Jenn was still in shock learning Ziva has a son and then that he was almost kidnapped while just arrived at the house was a lot to take in.

"Jenn, I have lots of enemies and now that they know my son is with me…. I do not even know where to begin."

Just then Gibbs knocked on the door, and Jenn went and opened it immediately.

"Jenn you and Ziva are ok?"

Then Gibbs saw Ziva holding a small boy that was clinging with his arms around her neck and lags around her waist.

Ziva was singing a hebrew lullaby and had Nick asleep she then saw Gibbs standing there. She then took Nick and placed him on the couch and covered him with a blanket.

"Well, Gibbs remember when you asked if I wanted children and I started to say something but you cut me off. Well, the truth is, I am a mother. My son is Arim David when he was born I named him after my brother who at that time was a great person to me. Arim though is now going by Nick. When he was born I gave him up for adoption, his parents were killed a week ago in a Hammas car bombing according to the Hammas he was killed with his parents. My father just brought him to me tonight to live. However he did not tell me he was still in danger to the point that only 4 hours of having him here someone tried to kidnap him. I will do whatever I need to protect him." Ziva then looked over to her son asleep on the couch.

"Ziva, I hate to ask this but I need to know who is his father?" Jenn asked having a rough idea of who it may have been.

"Jenn, when we were being held in Cairo, I did everything to keep you from being tortured. In Mossad they train us to be tortured and as I have said everyone has a breaking point. I just made sure to use the one tool I knew to use to keep my friend from having to endure undue torture."

"Ziva, when we escaped and we were checked out by the medical team, how far along were you?"

"I was about 3 weeks pregnant. They offered me an abortion, however I just could not do that, however I can never tell Arim who his father was since I was not sure who…" Ziva could not finish the words.

"I choose to keep it a secret, my brother Ari knew and my father found out. The group that held us was found and they are dead, Ari saw to that, he said they would never hurt another person. I know you never knew the Ari I knew, however he was protective of his sisters." Ziva was looking away from Gibbs as she said this knowing Ari was not a subject he liked to discuss.

"After I had my son I gave him family friends they name him Arron. Then I went to the UK or a tour then everything happened with Ari."

Just then there was a knock on the door.

"Tony?" Ziva stated stunned to see him at the door.