I try to keep my stories fresh and vivid, did I succeed? I wanted to create a story in which the main character is a real 16-year-old fan and a virgin in so many ways. It is kind of a tribute to the times when I used to hang out with bands and stuff, although I never took it this far ;) Great to be young and stupid, I say!

Please do not flame (I do not find a reason for it so you better not either). I apologize for the possible misspellings and other errors.


Pairing: Sasuke x Naruto

Summary[New story! The greatest band ever, Poison Black Poison, has a gig in your hometown. What if you get to know its hot singer and things take new turns? Will fans bite your head off? Ask Naruto[SasuNaru, rated M for SEX and language

Disclaimer: I have no rights over the characters or what so ever (do not sue me Mr. Kishimoto), I am just loaning them and returning to the rightful owner (Mr. Kishimoto).

A week goes by and I have already forgotten his promise of calling. He was drunk and I was drunk, promises from that night do not count. I talked with Kiba and we are cool now. I try not to ponder too much what happened, since I do not want to think whether the whole incident makes me gay or not.

Somewhere in my mind I know it did not mean as much for him as it did for me. I turn on my TV and decide to watch music television (not MTV, too commercial). Bill Board is the news anchor this time - God, I hate his voice. I am about to switch the channel until he announces something that makes me drop the remote control.

Karma Sixxtus has broken up with his current girlfriend because of an incident at the after party. What incident? My heart starts to race like the cars in NASCAR. It seems that the girlfriend has seen a guy leaving Sixxtus' bedroom the following morning. In his boxers.

The anchor smirks and offers us a rhetoric question; do we have a new Freddy Mercury or Rob Halford perhaps? Fucking shit. The woman I bumped into that morning was his girlfriend. What a hypocrite woman; Sasuke was fooling around with three girls at the same time and the guy with whom he did not have sex with causes the commotion. Shit.

My phone starts to ring. It is Kiba. Did you hear the news, he asks. Fucking yeah. I am doomed.

Later that night my phone rings again. What Kiba?!!? I shout. Urm…it is not Kiba, says a velvety voice. Holy shit. It is HIM. I start to panic. I am so sorry, if I had known she was your girlfriend, I would have told her everything…like that nothing happened and stuff, I stutter. He is quiet for some time and then he says yeah, but something happened.

Fuck, he remembers. Well, that…it meant nothing, we were both drunk, I reply my heart in my throat. It did not mean anything to you? He asks. Fuck. I am cornered. Well, it did - of course it did. It was I who started it and I perfectly knew what I was doing, I say meekly. Me too, he says. Silence again.

I do not have lots of free time, so would you come to our next gig in Merlville (quite close actually), he asks. I do not have a ticket, the gig is sold out, I sigh. I send you a ticket, give me your address. We need to talk, he says sternly. It is next Saturday, he concludes. Come. I promise to come and he hangs up.

He actually called, I cannot believe it. A week and I meet him again. I better not tell anyone about this - just in case it backfires. Time flies too fast for my liking. Again some errand-boy (not the same though) comes to me and gives me an envelope. A plain white envelope with my name on it. It would be romantic if I was not about to shit my pants over this.

Then came the feared Saturday. I told my mom I was at Kiba's - hopefully she would not call their place. I had to tell Kiba since I needed his assistance. He was amazed about the whole thing but supported me (not literally, I have my legs still).

Now I am standing near the main gates of the stadium where they play. Time to roll in. I am too nervous and the whole gig is just mush for me. They played perfectly - I just could not concentrate. After the gig I stand near the backstage door. We did not agree where we would meet so I am at lost.

Then this big guy (a bodyguard perhaps?) comes to me and orders me to follow. I do as he says and we head for the backstage. There Sasuke sits on the sofa, sweaty and smoking his cigarette. He looks so hot and I feel how a blush creeps on to my cheeks.

He raises his head and gazes at me. A smile forms to his lips and he stands up. He takes his black leather jacket and we head outside. We use the emergency exit so no one would bother us. There is this little smoking area which is invisible to the naked eye.

A good and safe place to talk, he mumbles. I just nod. Well, it seems I am the new Rob Halford, he says. Actually I have never been interested in men, he continues. Something inside me cracks…before you, he then says. My mind shuts itself down; before me?

His cigarette hand is shaking now. Oh fuck, this is kind of hard. On the balcony I realized I wanted to bang your brains out, yet, I did not want it to be just a fling. When you fell asleep into my arms I wanted the time to stop. I think I sound crazy, do I not? Then he sighs and inhales more smoke.

I kind of want to give us a try if you are interested or something…he asks almost pleadingly. I just smile and step closer. I take his cigarette and press my lips on his. He is lost for a second but then responds by sucking my soul out.

We break for air and I realize something - this is what I have always wanted. Somewhere along the way my admiration turned into a crush and perhaps into love? All those heartaches and the jealousy were an indication of this. More than fine by me, I reply to him and let him devour my lips.

I kind of want you now, he groans into the kiss. You left me hanging there on the balcony. I laugh. I kind of want that too, I smile. Like deepening our relationship, I chuckle. He takes me by my hand and we head for the parking lot.

How about your fans, I ask. I need just one, he smiles evilly. We go to his motorcycle and he offers me a helmet; your place? He asks. I just nod again my stomach full of butterflies. We stumble to my dark house kissing the whole time. I try to find the light switch but it is kind of hard. Thank God, mom is not home.

We stumble to my room groping each other on the way. He pushes me on to the bed and straddles me. You have not done this before, have you? He asks. I thought so; nothing wrong with that though - let me pleasure you then, he murmurs. I almost cum then and there.

His voice is sweet but rough, lustful yet playful. He tears my shirt off and keeps my hands tied with his. What should I do? That problem is solved when my body takes the control. He is grinding his groin against mine and I push my hips against his. He slides his tongue inside my mouth and my whole mouth is on fire. I cannot believe the heat that ravishes my body. I am so hard it hurts.

He is such a beauty, I admire everything about him and now his is here, right on top of me. He unbuttons my pants really fast and throws them somewhere. They hit my cupboard. Hard. His hands roam around my body and shivers run down my spine. All I can do is whimper and close my eyes.

He kisses every part of me, slides his tongue from my neck to my lower abdomen. The trail of saliva glints in the moon light and my insides cramp. It feels so fucking good. He starts to undress himself first taking his shirt off. Whoa, his abdomen and chest are perfect. The muscles are well-formed and plainly amazing.

I trace the muscles on his abdomen with my fingers and I know I am gaping. Please do not let this be a dream; I do not want to wake up. Then he unbuttons his pants and takes them off. Crash, they hit against my cupboard. Again.

Fucking shit, his thighs are gorgeous and his…his…okay, even his shaft is perfect. It is pulsating with desire and I find myself completely mesmerized by the view. He lays his hand on my rigid member and starts to stroke it. My breath hitches as I watch his creamy hand moving up and down.

With his other hand he strokes my inner thighs. My throat lets groans without me even realizing it. I am helpless under his touch. From my inner thighs he moves to my buttocks and next to my hole. He pushes his finger slowly but surely inside me. At first it tickles and I almost squirm. I feel a bit stuffed but it does not hurt. Yet.

He adds another finger in order to ease the passage - for the both of us. Now it is getting uncomfortable since I am sure I do stretch that much but I keep my mouth shut. He shushes to me and brings his lips on mine. He sucks my lower lip and starts to move his fingers inside me. In and out.

I kind of like the way it feels; a mixture of tightness, pain, tingling and bliss. I start to push myself against his fingers, wanting him deeper inside. My lower half is on fire and I am quite sure the flames will eat me alive. He pulls his fingers out, smirks and licks them. Holy sit.

Precum is already leaking from his quivering member as he sets it to my entrance. He gives himself a few powerful thrusts with his hand and pulls the foreskin back. He pants and groans a little. I want him inside me. He spreads my thighs and lifts my hips a little. He slides the tip of his member inside me and I feel like bursting.

You are so hot and soft, he moans. He keeps pushing himself deeper and I dig my nails into his shoulders. Then he slams all of himself into me and the air escapes from my lungs. I cannot breath and tears run down my cheeks, yet, I do not make any sound.

He strokes my cheek, wipes away the tears and kisses my eyelids. I am starting to move, you okay with that, he asks. I nod - it seems to be the only thing I am able to do these days. He moves back and forth and the slick sounds fill the air. The bed squeaks under our weight as he towers above me.

He has got this tint on his cheeks and he is sweating the same as I. I move my hands to his hips and start to pull him deeper into me. He fastens his pace and I have to prop up my hands against the wall so I would not hit my head. His thighs slam against the back of mine and the groaning makes me want him even more.

He takes my member in his hand and starts to jerk me off. The pleasure captivates me from behind and front. My legs tremble and my back arches as I cum with a loud scream. My head falls backward and I empty myself between us. We are both sticky but we do let it bother us.

My muscles cramp and tighten around his organ. He gives few more trusts and cums with a hoarse cry. He rides his orgasm and I can feel how his seed fills me up. His arms are shuddering and they give out. He falls on top of me huffing and puffing. He pulls out of me and kisses me on the forehead. His semen is leaking from me on to the mattress but I do not care.

Want to go to the shower, he asks. Before he stands up, I hug him tightly. He kisses my shoulder and then helps me stand. It feels like he is still inside of me…I tell him that and he smiles eyes almost closed. In that way I am with you always, he says and leads me out of my room. Good thing we put our boxers on because when we enter the hallway my mother opens the door and steps in.

Naruto, I am home…she shouts but then notices us. The bags she is holding fall on to the floor and she starts to stutter; why is HE here? Why there is a celebrity in our house? She looks so lost. Then I realize that we are in our boxers only and I start to blush madly.

Sasuke steps forward and offers his hand. I am Sasuke Uchiha and I am dating your son, he says with a smile. My mother gapes for air and mumbles that my boyfriend is the singer of Poison Black Poison. Holy hell, she says. I am afraid of her reaction, do not snap, please. She buries her head in her hands and I am about to run.

Then she raises her head and lights the room with her smile. I am amazed. She laughs and comes to hug us both. Nice that you have found someone to love (I am beet red, love she says), she smiles. Who loves him back, he continues. I stare at him. Take good care of my son since I love him so, she tells him as if I am not there. He promises. My mind is blank now.

Step one; how to handle the media. I do not want people to spit on him because of me. He has the next gig the next day in Wennly and that gig will be shown on the television too. He smiles at me evilly and wants me to come and see it. Front row, he orders.

I do what he says although I worry. How are we going to live this trough if we have to hide our relationship from the media and public eye? I want to hold his hand when we walk, but I bet that is out of the picture. I bet the walking is too. Everyone knows him, everyone wants him. All the girls are going to grill me if they find out.

A relationship in a room without windows or door sounds depressing. I know I am selfish…he has a life outside mine, he has always had. He is the wet dream of every living soul. I am getting depressed although I am already too blessed. I am not worthy of him.

Yes, I am standing in the front row (thanks to those guards) again but I am feeling down. This has to be dream, I tell myself. I sigh. His life is on that stage and I am just one of the crowd. What the hell does he see in me…

The band takes their positions on the stage and Sasuke comes forward. He grabs the mike and chuckles lightly as he sees my face. You would not do that, would you Sasuke? He says that the whole gig is dedicated to someone special and that person is his everything. The crowd gets suspicious but whistles. I am in deep shit.

I try to look pissed off but fail when he looks straight at me with those eyes of his. The gig is the best one I have ever experienced in my live. I sing every song and eat the sight before my eyes. He is amazing. He is mine. I must seem like a maniac as I follow him with my gaze. Then I recognize the guitar solos and I am about to explode. So Erotic.

Before I can realize it completely, he has already jumped down from the stage and is walking towards me. He stops right in front of me and sings "It is so erotic when your make-up runs". My eyes get all wet and he leans closer pressing his lips against mine. I think I melt. Come to my place today, he whispers and I do what I know best - nod. The whole gig is amazing, plainly amazing.

The next morning I wake up my head on his chest. I try to get up, but my arse is so sore it is kind of hard. A note to self - too much sex is too much sex. It takes all my power to sit on the mattress. He grabs my hand and I almost have a heart attack. Morning love, he says. I smile at him.

I go and get the newspaper. I return to his side and there on the front page is the review of the gig. In the review the writer comes to a conclusion that it was the best gig ever. Sixxtus was radiating and almost glowing. The writer says that it came as a surprise that Sixxtus dates a guy, but if that makes him this good of a performer then go for it by all means.

He reads it from behind me, his jaw on my shoulder. Did I radiate, he asks. You always do, I smile. Well, I suppose that this is what love does to a person. It is not like I have been in love before, he whispers. What? My eyes are wide.

You see, I fell in love with you the second I saw you singing my songs your eyes closed. Such serenity. My heart almost stopped, he says. I lean close to him and whisper that I love him too. Then I do something I have always wanted to do; I bring my face close to his and lick his lower lip where the lip ring is. I grin and he pulls me into a deep kiss.

Could we stay in the bed the whole day? He asks. You have a gig today! I say. Then, can we do it again so I can manage until night? He pleads. I laugh - you are amazing. So, can we? His face brightens as he asks. Fuck you, you sexy bastard, I murmur.

Can you move in with me so you are here with me always? He says softly. I am underage Sasuke…I tell him. I do not care, he says and jumps on top of me. Spoiled, I laugh.

Promise to be mine, he asks. I promise, I tell him. For real? Yeah, for real. Do not tickle me you bastard…! I shout. Hah, I love you too…hands away you pervert!…Hey!...Oh… Shit…more…lower…fuck…Sasukeee…

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