Summery: With a wedding set to happen in only five months, Meredith is completely blissful. But then there was an accident bringing all of Mark's 'family' to Seattle sending a dark cloud over Meredith's bright and shiny life. MerMark.

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MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL!! I guess this is like my present to my readers. I will probably make this a shorter story (Definitely shorter that Tears of Pink Ribbons or By My Side). Hope you enjoy. Merry Christmas again! (But this story has nothing to do directly with Christmas. It's set around that time of the year, but it's not a Christmas story exactly. There might be some references to Christmas… but now I'm rambling, so yeah I'll shut up.)


She never expected to wind up this way. She never expected that she would be five almost six months pregnant, engaged, and a forth year resident all at the same time. She never expected she would break up with Derek or start dating Mark Sloan. She never expected that she would fall in love with Mark Sloan. And she never expected that only five months before their wedding, she would be standing in a hospital room looking at his battered body.

Tears rolled off her cheeks and soaked into her scrub top that was too big for her frame, but just barely fit her stomach. After 96 straight hours of being at the hospital, her friends could finally go home and sleep in their own beds, yet they stood outside the room waiting to see if she were okay. After four and a half days straight of nothing but rain and cold, the rain had stopped. After 96 straight hours of the pit being filled with car accident victims, the pit had finally calmed down.

An hour ago, Meredith was searching the hospital high and low for her fiancé in hopes that she could convince him to rub her feet for a momentary escape from the pain that surgery and being on them constantly had cause. But then she was informed that he had been one of the victims of a car accident that was wheeled into the pit that she had been working in no more than twenty minutes before.

She walked to the door and stepped out wiping her eyes.

"You guys don't have to stay. You've been here long enough." She said.

"We can stay, Mer, if you need us to." Alex offered.

She smiled sadly shaking her head. "No, it's okay. Go home get some sleep. I'm going to stay here."

"You've been here just as long as we have. You're pregnant. We can stay here with him while you go get some food and change." George quickly said.

"No." She shook her head. "I just want to stay here with him."

Izzie understood. Perhaps it was the fact that when Denny had come back to the hospital she always wanted to stay with him. "Can we at least bring you something? Some clothes? Some food?"

"You guys don't have to do that. Just go home and get some sleep."

George hugged her. "Call us if you need anything."

She nodded. "I will. I'll see you guys later." She opened the door and went back into the room before they could object anymore.

She would be getting no sleep for at least the next two hours. The next hour was the most critical. If he could get his heart rate normal and his breathing back even a little within the next hour, he had a good chance of pulling through. The hour following, she would watch as he is wheeled from specialist to specialist getting an MRI, CT, and any other scan necessary. So looked at his face which hadn't gotten too battered surprisingly. There were a couple of bruises and he had to get stitches along his hairline and there was a cut on his cheek that didn't need stitches. It was the rest of his body that took a beating. His left shoulder was dislocated and his left wrist had been broken. Their first set of scans revealed little bleeding in his brain that would most likely recede by itself, but the neurologist was a little worried that had hadn't woken up yet. They were still waiting for the scan of his chest and abdomen to come back.

She settled into a chair and put her feet up into another chair. She rested her hand on her stomach and could feel the baby kick under it.

"Daddy is going to be okay." She kept repeating softly. "Everything is going to be okay."