I try to keep my stories fresh and vivid, did I succeed? I wanted to create a story in which the main character is a real 16-year-old fan and a virgin in so many ways. It is kind of a tribute to the times when I used to hang out with bands and stuff, although I never took it this far ;) Great to be young and stupid, I say!

Please do not flame (I do not find a reason for it so you better not either). I apologize for the possible misspellings and other errors.


Pairing: Sasuke x Naruto

Summary[New story! The greatest band ever, Poison Black Poison, has a gig in your hometown. What if you get to know its hot singer and things take new turns? Will fans bite your head off? Ask Naruto[SasuNaru, rated M for SEX and language

Disclaimer: I have no rights over the characters or what so ever (do not sue me Mr. Kishimoto), I am just loaning them and returning to the rightful owner (Mr. Kishimoto).

It Is So Erotic When Your Make-Up Runs

Oh my God, I am so excited (okay, that sounds gay)! Holy hell, this is my first time seeing Poison Black Poison live! I am going to piss my pants…fuck, fuck, fuck. The singer of the band is my idol, he is so fucking cool. I so would like to meet him; I would want to shake his hand. I bet I would die if I had the opportunity to that.

This is the first time they perform here in my hometown and I almost did not get a ticket. The tickets were sold out in five minutes. Poison Black Poison is a heavy metal grunge band - or at least in my opinion. The singer is a god; he is the hottest guy in the whole wide world. Not that I am gay or anything - I just state the fact.

All the members have amazing names but the singer has the best one, he is called Karma Sixxtus. Aaargh, my ass is on fire! Well, I suppose I should introduce myself? I am Naruto Uzumaki, a wannabe rocker myself and Poison Black Poison's biggest fan. I have got all their records and to simply put it, I want to become like Sixxtus one day.

I am sixteen years old which is a good thing because that is the minimum age at the gig. It is amazing that Sixxtus is only twenty years old and he is so fucking talented. I like to play guitar (electric of course) and become as good as Sixxtus. Yet, I am so far away although I work my butt off.

I look myself through the mirror. What should I wear? The reflection that watches me back is of a blonde blue-eyed boy with ripped jeans, a black hoodie and a piercing in my left ear. Nothing spectacular, just plain old me. I am dissatisfied with my image and start to roam around in my closet. I have to find something cool to wear.

I find my black tight low-waist jeans (I have to use butter to get them on…) and my wife-beater (just like John McClane, yeah!). What else, what else? My tags and make-up meaning light black eyeliner. Well, I look kind of dashing although I say it myself. I take my wallet and keys and I scram out of the door. Now I just need to meet up with Kiba near the gig place and make the best out of the night!

I see Kiba standing near the main doors; we are early so that we can claim good places in the line. I want to get into the first row! The weather is quite chilly and I did not take a hat or gloves with me. Kiba is as excited as me and we must seem like two sappy girls shouting and laughing.

Behind us stands a group of girls who chat loudly about whom they want to fuck in the band or with whom they have already done it. I try to listen carefully and I get glimpses of information. It seems that Sixxtus is a fucking sex God and a beast in bed too. Hell, I am jealous that he can get all the girls but then again - it makes him more interesting.

Too bad I am not a girl…I would sleep with him any day. At eight o'clock sharp they open the doors and we run inside to the concert hall. I and Kiba run like mad dogs into the front line and glue ourselves to the safety fence.

The first band called Mosaic (a support) starts the show and they are quite good. The sounds are amazing though and the act is marvellous - too bad the music is not my cup of tee. Then after an hour or so Mosaic ends their show and we can only wait for the next performer - Poison Black Poison. I am so nervous that my palms sweat.

The roadies come to pick up Mosaic's stuff and bring Poison's instruments. There on the stage I see the familiar guitar and I almost start to cry out of joy. The technicians test the drums and other instruments so that they would sound right. It is getting hard to breath already.

After the technical stuff, all the lights go out leaving only one spotlight on the lonely stage. Out of nowhere we can hear a voice (you know that creepy graveyard style) which orders us to welcome the main band with howling. We all shout our lungs dry, how have I been waiting for this!

First the drummer walks in and the decibels almost tear down the ceiling. Then the bassist and all the other members arrive except Sixxtus. We mewl and scream; my legs almost give upon me. The drummer shows us the sign and a hush descends over the crowd.

The drummer, Joey Madhouse, starts to beat the drums so it almost sounds like a march. The spotlights gather in one corner and I know what is coming - I am going to die. A dark figure walks gracefully yet casually from behind the corner. I cannot believe my ears; the screams make the floor vibrate and my ears hurt.

I do not care because there on the stage stands my everything - Karma Sixxtus. I am about to faint (how sad would that be?) but I can keep my composure since Kiba helps me by keeping me still. On the stage, pure beauty - a perfect person. I can only gape for air since he is so astonishing.

He wears black PVC pants that are even tighter than mine (how is that even possible?) and a black sleeveless shirt with silver ornaments on it. His arms are tattooed and face full of piercings. Normally I would not like that kind of amount of metal on one's face but he looks plain amazing. The lip ring looks so fucking tempting that I would like to run my tongue over those plush lips (not in a gay manner?).

His raven black hair is messy and those sexy bangs somewhat hide his beautiful expressions. He has a lot of make-up but it does not make him trashy or cheap. He looks elegant and mysterious. No wonder girls, like the group of them behind us, want to have their way with him.

The guitar hangs loosely on his shoulder as he goes to his marked place - right in front of me. I turn to Kiba and say that I might be in love, he laughs and says who here is not. It makes me wonder; does he do guys do? Or just girls? I know he does some crazy shit on gigs, like kissing the other guy members of the band and such, but I am not sure whether it makes him gay, bi or something else.

Do not take me wrong, I am just pondering these things - I am straight as an arrow (maybe bending a little…). I just find Sixxtus incredibly hot and although I said I would let him fuck me, it is not a problem since that will not come true. A nobody like me and a god like him - no way in hell in this universe for my evident disappointment. There is no time to ponder anymore since the gig is going to start.

They start with Tear Jerker and move on to Death At Your Door. All my favourite songs! I am in a pure bliss. I am jumping alongside Kiba and we shout and sing our hearts out. Sixxtus is sweating and so am I. They have been playing for an hour already and I wish they would not stop; I would only freeze the time.

Only a few songs left and when the first chords echo in the hall, I know what to expect. My all time favourite song So Erotic. I just watch Sixxtus closely and sing along. He gazes the audience as he sings and somehow he locks his gaze with mine. Holy shit, Sixxtus is looking straight at me! Kiba sees this too and grins.

Then comes the chorus and I sing it to him; "It is so erotic when your make-up runs". Fucking shit, this is amazing! Then Sixxtus jumps from the stage to greet his fans giving high-fives as if searching for something. He is coming towards us, I happily panic to Kiba, who is already passing out from overexcitement. Kiba is able to touch his shirt and squeaks like a little girl. I grin so that my face almost cracks into pieces.

Sixxtus stops right in front of me and sings the chorus keepings his eyes on me. My head spins as his velvety voice sings those words, dropping them like droplets before me; "It is so erotic when your make-up runs". Without me realizing, Sixxtus comes closer to me and grabs me by the collar. He pulls me into a deep and wet kiss.

First I am too amazed to do anything and I can hear Kiba gaping right next to me. All the people whistle and shout and I make my decision. I respond to his kisses and deepen them. The music plays around us but I do not hear anything.

I can only taste his moist lips on mine, his tongue inside my mouth. I love every bit of it and I inhale him as much as possibly. We part for oxygen and my mind is numb. He looks at me for the last time and climbs back on to the stage. The band performs the last few songs but I cannot concentrate anymore. My idol just tongue-raped me and I liked it. I would have wanted more.