Hey everyone. Merry Christmas. It must seem like I have no life writing a story and posting it on Christmas Day but truthfully I've had this in my head all day and I needed to get it down before I forgot it. Here is my new story: Two Beds And A Coffee Machine. It is actually a song by Savage Garden. Please let me know what you think because if people don't like it i'm not going to continue it. BTW Thanks for the huge response to I Don't Trust Myself With Loving You. over 16,000 hits. woohoo. Read, Review, Enjoy.

And she takes another step

Slowly she opens the door

Checks that he is sleeping

Pick up all the broken glass

And furniture on the floor

Been up half the night scream

Now it's time to get away

Pack up the kids in the car

Another bruise to try and hide

Another alibi to write

Isabella Nicholson's back hit the wall with a thud and she slid down it painfully. Aaron Nicholson, drunk from a night at the pub, grabbed a fistful of her chocolate brown hair and pulled her to standing position. Her back screamed in agony and she could feel the droplets of blood as they trickled from her nose.

"I'm not stupid Isabella," Aaron hissed in her ear. "I know what I saw."

"He was just someone from school. I love you Aaron," Bella argued back. She tried to turn away from the potent smell of beer radiating off of his body, but he held her still, her hair still twisted through his fingers in an aggressive manner.

"I don't believe you," he said in a calm voice before throwing her to the floor.

"I would never cheat on you. Why don't you believe me?" Bella begged as the smell of blood started to affect her senses.

"Because you're nothing but a whore," Aaron bellowed and punched her across the face, sending her flying into the coffee table. She heard it crack underneath her.

Another ditch in the road

You keep moving

Another stop sign

You keep moving on

And the years go by so fast

Wonder how I ever made it through

"Mummy," a soft voice called from the top of the stairs and she turned slightly to see her nine year old daughter, Abigail, standing there clutching her tattered teddy bear to her chest.

"What is it baby?" she asked in a calming voice as she watched Aaron retreat from the living room. The front door slammed shut seconds later and Abigail descended the stairs quickly.

"Mummy we have to get out of here," Abigail begged as she helped Bella up from the coffee table. Bella winced and objected loudly as pain rippled through her body. She sank to the floor and began to sob uncontrollably. Bella shook her head in disagreement.

"We can't," she mumbled as she once again tried to stand. The second time was more successful. Abigail slid her arm around her mother and helped her up the stairs and into the bathroom.

"If we don't get out of here, he will hurt Brendan and Nathan. He already hurts me," Abigail replied. She watched her mother as she washed away the dried blood and surveyed herself in the mirror. The damage was worse than last time and she knew that her daughter was right. It was only a matter of time before her two sons saw their father in all his glory.

"You pack a bag each for the boys and meet me at the car in ten minutes," Bella instructed and watched as Abigail left the small confines of the family bathroom.

And there are children to think of

Baby's asleep in the backseat

Wonder how they'll ever make it through

This living nightmare

But the mind is an amazing thing

Fill with candy dreams

And new toys in another cheap hotel

Two beds and a coffee machine

But there are groceries to buy

And she knows she'll have to go home

Twenty four hours later, Bella sat off the side of the road as she cried. The kids, Abigail, Brendan and Nathan were sound asleep and she questioned herself over and over again about where she was going and what she was really doing.

"Please don't make us go back mummy," Abigail suddenly said puncturing the silence. Bella glanced in the rear view mirror at her three children and knew that she couldn't subject them to the torture of Aaron Nicholson.

"I won't let him hurt you ever again. I promise," Bella replied and started the car once again.

"Mummy, where are we going?" Brendan asked as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

"On a road trip. How would you like to see Grandma Renee and Grandpa Charlie?" Bella questioned, finally making her mind up about where she was going.

"Will daddy be coming too?" Brendan questioned as he bent superman's arms out of shape.

"Not this time honey," Bella mumbled and fixed her eyes on the long road ahead.

Another ditch in the road

You keep moving

Another stop sign

You keep moving on

And the years go by so fast

Wonder how I ever made it through

Another bruise to try and hide

Another alibi to write

Another lonely highway in the black of night

But there's hope in the darkness

You know you're going to make it

"Oh Bella," Renee gasped as she took in her daughter's appearance.

"I fell down the stairs," Bella answered lamely as she dragged her suitcase through the front door of Renee and Charlie's Phoenix home.

"He did this, didn't he?" Charlie questioned as he examined his daughter's bruises more closely.

"I don't know who or what your talking about," Bella replied and followed her sons upstairs. Renee and Charlie passed a glance between them and followed their daughter upstairs.

"I can have him charged, Bella," Charlie continued. Bella sighed, exhausted from the long drive.

"I'm filing for divorce in the morning and then I'm moving so far away he can't possible find me. End of story," Bella said and rudely, closing her bedroom door in her parents faces.

"You could always go to Forks," Charlie called through the door. Bella yanked the door opened quickly, a huge smile on her face. "I still have the old house."

"It's perfect dad," Bella said and threw her arms around his neck. Unused to her affected her hugged her awkwardly back. Bella pulled back and cursed quietly under her breath.

"What?" Renee questioned not seeing what the problem was.

"It's only a two bedroom house. Thanks for the offer though dad," Bella replied.

"Let me take care of everything," Charlie announced and left Bella and Renee alone.

Another ditch in the road

Keep moving

Another stop sign

You keep moving on

And the years go by so fast

Silent fortress built to last

Wonder how I ever made it

Charlie reappeared ten minutes later with a wide smile.

"The house will be ready for you in 6 months," Charlie said. Bella hugged her parents happily and retreated back to her room she was sharing with her three kids. After 9 years, life was finally going right for Isabella Nicholson.