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The Meaning of Christmas

What does Christmas mean to you?

Children singing carols,

Presents on a tree?

Having photos with Santa made,

A precious memory?

Thinking you hear slay bells,

Looking out for reindeer?

Making children happy,

Helping someone lonely,

Find some Christmas cheer?

--------------------------------Getting together with family,

Giving and receiving gifts?

Strolling down memory lane,

With those you love once again?


Feasts and merry making,

Putting up decorations?

Getting that magic feeling,

That christmas can bring,

A truly wonderful sensation?


A precious babe born in a manger,

Who later died to save us?

Peace on earth,

Forgiveness and love?

Being thankful throughout the year,

For blessings from god above?


Christmas means all this to me,

And so, much more,

The season is so special,

It's hard to put in to words.

So let me just express this wish,

Whilst I have the chance,

Have a wonderful joy filled Christmas,

And may the New Year be,

A year filled with love, peace,

Blessings, joy

And even a little romance.